Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Tonight we ring out the old and ring in the new. And
more--much more--can change than simply the dates
on the calendar. You can resolve this night to change
your entire life...or any aspect of your self and your
experience that you choose - Neale Donald Walsh

Neale is spot on here.  Realize the choice within.  Realize this is your greatest gift.  Realize that it is the you from within that has the power to implement choice in and of itself.  Isn't it profound that we have the ability of conscious choice to begin with?  The amazing thing about being human is that we have the ability to witness ourselves in action and thus make changes from that awareness.  So why not this upcoming year make choices that lead to a heightened sense of self?  Why not this year choose to be a more joyous person, to become a more loving person, and to become a person that has a greater ability to make manifest the life they really desire?  The thing is when we declare that we have joy to share, love to give, and the power to create the life we want, we declare to creation itself, and inevitability to ourselves, that we are the change we want to see.

Making choices in the now changes the past and the future.  It changes the past by changing influential patterns that have dictated the course of our lives.  Making choices in the now changes the future because it opens your path up to "greater" possibilities.  So go on and choose what "greater" means to you.  This is YOUR life!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Much Love

Monday, December 26, 2011

Love and the Holidays

The holidays are a time of coming together with family, lovers, and close friends.  It is a time to celebrate all that we have shared in this experience we call life.  No matter the religious denomination associated with this time of the year it is essentially a time to rejoice and come together. This is a time of sharing space together; of giving and receiving together, and of experiencing the unity that families, lovers, and friends feel together.  This is what makes this time of the year so very important and heartfelt.

Yet for many, it is one of the hardest times of the year.  In this time of almost seemingly forced intimacy, were we feel our emotions and those of our close circle very strongly, we are in a way “forced” to deal with ourselves.  During these times of heightened sensitivity we tend to feel feelings that we may have had kept in-check.  Typically we keep these emotions regulated due to the requirements of everyday living.  We narrow our focus on accomplishing today’s goals, yet all the while we, to varying degrees, diminish the sensitivity we have too our overall emotional experience.  Think about it, how are we to immerse ourselves in our productivity if we are always dwelling in the gut wrenching emotions of life?

It seems to me that life itself is so precious that we often try to suppress our emotions for we feel that “feeling so much” is not a pleasurable experience.

Lets feel this; we all too some conscious degree or not know and feel that life is a temporary experience…we all know that one day we will die and that those whom we love will pass on.  We know on some level, buried deep inside of us, that the experiences we share with our most cherished will somehow vanish into the immense nothingness of the heavens.  In other words...a situation is created by death that allows the human experience to be witnessed in a way beyond our current perception and experiences of the human emotion.  This is what makes relationships meaningful though…There is a” pre-determined” window of opportunity for those relating to the experience of life together…And it is in this fragileness that the human emotion is born.  Through this fragileness we come to know, really know, what love is.

{Our the emotional memories sprinkle across the universe as psychic galactic stardust...the emotional accumulations of our lives spread themselves thin over a space-time continuum that is infinite in scope, meta-physical in nature, and all inclusive.  make themselves manifest in a dimension [heaven], that transcends the physical dimension.}

We look at the cherished pictures of the past, especially during the holiday and wonder…where did these experiences go and what will become of them as they live on in me?  Those glossy prints of ink and paper hold more than the realization of what the past was but they evoke the emotional memory of what those experiences have meant to us…yet more importantly what they still mean to us…

In retrospect, with the knowing of the temporary realization as too what life is…we are brought to bittersweet tears…Yet let me run this by you…it is courageous to feel life with such intensity.  Know this and you will find the bravery within you to stand up to your deepest and most hidden emotions.  You will discover how to do this by respecting the past and allowing yourself to feel the re-processed emotions that “bubble up” from the depths of your psyche.  Honor and respect this bravery within you, for it is your guide and a tremendous source of emotional liberation.  Realize that all the love has the ability to hurt us, but it the courage within that allows us to enjoy and experience love to begin with.  The experience and loss of love is life’s greatest teacher.

We are all brave warriors to face the emotional experiences of this wondrous life.  So go on, be an emotional warrior.  Look into the past, feel it again.  Know that just like the past the future too will some day become a distant memory.  Knowing that life, this present moment, and those whom which we share it wish are precious.  They will not last forever nor will we.  Both the paper photos we cherish and the body in which we reside will one day recycle itself back into the soul of the Earth.  What then are we taught about love, knowing how precious and temporal life is?

Why not take the courageous steps in this present to feel completely what it is that you feel.  If you feel love for another person tell them…It just may be exactly what they needed to hear.  It may be something that does away with all the anger, confusion, and pain.  Yet all in all, being courageous enough to be sensitive to feel life deeply will bring you closer to understanding the grand experience of life.

But what is this all really worth?  Well, in the knowing that life is temporary and precious, in the knowing that your body will someday turn to ash, what will become of the you that does feel so deeply?  Can this than stir within you the curiosity to seek and feel “the you” that is beyond the physical form?  Does this sensitivity to life, this coming to know oneself in your inherently limited physical existence…does it push you to want to feel secure and immortal?  Well, know this…what you feel is something inherently immortal, why?  Because it is a “feeling” that we all feel, that we all have felt for millions of years, and that we will forever feel as life pushes forth.  In this unity of emotion there becomes something seemingly odd about that seemingly “temporal” life…The paradox revealed…we are still left on our knees…forever searching for peace…

To all of those that find themselves reading this.  Thank you.  Enjoy this holiday season and keep those whom you love close.  In respect too the vastness of life, too the bewilderment of life, and too the emotional richness too what life is find a way to feel fully who and what you are…you may just find yourself loving yourself and those important to you a whole lot more…