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This blog is about the re-awakening of your inner guide.  It is about realizing the nature of intuition, feelings, and sensing the grand divine.  Awareness is sensing the interconnectedness of all aspects of our existence, and concluding that this ultimate union, this love, is where creation begins.  When reading I ask you to think less and feel more.  Focus on your intuitive, emotional response to these posts, and find meaning thought that.

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  1. Dear Friend, Thanks for your blog and all that is in it!
    Now, I like to express what I know in few words:
    Divine, Eternal, Intelligent COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS is All-pervasive- Is the Source of ALL manifestation therefore is the Source of each human. Being All pervasive IS in every manifested human. Given that the human does not recognize its real Source, he believes that his "humanity" is his soul, or his real self. So, because of desires he becomes a "transmigrating soul", believing to be separated from the ALL pervasive Cosmic. RECOGNITION consists in embracing the Cosmic that was always inside each human. Thanks!