Meeting Chris for the first time was like seeing an old friend who I knew immediately cared about me, without judgment.  Since that first encounter, Chris has provided excellent counsel for me and for my partner during some really intense life hurdles.  Chris' keen sense of himself and his intention allows him to be a clear sounding board to the voice within us, and even after solving the immediate problem, he provides more by asking more of ourselves, encouraging us to look within, to not be afraid, to really reach for what we want and how we feel we need to grow.  I recommend Chris' counsel to anyone (including couples) who is in need of support during difficult times, or for those who are interested in seeking their true path and needs trustworthy guidance along the way.  I'm grateful for Chris' compassionate spirit, and will be sending my friends who are in need of counsel directly to him.  -V.W.C., Brooklyn, NY.  

Understand your past, believe in your future, and accept yourself just the way you are. Chris puts all of these words into action. He didn't only challenge my thick defensive walls, but also helped me break them down. He didn't only present faith for my walk in life, but also showed me that my intentions have been (and still are) manifesting before my eyes. He didn't only acknowledge my presence, but also compassionately remained in tune with my state of being. Chris is the illuminated mirror within us. His ability to harmonize with me is much more than a logical, mental state of thought; my Soul resonates with his wisdom. I really wish I weren't limited by words to express my gratitude for him. He journeyed by my side to help me find clarity. Everything I gained from his coaching sessions... I realized were actually all within me. Chris Renzo showed me the doors... and gave me the courage to walk through them. I must say, my path is ever so much brighter than before. And from now on, I intend for my Life...... all Life... to eternally shine.  - Calvin, Oakland, CA

I worked with Chris on a consistent basis for a period of about 1 year during some very confusing and dark times in my life. I was very unhappy with my work, navigating a complicated and emotionally abusive relationship, and was struggling with a very low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. Chris was able to help me find a deeper sense of awareness and provided me with a safe space to discuss and examine my thoughts and experiences. Through our intense work together, I was gradually able to recognize destructive thought patterns and attachments and use this awareness to establish a healthier sense of self worth. Chris is a light; an extraordinarily compassionate, intuitive, patient and trustworthy human being. As a coach, he has inspired me to follow my heart and to realize my own power and potential. The greatest gift that Chris gave me was the ability to help me find peace within myself.  - Meghan Sullivan, NJ

It is great to get to know someone with such a strong intuition as you.  I appreciate your strengths based perspective.  I feel it is a gift.  Not only is the work we do together motivational, but it really helps me fine tune my own vibration to be attracting the right experiences.  I sincerely appreciate working with you.  - Ryan Griffin, Athens, GA

Working with Chris has both challenged me and brought me into greater awareness of myself as well as the world around me.  Even as I write this I wonder if any stringing together of words can fully encompass this clear vessel that I have come to know and continue to be inspired by. Chris has, with so much love and patience, helped me feel safe to go deep within and ask the questions I so desperately needed answering but so fearfully refrained from asking.  He gently dismantled all the walls I had built around me, allowing me to open my heart to first admit my truth to myself, then speak it others and finally live that truth.  Through coaching and example, he has taught me to see the beauty within myself and others; to stand in my own power and integrity; how to work through my ego and fears by using them as a tool -- not an absolute -- and to remain open and present. Each time I walk away from a meeting with Chris I am uplifted, inspired and empowered. Chris has a naturally innate ability to co-pilot you on an amazing journey of self-awareness and discovery.  His insight and wisdom coupled with deep compassion and understanding help to clear the fog to draw out the greatness that is already inside of you! Thank you, Chris, for embodying all that you so passionately stand for and seek to bring out in others.   - Antonella Motazzo, NY

Chris is a very compassionate being whom has inspired me to heal at a deeper level from my troubled past.  - Tara, VT

Norman B. Rice once said, "Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light."  That is exactly what Chris does.  He has been a source of strength and enlightenment for me regarding my own personal growth.  I have meeting with Chris for a coupe of months now.  When we first began I had just moved.  I was unhappy and confused.  Over the last couple of months he has taught me how to remain true to my own feelings and desired outcomes while still being compassionate with others and compassionately accepting my own shortcomings.  His guidance, support, and honest feedback is helping me see life in a whole new refreshing way.  Every meeting with Chris is unique.  He is extremely present, empathic, warm and accepting.  He makes it easy for me to be real and open with issues that I typically feared talking about.  I recommend working with him to anyone wishing to make improvements in their life.  - Katie, NY

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