Sunday, March 1, 2015

Remembrance & The Holy Ghost

It is the Holy Ghost that brings us the messages of God.  It is the holy ghost that shows us why we are here.  It is the Holy Ghost that shows us how everything is interwoven.  The glory of this life is found in remembering who we are, why we are here, and how God serves us (and of course how we serve God).  God serves us by giving us the opportunity to evolve, in all facets of our lives.  For if God gives us the opportunity to evolve God in turn serves God.

If we remember to re-member (to unite with the Holy Ghost) we live in the moment.  When we live in the moment the past, and its influence, begins to dissolve. When we stop living out the engrained conditions of the past we open our spirits to the energy of God.  It is at this point that the Holy Ghost can make its way into our consciousness.  Thus we enhance our lives by living in accord, more so, with the will of God.

The will of God is the push of live to make itself manifest in all things.  God is not just all things, God is also the energy of life which drives everything to be what it is.  Love is an ever evolving Godly force upon the universe...the universe, we must remember, that we are a part of.  The profound and the "inconsequential" are equal expressions of God.

Remembering this brings us in touch with our spirit.  And it is being in spirit (being inspired) that enables us to be in contact with the Holy Ghost - the voice of God.  It is this human act that brings peace...into our lives and into the world.