Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Perched on a Hill: Observing the Isolation and Unity Between us All

After walking around beautiful prospect park on this sunny winter day I perch myself upon a hill over
looking southern Brooklyn.  I ponder... 

When I witness everyone around me I see how separated our lives are.  We live in our own worlds, with our own feelings, our own ideals, and our own perceptions.  Typically, this individual experience consumes us, yet we yearn for relationship and meaningful experience.  I feel we yearn so that we push ourselves to seek experiences that make us feel whole again.  But what is it to feel "whole?"

To me, the ultimate dichotomy of life, is to feel as if we are living separate lives, yet at the same time we have experiences that make us feel united with everyone and everything.  I feel that this dichotomy shows us something profoundly true, however ethereal.

I sense that there is an energetic chain that connects us all, even if it is just our mental projections.  And in the same way that we are both separate and connected so to does the dichotomy exist that life is both physical and meta-physical.  Yet it is the space between these dichotomies that we can't quite grasp.  Thus, doubt is born.

And so as I overlook southern Brooklyn, I realize I will not stand here forever.  My body is immortal.  And I wonder...what will become of "me?"  What becomes of all of my memories?  Do they accumulate in the reservoir of life's infinite energy...the aspect of life I have faith in?  Or do these memories of mine disintegrate into non-existence? 

I have faith that all of our experiences are not in vain, but rather they are part of something so much larger than the sum of us all...  It is a faith that whispers to me to not fear death... because it tells me that life is endless and unbreakable.  It is a subtle voice that tells me that life only changes form.  And where does this faith come from? I feel it comes from witnessing the profound strength we exemplify to overcome the obstacles that leave us feeling isolated.  It comes from witnessing how strong nature is to maintain a constant homeostasis.  It comes from witnessing how perfect the unfolding of life can be even when disaster strikes.

The yearning we feel to be connected is proof to me that the bonds we feel between each other are more than physical.  There is a void to be filled, however illusory, that proves to me that life is more than what we see.  It eludes to me that both you and I are more than our separate bodies.  And upon reveling in this feeling life becomes profoundly exciting.