Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yearning for Another and Still Feeling Complete

Yearning for a connection with another is only human. We can feel "incomplete" yet we can be "whole." We can yearn for the love of another and still be happy in our own lives. To desire love for another is only natural, it can actually makes us feel quite alive inside.

Energy wise we are typically either of one of the two energies...male or female. One can be a biological male and have a dominant female energy and visa vera, but for sake of this post it is the desire to couple with the opposing energy that is the basis of our yearning. For in the merger of these two energies there is a sense of heightened "completeness." Not that one completes another in the psychological sense, but one may give another the feeling of wholeness by the merging of the two energies. This is the coming together of the ying and yang of a relationship. This is an inherent quality of the duality that is expressed by the woman/man dyad and "resolved" through merger (that is if it is a healthy merger).

We can get into trouble though when we form ego identifications around this feeling of yearning. It is the ego and its identity formations that get is to think we are "lonely," "not good enough for another" and the like. Remember we are our feelings, not our thoughts. We can feel these things, but this does not mean that we are these feelings. For feelings are temporal, always changing and never permanent. You may be feeling in the moment, but you are not that feeling eternally (that is unless you choose to dwell in that feeling, eternally). Therefore to build a thought identity around it only stagnates ones experience by "freezing" oneself within that feeling; in this case the feeling of being alone (as a side note this, through this "psychological freezing" process is how conditions like depression develop). Yes, feeling that yearning in your heart may feel good in some way, because it makes you feel alive, yet if we identify with it to perpetuate that feeling we may actually come to believe that we are inherently incomplete.

From an energy standpoint, we are one aspect of the whole, but to dwell in that feeling denies ones ability to tap into the other, more grand feeling; that although they are only a part of the whole they are the whole nonetheless, for how could a part even exist if there was not a whole in which it existed?

Down to the core we all want the experience of love for another because it enables us to feel the love within ourselves to an even greater degree. Relationships are amplifiers for the disposition from within. Therefore it is part of the human experience to come to understand experimentally what "merger" is. It is also part of the human experience to understand, or come to experience, what it is to not be in merger. For how is one to know what one aspect of life is if they do not know the other. So with that being said, there is beauty in yearning, beauty in the desire for another. For the yearning can draw you closer to your hearts desire...just know and realize that you are already love, that you already have love within your heart and soul before this merger...because what you are is creation. And an energy that pushes creation to materialize is love, is it not? Is God, the source of all creation not love? Are you then, not a part, of the whole, not as aspect of creation...are you not then God?

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

What I find interesting though is that many people may be in a relationship and still feel "incomplete." This is important to witness, for it means that there is a sense of incompleteness within the core of this person independent of the relationship. The relationship then becomes a means of emotional barter. We "poses" each other for the others companionship, and each others exchange of sexual experience, etc. Is this a healthy relationship?

It often seems to me that we give sex great importance in our relationships to fill this void of feeling incomplete. Sex is a physical act and it can be done without being vulnerable to another person. This psychical type of coupling can, for a brief period of time, make you feel connected, but it is fleeting. This act illuminates the repressive culture in which we live in. If we are not vulnerable with another during the act of sex it illuminates the fact that we are emotionality repressed. For sex has the ability to be an experience where we are brought to the feeling of complete connectivity at the heart level even within the psychical realm. And if the heart is not tied into this act, than it becomes nothing more than an act to fulfill the senses. It becomes an act of barter and a means to poses a partner. It can be used as a manipulation device too.

There is no vulnerability when sex is used as a means of barter or when there is no heart involved. So if one is constantly pursuing sex as the means to temporally satiate this sense of isolation it seems to me that they are not connected to the love within. Now, this is not a "bad" thing ,it is just something that is, and in a sometimes very cruel world, people have been traumatized and are unable to connect with another because there is no way to trust...but I tell you...healing does not take "time." Healing takes a trust within oneself that they again can feel that they desire to feel behind all the scare tissue...and that is to feel love.

Regardless, in most cases people do not even feel this feeling of incompleteness for they are too distracted in their own egotistical distractions and devices. But there still is a voice within...and I know sometimes it is painful to look at for life has not been "fair." Yet I know everyone has the capacity to be what they desire to be, to have what they yearn for. And I know down to the core of every one there is a core that shines like a diamond, that has the capacity to be vulnerable, and to feel at the heart felt level the existential realization of our inherent unity and love with the ALL.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I often question if there will always be a sense of yearning in the soul of a person. I question is it the duality that is created out of the physical reality that makes us feel separated from source?.. Separated from "God?" Humbly, this questions everything I have even written, but I get the sense that the question in the first place brought me to an "answer" (however subjective). I assume duality is an aspect of the physical-ness of life, yet I know that physical-ness is an illusion. Quantum physics is coming to prove this, but what I find to be the greatest confirmation is the joy in ones heart when one witnesses how connected they are to the ALL to the everything. It is the realization, at the heart level, that ALL is one, that all is connected. For instance, today I felt so amazing being around everyone that crossed my path. On the crowded subway in New York City today, rather than being agitated, i felt joyous, I felt as if we were one human body, traveling together, living our individual lives together...what an amazing contradiction I thought to myself...that I can feel like an individual and like a member of a collective...for the two are seemingly true...

On a side note it is this feeling of connection, this experiential awakening that is happening in sync with the 2012 shift: Read the disappearance of materiality, or the meta-physics of consciousness to better understand what I am trying to convey.

All and all what I am attempting to hint upon is the multi-dimensional aspects of the human experience. A person can feel a yearning for connection with the opposite male/female energy, but a person may also feel connected to source. To simplify, connection with the ALL is a macrocosm in comparison to connection with another human being (the microcosm). Yet all experiences are connected and enable us to remember who we are experientially at greater degrees and at different levels. It is not to say one is "greater" than the other, it is just that they are different.

Yet what is important to come to be aware of is what happens in our relationships. What types of feelings do they evoke in us? Is there a continual pattern that seems to develop in relationships with different people? Could this not be an issue that stems from within?

There is a saying that I am found of...It states that to "not go within you go without"...and to be in a relationship without going within...the relationship, most often...goes without...

So what is the solution? You might want to try and sense the answer...and not think it...For all answers are creations unto themselves...and creation is first started within the soul of the eternal your heart not the transmitter of universal knowledge?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We Are All Psychic to "Our Path"; How to Clear Psychic Room For Intuition

Essentially we are all psychic. Psychic ability lies in the sensitivity to our own inner calling. When we are in touch with the inner self we can, to a greater degree, bring clarity in our own life and make "better" decisions. It is all about how we witness ourselves. Inner awareness (which is psychic awareness) brings us outer awareness. It is this sensitivity to our inner awareness that helps us too empathize with other people, places, and events. I like to use the word "calling" instead of feeling, because often times our psychic awareness comes to us in an almost emotionless feeling. The calling is a glimpse, not something necessarily something that is associated with the gauntlet of human emotions (that is unless we pick up an others expression of human emotion - for example, when we sense another person's sadness). There are many types of psychic phenomena, but in this post I will focus on sensing the calling within us that helps us figure out our way in life.

We all have the ability to sense "our path" (our path is the route we take in life via our decisions). Our "path" is never set in stone. Our "path" changes based on the choices we make in the now, yet, our "path" always brings us into the same place (into the Oneness). And when we are sensitive to this inner calling we move in-line, to a greater degree, a more aware degree, with our soul mission. We then accelerate our spiritual evolution process (working through karma, finding our way to unity and love, and creating life based principles of acceptance and love). For we are always living out our souls journey, but it is in making sound choices, of which we discern through our inner callings, that dictates how "fast" we find our way back to source.

If we question and doubt what we sense (and we often do this unconsciously), our intuitive ability to be sensitive to the moment diminishes for we get caught up in the mind. Yes of course the mind is used to transcribe feelings into words so that they can be illuminated into a language that we can use to make choices...but if we experience from the-place-of-mind we often miss what we are experiencing in that inner place of "visceral witnessing." The inner calling can get tuned out due to our over emphasis on executing the cerebral aspect of our being (our inner calling can get tuned out to the thinking process).

I like to use the term "visceral witnessing" here because it tries to describe the fact that we can witness our experiences through our feelings first (as opposed to witnessing our experience through our minds first). Essentially it is our choice as to how we filter our experience. We can filter our experience through the veil of illusory thought, of which is always tied to what we learned, always tied to the past, and always already known, or we can filter our experience through sensing it. When we sense first, images and a conceptual understanding of it subsequently make its way to the mind (this is the natural process of things). The mind can transcribe, yet it does not need to analyze. There is so much of life that slips our perception because we are constantly analyzing. Yet the deeper we go into witnessing what we sense, not analyzing what we sense, the deeper we go into soul...and the more we bring out our "higher self." Trust how the mind transcribes this. You do not need to analyze further.

When we stand in awe of something...we are viscerally witnessing it...simply present with the experience. We are not witnessing the known, we are witnessing the NOW. The experience of being in awe does not need to be set aside just for our profound experiences, but every moment can be made profound...that is if we stop expecting to see what we see. The mind, with its accumulations of past experiences, does not always have to decide for us what it is we are going to witness. We can witness everything anew.

The mind is the ego, and if we are coming from a place of ego to witness our surroundings the sensitivity we could have to "outer phenomena" becomes diminished for we are living cerebrally more so than viscerally and our energy is focused inward in the mind. We need to be "out of our minds" to be feel ourselves and another with clarity...and we need to be out of our minds to psychically sense our own existence so that we can make the best decisions moving forward. Not out of our minds like "crazy," but literally not having our energy focused in the mind.

The mind should be used to transcribe the creations that beget from the soul. When we use the mind to create, our creations often come forth from the past instead of the now. For the mind only knows the yesterdays...but it is the heart, it is the soul that knows the NOW...and it is the heart that can direct you into the moment of now and into the feeling of the "future" moments of now. The future is only an extension of the now. For we can sense the path ahead of us...We know were we are going...There is no reason to question what we sense.

If we live from a sensitivity within us we are listening to the soul within us and we subsequently are made more awake to the path we are living. For we walk "the path" to evolve...and it is the soul that is evolving, not the mind. For the mind evolves as the soul evolves and not visa-versa. For we are soul, we are heart...and the mind, aside from rudimentary functioning, is just a means to understand soul.

Furthermore, if we question and doubt we give power to the fact that we don't "know" what we sense. When we doubt and question we declare to our inner world that what we are sensing is either "not real," "unknowable," or "imaginary." The collective western society, which is very mind based, has conditioned many of us, if not all of us, to believe that "answers" are sought in the mind and that we come to know something through analytic and logical deduction. Yet the thing about our intuition is that it is a calling from within that does not need logical or rational confirmation. It is simply something we know. Nothing more...

Our emphasis on logic and rationality of mind illuminates the fact that we live our lives through the mind more so than through feeling. In our patriarchal, ego driven society, there is a not a balance between the feminine and masculine energies that are inherent to all of life. For our masculine energy is mind centered and our feminine energy is feeling based. And because we are so accustomed to putting a greater emphasis on the masculine aspect of our existence (for this is how societal institutions, both economical and religious, have conditioned our way of being) we lose sight of the clarity and vision we gain from living through "visceral witnessing." The balance between the feminine and masculine energies become manifest when we honor our inner callings first. For our soul knows that harmony with ourselves, with others, and with nature is what creation is moving towards. A transformation from within is what creates exterior change and subsequent unity. All and all we would still think, but we would live from feeling, not from thought.

Even those who are not "religious" or those who are not into adhering to social conventions still find themselves functioning in a society that is mind based. Therefore, we put a greater emphasis on developing the skills of mind. This is apparent in our school system from the elementary level through higher academia. I question: When were we taught as children in public schools what it is to "feel?" Where we ever taught how to learn about how intuition works and what it is too simply "know?" Where we taught what it is to be in-tune with the energies of another? And as we grow older into adulthood are we not taught to suppress our imagination and be "more practical?"

Our conditioned filter disables us from really honoring our psychic abilities. For when the mind dictates our perception: when our mind tells us what to see or what another is, or expects what to feel, we are taken away from the moment of now. And only when we are here now, sensing the now, not thinking the now, does the conditioned filter seem to diminish. Because I am not saying that the mind is something we shouldn't use, but the mind should not be what we use to discern things...for the heart, our sensitivity, has a greater capacity to discern...for the mind is essentially trying to discern our perception, why not let our perception discern our perception? Why not let the energy we feel be what we know instead of trying to think about what we know?

How many times have you let the mind discern for you? Was the mind trying to analyze a way to figure out how the decision to be made was to ward you from lack, loss, or take you away from what you perceive to be negative? Does the mind, as it is conditioned, tend to function to ward off what we do not want? Do we then not project out into the universe that we are living from a place of fear? Because even if we declare that there are things we do not want, we get the experience of being around an energy that we do not want (that is the energy that the mind creates when we live in fear). Our experience is a direct relationship to how we think life, sense life, or be life...this is the nature of creation.

Being psychic means we know simply because we know. We do not think it into knowing...we just know "it." I know all of us can recall time when we knew how another was going to feel about a certain situation, or you got the hunch that so and so was going to call you and they did. Or the feeling that you had to partake in a particular activity. Or I bet you have had the feeling that someone from across the room was looking at you and so you "automatically" look at them. This simply is being sensitive to the what is. And although these are basic psychic feelings, for psychic ability can get very "intense," they nonetheless exemplify the fact that we just "know" things. And the more we trust this inner knowing the more it grows (because being psychic to oneself, to another, or to the future is like building a muscle, it grows through repeated use). For the more we trust our perception of things the more sensitive we become to what we are witnessing. And the more sensitive we become to the "what is," the greater the clarity we have too discerning our life path.

We are always "on path," it is just to what extent are we conscious of our visceral witnessing and to what extent are we accelerating the spiritual evolution process...

"Psychicness" does not necessarily mean that we can predict someone's future. Being psychic means we "know" what is now. It means we can sense the subtle energies that permeate all of existence. A person with a very strong psychic sense can tell you about your past, for the past as an energy formation still resides within us today. People can also tell us about the future, but only the future that is being created is right now. No prediction is absolute truth, for you have the ability to change your "destiny" with each choice you make. So the future is yours...but can you sense where you want to go? I would suggest listening to your heart instead of directing your life with the mind and the ego...Life may be more mysterious, but it certainly will be more awe-inspiring, alive, and wondrous...

As a side note: It is also very important that if we are to become sensitive to the sensations within our body and mind that we are to have a clean vessel. It is important to minimize consumption of toxins, whether they be from our food, water, drugs, or mental toxins such as psychic energy that numbs the senses (most television programming, most internet programming, etc.,: because we are bombarded on a daily basis with stimulus that dulls the senses). Seek out activities and experiences that make you feel alive!

Do not yearn or search for results, for the yearning and searching will only give the result of - the feeling of more yearning and searching. Just be confident...just know...but I suggest you find some silence and just be. If you are not accustomed to the feelings that silence and stillness bring you, FORGIVE yourself...for we all have, for decades been bombarded with stimulus that dull our senses and distract us from going within. Be silent...and turn the focus inward on the body. You may be surprised to how much you are feeling...and how much feeling has been stored up in you. Use breathe work to let go of the excess psychic storage, tension and the like. Just be with your breathe. If your frustrated, simply acknowledge it. Move on if you life or continue...There is no pressure, there is no where to go, and there is nothing to attain...because you are already there. When you realize you already knew this...then you will know what I am talking about...

Simple breathing exercise: Sit still in a chair or on the floor in any way that you feel comfortable. Put your hands on your lap. Leave your eyes closed or open (there are no rules). Have your feet on the ground if your sitting in a chair. And simply breathe. On your in-breath simply sense the air moving in the noise and into the lungs. On the out-breath feel the air move out of the body. This will give you a greater body awareness. Sense more deeply what it is that the body feels and let it breathing in and out (slowly and more deeply). The breathe eases the tension like the hands knead the doe and soften it.

If you cannot stay still in your mind simply count to one on the in breathe and one on the out-breath, then two on the subsequent in breath and out-breath until you reach ten...then go in reverse.


Another useful tool could be to: on the in breath and out breath repeat:



Present Moment...Only Moment
Present Moment...Only Moment

Break the cycle, change the cycle, create your own...go into silent breath...There are no rules. Chant and sing aloud if you want. Again, no rules.

Meditation does not need to be an exercise...Do what ever it is that puts you at ease. For this is your subjective experience...

REMEMBER there is no goal! So then why do this...why come in touch with the calling in the soul? Well, I will leave that for you to decide. It just might be that the answer does not come in thought ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Like you Know Everyone?

Do you ever get the feeling that you know everyone you meet (even when you meet them for the first time)? A sense of familiarity? A sense that "time" is frozen and all there is is that experience? Now of course when we meet people personally we have a connection with them more so than the average "stranger," but do you ever even feel that you know everyone..not everyone you meet, but everyone you witness moving around you?

Do you ever sense that we are all one family here...moving through life together despite our differences. We experience different things, we love and fear in different ways, we express in different ways, we enjoy different things, yet at the end of the day there is something that connects each and everyone one of us...there is something that connects even the most self-absorbed, the most insane, the most eccentric, the coldest, is the heart that connects us all. And even if we are so "closed off," we have the potential to live from heart center. For when we sit back in the calmness and peacefulness of our own heart center we can see another and know, whether or not they realize their connection to the all, that they too are as magnificent as life itself...for they are judgments here despite what they may be doing or not be doing on the exterior for they are family (whether they are awake to that or not)...The real human experience starts at the heart. It is the mind and its sometimes arbitrary creations that divide us.

It is all a matter of perceptive. Because we have the choice to see the connection or we have the choice to perpetuate the divide between us, between nature, between the inherent interconnected universe. Yet what is beautiful about human relationships is that they bring us the opportunity to share that heart felt experience with another. Another who will know exactly what you mean and how you feel. Being connected is being human...And realize that even in your isolation you are connected for there is never isolation, yet but only in the creations of the mind. As you sit alone in your room you may sometime want to try and be quiet and just sense how alive the air is around you, or how the past carries on with you, or how that stranger that smiled at you today created a feeling that still lingers on in your may just want to hold to door open for the next "stranger" that crosses your path...they may be awake, they may not...but are you? You may just have made their day...

There is an inherent love in that...and I know that this feeling that we feel when we are connected to another, even if we are meeting them for the first time, or even if we have never met them, illuminates the fact that love is the baseline feeling/emotion/experience of life. Love is what permeates this interconnected matrix we call life and it is love that begets this sense of familiarity we feel between total strangers (I am not talking about people we we feel we have had "past lives" with, but I am talking about the feeling we feel towards everyone, towards the ALL). For ALL OF US walk this path together...we are all ending up, eventually,in the same place...back into the oneness of source...back into the arms of god...back into the experiential feeling of love (whether that happens while we resonate in physical form or in spirit is simply a matter of when we choose to see with our hearts instead of seeing with our minds)...

Just imagine, from a macro perspective...we are the self-reflective conscious cells of the Earth, of the Universe and beyond...We inhabit the same body (earth) and we share experiences on this planet why no work together here? For we are the same body? To use the human body as an example...why not work together and create a harmonic environment so that the body that we inhabit can function in a healthy manor? Why do we have to compete, why do we have to divide, why do have to be disconnected you and I? What is moving us, forcing us, to live in this contemporary fashion? The answer to the last question is not for this essay, but you may want to ponder it, for in really witnessing the answer to that we begin to break down the defenses that keep us in this "isolated" state...however arbitrarily they may be created and subsequently perpetuated...For even communities and religions (which are thought not to be isolated social experiences) that gather around the same ideals essentially divide themselves, at the mind level, from everyone who does not honor the same ideals and principles...Are we not one body, one heart, one love?

I always liked the quote..."A stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet." I really like that one...and it rings true for those who choose to feel the love in their hearts for everyone, for everything, and for the ALL...Call me a dreamer...But I know this to be true...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Romance

Every moment that love is expressed is unique. Every partnership and the love that it expresses is also unique. Romance is the passion for love. Yet romance knows no boundary. Romance is the pursuit of expressing love in its highest and most unique form that pertains to the experience in the moment you are experiencing it. What does that really mean? Well it is simple really...that the pursuit of love and romance is something that can occur in every moment of your life and it is when you share this zest for life, this romance for life with a romantic partner that the two become entranced with each other, with their moment together, and with the beauty that is their unique expression in the eternal moment of now.

Couples bring to the relationship what it is that they feel and honor from the inside. This individual essence, coupled with an others unique individual essence, builds the flame of desire and romance. But it takes the two being true to one another on the individual level to allow that real passion and desire too spring forth. A relationship is not a default experience, but rather it is a moment to moment experience. I often criticize the institution of marriage because it often times can make us unconscious to the relationship as it is NOW. This is not to say that there is anything "wrong" with marriage, just hear me out...because I often see how it pushes people into an state where they become less passionate about "their" partner. Sometimes it does push the two to grow (often it does this), but this does not have much to do the institution marriage. On the contrary it has more too do with the couples conscious intent to grow together...

The first definition of marriage in the dictionary is as follows: the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. The third definition is as follows: an intimate or close union. Now the first definition of marriage is that it is a state of being united though a contract. Yes it is consensual and it signifies a relationship, but often the "contract" builds a sense of arbitrary bond (recognized by law) that is "unbreakable." A sense of psychological security is created. There is nothing "wrong" with this...but does this security project the couples pairing into the "future" so that they may forget about really focusing on each other now? This is of course subjective and unique to the pairing.

Now, not that I do not think there is beauty in declaring to someone that they desire to be with someone for the entirety of their lives, but if this "contract" becomes a security in the sense that the couple begins to become less conscious of the moment, less aware of their relationship as it is now, because it is secure through a "contract," can it not have the possibility of taking them away from the moment of Now...from being aware and conscious of what they are building in this very moment?

There is no "goal" in any relationship...there is only the projection of one upon another, which creates a two way mirror for the pairing...can we romanticize this? Can we be in love with that fact that relationships bring us not only closer to another human being, but also to ourselves?

Regardless if a couple is married or not, it is a healthy relationship if they are conscious to stay passionately interested in one another, romanticize the feeling that they bring each other closer to understanding their own individual essence...for the third definition of marriage simply states that marriage is a intimate or close union...This states that the partnership is more of an action than an idea held together by a contract...and that is what I empathize here, is that relationship be an action, an intent to build individually through the relationship. Because where is the romance if the partnership does not push us to become more of who we are and push us to help the other become more of who they are?

Remember romance does not exist just in the realm of people partnering with each other, romance is an in-the-moment experience of having a passion for whatever it is that you experience. Poets romanticize words, artists romanticize their creations, and seekers romanticize truth. But how are we to bring forth beautiful words, beautiful works of art, or wonderful truths if we are not to make our selves vulnerable to the life that is all around us. Being vulnerable is an important aspect of romance. So what essentially does it mean to be vulnerable? It means to let go, to let the defenses down, and to let go of dogmatic thought because all filters must be done away with or minimized to the best of our conscious ability. When we do this we allow unfiltered raw perception to take hold. The emotional aspect of ourselves takes "it all in," and we are brought to a heightened experiential awareness of the life that is all around us. And if we are to be vulnerable with another, we let down our defenses so that the other can experience who we are (this is also the basis of trust). For how are we two see the other and ourselves in the two way mirror if the room is foggy with our defenses?

This is being vulnerable and it allows for a romantic life, it allows for pure life, and it allows for the highest truths that we hold for ourselves to become manifest.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is "Unknowable;" So Then What about Feeling...

It is the illusion of duality that has enabled the human being to perceive what he or she is. It is the duality which has enabled the human being to experience what it is to experience the other. So through this bless the duality. But it is the mind which has attributed ironclad names, symbols, and categories to the differentiation we perceive within the realm of the duality. And in this mind, because we have an incessant need to categorize, our identification schemes divide us from each other. I mean there could be "categorization" without division, but it is because we identify with these "intellectual" categorizations (I am white, this person is black, that is a tree, that is an ocean etc) that we get lost in our identifications. Our identifications, which build up our egos, are the mental "things" that becomes our illusion. Yet although duality was created so that we could experience another, we have lost our focus because we live strictly through the mind. And now the "illusion" is lost for we become tied to our thoughts about things. The "illusion" of duality than becomes "real.". No longer is life the majestic illusion, no longer is it a wonder. Now life has become "real," it is mundane, it is understandable through word...But is it really? Can we totally understand it through word, through idea, through mind? It cannot. For feeling escapes the grasp of word. It drives us, and makes complete "sense." That is because we feel it, not think it.>! Yet, mind controls the ebb and flow. It devises the rules and the way we live...

This goes hand in hand with the patriarchal society that has developed. For the "logical" and "rational" way of perceiving and being has influenced the current social developments, both social and technological. We employ logic and its cunning wonder, but we have forgotten the feminine aspects of being, the sensing, the intuition, and the like and in this we have forgotten that the duality is an illusion (and really that we are one - because we all sense, we all feel, and we are connected through this...We all sense and feel the same thing, but we certainly do not "think" we are the same thing...think about that...(think to understand that thinking leads to division)...As it stands now, everything is "real," everything is "understandable" through word and logic. But of course it is not...There is a wonder, an excitement, of which is indescribable, of which it is too live, to sense,to feel, and we certainly cannot understand the entirety of feeling...for feeling is the is what pushes us to walk a certain path...and we don't always know why...for we shouldn't...but we obsess to know...for we are "trained" to only live through the the mind...and through this process we have forgot that not everything is knowable, not all is "real" in the sense that we know it...

What do I necessarily mean that the duality is an illusion, or that we can see it or not see it as an illusion (going back to paragraph number one)? Well for one, because we do not see the illusion, because we believe that the mind has "proven" that all is random, that all is physical, and that feelings are nothing but creations of the physical mind and the neurotransmitters that communicate with nerve endings in the mind, we forget to realize that life is essentially "unknowable" - in terms of feeling and sensing...For we are to sense feelings, not think our feelings. Did we forget to realize that the emotional aspects of life, their origins, their functions, and role within our lives were beyond the grasp of thought (in its entirety at least)?

Have we not de-empathized the feeling aspect of our lives? It is rationality that tells us psychic-ness is not real (or maybe religion does that; because religion in the dogmatic sense is another thought paradigm), it is rationality and logic that tells us that 1 + 1 = 2, but what about the fact that 2 is 1 and that 1 is 2...because the "all" is inherently connected. One can only understand One because of the other (making the 2)...and two, when merged into wholeness becomes one (the 1)...But this is feeling...this is beyond logic and "makes no sense." The math doesn't "work" here, but does it have too? And back to what I was saying before...does the illusion need to make "logical" sense... can we not just sense it?! and not Logic "IT."

Essentially, the more we realize that feelings are not to be completely known in the mind, do we allow them to walk us into the moment of NOW. We then allow them to take us into the journey of our lives and enjoy each moment as it unfolds. Yes, there are things that are not "perfect" in your life right now...But is it really "not perfect." Or are we just thinking that...hmmm, Have I lost myself here...or does this just make a lot of damn sense.... remember I am talking about "sense" now, not being "logically sound."

Letting Go and Becoming

I think that when you let go of all the things you thought you had to be you become who you really are. You become the embodiment of your essence, for you are no longer thinking about your are your existence. What comes of this state? Who are you in this state? And what actually is this state? For we build concepts and ideas as to what we are...but are we really anything but awareness? We latch onto ego concepts in hopes that we will become these things or that we will hold onto what we are. The thing about life is that it is always flowing, always changing. Life is like the River and so are you. The only difference between the river and you is that you are aware of the river, you can look at the river, you can be with the river. We are always in relationship to everything and anything. It is our awareness that enables us to experience these inherent relationships. So I question, If we are in relaitonship with everything and essentially we are only awareness...than can there be any separation between you and I, between you and the things we label "things." (i.e, tree, molecule, rock, etc)?

It seems to me that the ego and its thought patterns are the things that drive us into inner conflict. For if we feel we are not something that we should be we drive ourselves into disharmony. Or maybe we honor something about ourselves so much, a thing definable through subjective thought, that it detaches us from our own awareness and leaves us dwelling in the mind. How can we be truly aware of relationship, which is what enables us to understand ourselves to begin with, if we are stuck within the illusions of our own ego identifications (both "positive" or "negative")?

Built within the social fabric of our society there are "ideals" we are sought to attain. We believe we must attain a certain amount of savings, or that we are to live in a particular neighborhood, or that we are to drive a certain type of car, or that we are to only associate with certain types of people, because those are the people they "get it","get me", "that are like me" etc...These are the illusions that divide us, bring our awareness inward into the mind when it could instead be on the beautiful and wondrous relationship that is the "all." These are the things that trouble us for we do not meet our expectations or the expectations of another (for how can we truly become the thoughts that we identify with?).

We are more than this, for in awareness we sense our true nature. In awareness we sense the awe of our experience, we sense the pulsating vibrations of all that is around us. For in awareness we sense that everything around us effects us and in that we know that all is One. For anything else is an illusion of the mind. So we then may are we to be are we to sense the One? Well for one, stop trying, and secondly stop trying, and thirdly stop trying...For you have nothing to attain, no where to go, nothing to do, but be right here now...that is to be who you are. Because you are me and I am you. Because you are the sun and I am the birds...Don't you see, yes we inhabit "physical" bodies that set the illusion of separations, but do you not see how connected we are at the heart felt level...for the heart is something we have become confused about...but be confused no more, for the heart is your answer, this is you, this is your awareness. Human emotion is our greatest gift. For even love, which is the foundation to the all, is gut wrenching, it is blissful, it is painful, and it is awesome! It is all these things and more. Words cannot describe this experience, they may touch upon it, give it direction, but they cannot describe what it is. For the mind thinks and the heart experiences. So honor your awareness, be here now, and then you may see that all these things that you thought about yourself dissolve and become nothing but the uttering of your mind. You may just realize how connected you are, how alive you are, how beautiful you and the everything is...Do we want anymore than this....

Yes the society confines us to a certain type of existence, but I tell you right now...If we want transformation we must first start from within...for our energy that transforms from the inside makes its way to all the others on the outside (read the metaphysics of duality to better understand this concept *which will come out later tonight)...The current society society is the amalgam of our own energy now and our disobedience to the norm.

So beyond the mental illusion are we free? Yes. Are we Love, Yes...For is there anything more once you get past the illusions of the mind?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is it that You Want...?

What is it that we are seeking? Are we even sure of what we want? Do we even question what we want? Do we simply want to be comfortable, to feel secure, to have secure loving relationships? Would I be so much of an iconoclast to say that many of the things we seemingly want are conditioned into us through the adherence to a dominant social paradigm? This is not to say that feeling comfortable, feeling secure, and having a loving relationship is not part of the human experience, but it seems to me that many of the ideals we follow, the goals we strive towards and types of relationships we seek could be done out of complacency with the "norms." Again, I am not putting a value judgment on this, there is nothing wrong with complacency, but I wonder, and I wonder if you wonder, if there is more to this social routine.

Question this, do you do the things you do because you feel compelled to do them or do you do them out of your own inclination? The boundaries here are often quite blurred, but time in silence enables the inner voice to differentiate itself from influence all around you. But maybe you want to be influenced, and then again there is nothing wrong with that...for this is your blessed human experience and choice as to how you proceed is your ultimate gift.

I often question simple social concepts, in particular marriage. Now, there is something very beautiful in this declaration. To state there is no other human being out there that makes you feel more complete, more like who you are is extremely beautiful, but I question...can we love more than one person at a time sincerely? Can we decide right now, how we will feel about a certain person 20 years from now (or do we simply make the decision now that in all the proceeding moments of now we will be this person's companion for life)? But what about the reality that various partners across the span of our lives can bring us love, joy, companionship, as well as a mirror for growth? Why does a man-made institution need to "sanctify" a partnership? Or maybe there is just something simply profound in taking that leap of faith with someone...

I Don't even think it is necessarily important for me to answer these questions here, for the answers are all subjective in nature and there definitely is no superior answer. Yet I feel if we do question them, look at them, not necessarily answer them with our minds, but answer them with the calling in our hearts, we may find more heart felt, more sincere answers from deep within. But the most important question, pertaining to any type of relationship, would be: What does this relationship bring into my life, and how does it make me feel more alive? If you can answer this question in a healthy manor, this would reflect a healthy relationship.

Maybe it is just my Libra nature to be so inquisitive about everything, yet I find that there is something beautiful in really feeling something deeply. For this enables us to really know what it is that we want, not just in the mind, but totally, completely. To go through the gauntlet of feelings and experiences, questions and answers (not from the mind, but through experience) allows us to walk deeply into our subsequent experience, however we choose them to be.

The thing about life is that not all the answers are laid before us. In actuality none of them are for this is our journey through experiential discovery. We create each successive moment through choice and whether or not that choice comes through a sincere individual decision or a decision that comes through influence and conformity - is nonetheless a matter of choice. Because to have an outside force choose for you is nonetheless a choice. Furthermore, not making a decision is a decision in and of itself. So what I am I essentially saying in this entry is...well, why not just seek for yourself what exactly it is that you want...what do YOU want beyond all the influence. And most importantly, always forgive yourself past experiences that you wish you had no part in. For the past brought you here right now. And without the gauntlet of experiences you would not be as amazing as you are now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Peering Beyond the Shadow

The shadow of fear casts its influence upon us in ways that have shaped how we create our lives and subsequently our society. The light of love creaks in, but only to the degree to which we allow ourselves to bask in the glory of our interconnection with each other, with the Earth, and with Source. Fear is the shadow which keeps us within thought paradigms that led us to conform our intentions to patterns of existence that are already prescribed for us.

When we stay in the shadows we keep walking in circles. Lost without light to guide us...

Fear keeps us hiding behind the authority that decides for us how we shall live. Love is the feeling, as opposed to thought, that pushes us out of the darkness and into the conscious awareness to where we make our own decisions out of untainted feeling. When we live from thought we live in a repetitive unconscious way, when we live from sensing and feeling we live from love. The feeling of love, as subtle as it may be at times, brings us into awareness of the energy all around us.

Feeling brings us higher truth, conformist thought brings us already known truth. Yet can feeling bring us a new organic thought paradigm?

While we are sensing and feeling at the purest level, thought paradigms do not filter our experience, and we access the feelings we feel from the heart center. From this place the heart casts its energy outward grappling the energy all around. The feelings of another and the feelings of the world and beyond can be perceived. To me, this is what brings us higher truth for it enables us to sense the community, the Earth, and the ALL. Everything else is simply an abstraction of the "what is."

I state that fear is a shadow because it is the shadow which represents the darkness, the vision-less, and the ignorance, that becomes a part of our experience. There is nothing inherently evil about the darkness, nor is there anything "wrong" with ignorance, yet these are aspects of our existence that need to be observed and transformed into something we become conscious of (that is if we want to grow and evolve). For if we are to grow we need to become conscious of what we are not conscious of. Yet, bless the darkness (the duality) for it has granted us the opportunity to know what it is to experientially grow. And this brings me to the question: What is it really to evolve and grow?

To evolve is to be raise your awareness...and nothing more...for awareness can always evolve...

When we shed the light of the awakened spirit amongst the shadows of our existence we move closer into the light of love, for we come to know experientially what we are: we feel in our hearts that we are the light of creation itself (try to feel this as opposed to think it). Because when we are "awake" we feel without thought filtering the experience and in this experience we can come to the awesome realization that you "are." When we hold light and love in our hearts we are creating by simply being around darkness and illuminating it through our being. Even as we walk down the street in pure awareness, light, and love, those who walk near you will feel your energy and their energy may be altered just by walking past you.

We accelerate our evolution process when we realize to greater degrees that this experiential feeling of being awake is the basis of evolved creation. This realization has the power to influence how we are to live for it influences our choices in profound ways. I mention "to greater degrees" because we are always evolving and growing, the process never stops.

God too is always evolving... and God is always evolving towards the light of awoken consciousness for God seeks to create love and harmony...are we than not aspects of God? We evolve consciously as we realize that we are God creating God within the realm of conscious manifestation. This is the evolution of consciousness...But what is it that keeps us from creating a world of harmony?

I am going to make a bold statement here...that the overwhelming majority of people, if not everyone, down to their cores wants world peace (and world peace is not just the end of wars, but it is the end of the socio-economic hierarchy and the end of ethnic and cultural segregation). We may not think about this daily, nor may we live lives that actively pursue this goal, yet deep down I believe we all want this. But because we have no idea how to even envision this we claim it is impossible for this to be...and of course, world peace could never be if the majority of people could not envision it. Remember from the last article (the meta-physics of consciousness), that thought is pre-manifested reality. Thought is creative in nature and if the majority of us hold the notion that world peace is impossible to attain and will never happen we, as a world society, will never see world peace. The universe is a "copy" machine that broadcasts to our reality exactly what it is that we believe, think, know, and feel. The universe is our canvas of creation, and how we experience so shall the portrait be displayed.

We believe that there will never be peace in the "middle-east," or peace between the "Israel" and "Palestine," or peace between "blacks" and "whites" (I put quotations to exemplify how these cultural categories are simply devised by thought). We believe that our nations separate us, we believe that skin color separates us, and we believe that differences in our belief structures divide us. Now, the division in all these cases occurs because of our thoughts about them. Is a nation not a piece of Earth that is divisible only by some imaginary border line? All the while a culture develops within these boarder lines that makes us believe we are different, and yes culturally, in many ways we are, but are we not all connected at the heart level? Do we not all feel the loves and pains of the human experience? Are racial differences nothing more than differences in physical traits (of which occurred through peoples adaptation to certain ecosystems)? How are we to attribute real, soulful differences between these people if we are not to adhere to some conforming thought paradigm that states that these people are a certain thing, and act in a certain way? Do we not ourselves take on the socially prescribed notions of how we are to racially and ethnically be as if this is our imminent inheritance? I ask, are our actions prescribed to us? Are we not unconscious to a varying degree in this sense? Are we not hiding behind the shadow of fear, too timid to show our true colors of unity and love with all those who appear to be different?

Do beliefs that are dogmatic and rigid separate people? I would say so, for so often we execute our lives through thought as opposed to pure feeling. Remember, we are soul's inhabiting bodies...we are more than what we physically are, we are what we feel we are... It goes without much questioning, but we feel, for example, that because you are a Hindu and I am a christian we will never understand each other, we are different and all that superficiality (did anyone react to the fact that Hindu is capitalized and not christian...if so realize the automatic unconscious reaction that occurs.

Seek how we may do this in other parts of ours lives: remember that the shadow of fear is often out of our conscious awareness - yet seek to be aware and things which were once unconscious make there ways through into the perceiving mind.

Do we not see how we are locked into these thought paradigms. For the religious minded people, we FEAR that the only way to God is through this Dogma, for the social conformists, we FEAR that we will not feel as if we belong if we do not conform to a social paradigm that prescribes division, dependence upon a leader, and prescribes a way of being that is inherently out of touch with the movements of the Earth and the Cosmos.

If we are living from the mind we are out of touch with pure source feeling. It may be difficult to decipher whether or not the feelings we feel come from the mind or if they come from source. But if there is a hint of confusion, a hint of ego, or a hint of segregation, than you know it comes from the mind. The mind can be used to understand feelings, yet do not try too hard to fit these feelings into already existing thought paradigms. Let your feelings create a new perspective. The thoughts will follow. Words are limited, but perspective is ever expanding. Be patient with this new understanding. But be brave enough to step into the unknown of your own experience and seek to understand the world, relationships, and yourself beyond words...You just may find that feeling...You just might tune into source...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Metaphysics of Consciousness; Into the Acension

NOTE: This is in the process as being published as an e-book.

"If you take the leap from your understanding of life as being "biological" in nature, to an expanded awareness of consciousness in non-biological forms [meaning that non-biological entities are conscious], you will understand the infiniteness in non-biological forms, you will understand the infinite splendor of life in the Cosmos of Soul." - Patricia Cori

Everything is conscious. Consciousness differs though to the degree to which it expresses itself; meaning to what degree is it consciously employed and subsequently made manifest.  Consciousness is employed through the conscious force manifesting its will.  Everything in existence, both currently perceptible and not, is conscious because within everything is a creative life driving force.  Furthermore, everything is inherently connected when we consider the fact that this creative life driving force is the force that sustains all of existence.  Consider the movement within the conscious mind of a human to make conscious decisions to bolster his or her life as well as the plant that exhibits movement to sustain its own life.  There is a force at work here too which can be tapped into too varies degree of conscious control.

Using the example of a decomposing tree exemplifies the inherent interconnectivity apparent to all things.  The movement of decomposition, in regards to the once “alive tree,” allows life to meander through the tree, into the soil, and subsequently into the new life it supports as the future comes to be.  The tree, to the best of our knowledge, may not have a self-reflective consciousness that enables it to experientially witness its own life and death to the degree that we humans can, but it nonetheless is conscious due to the fact that it contains within it a life force that enables “it” to progress its own life.  A self-reflective consciousness is not the basis of consciousness.  I believe this is what Patricia Cori was describing in the quote above.  We consider the Earth as a whole to be unconscious, but as we shall see as we proceed, consciousness is as subjective as anything else we try to conceptualize. 

This book is about understanding the relationship of consciousness to life and the varying degrees in which consciousness becomes manifest.  This book is about realizing that the more conscious the conscious individual becomes of consciousness itself a progression takes place.  The more conscious the person become of the “life force” within the more able the person becomes at manifesting a reality to which they desire.  I like to think of this as the expansion and progression of consciousness.  I am eluding to the fact that humans, as they become "evolved" and progress, they become more able to shape reality in a way too which they thought we thought was not possible.  In a sense human consciousness has enabled us to discover and implement many great advances to which seem “unnatural.”  In this it seems as if we have progressed and evolved further than the nature we find around us.  Yet as we go on in this book, we will see that this egoic conception of human consciousness is what has caused us too separate ourselves from nature and thus create a dual state.  The renaissance of human consciousness expansion is about connecting back with the natural wisdom of the Earth.  Pairing archaic wisdom with conventional wisdom is what moving out of duality and into the new era of humanity is all about.  This is what the Ascension that is upon us is all about.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Growth Through the Mirror of Relationship

Relationship is mirror through which we witness ourselves. When witnessing another it is hard to say whether or not we are really witnessing who they are or whether or not we are witnessing our self through them. I question if there really is a difference between these two ways of perceiving? Hopefully this dialogue will bring us to a closer understanding of what relationship means to us and how we can best work with them to illuminate our own individual consciousness. This is growth through the mirror of relationship.

Relating to another can either come from a place of reaction, meaning that emotions "automatically" stir up within us; This causes us to act unconsciously, for we are relating to the other from the conditioned and ritualistic behavioral patterns that we have adopted from the past. This is a way of relating that is rigid and stagnant. On the other hand, relating to another can also bring us into a greater state of consciousness. I believe that this was the intention of the duality that brings us into that we can become conscious of our own unconscious impulses and work through our karma (the stuff that may have accumulated through relationships from our past - even past lives). Because it is not until we shed the layers from the darkest corners of our essence that we can become illuminated to the point that we become the pure embodiment of absolute consciousness.

Sometimes the trauma and pain that we endure from another through relationship (for we are always in relationship with everything - even the so called "stranger") pushes us to create defenses and moves us into a reactive state. But we cannot move past these defenses until we become aware and accept what it is that pushed us into the reactive state to begin with. For instance, maybe a stressful parental relationship that made us feel less than what we are pushed us too devise a defensive reactive behavioral pattern in relationship to them (*and now in relationship with ourselves). It is learning to become aware how you relate to them (broadening conscious awareness) and then coming to accept what occurred or what is occurring for they are acting out of their own reactionary patterns. Or maybe it was something as serious as coming to accept the person who maliciously hurt you. Essentially we have to become conscious of the thing that drove us into a state of unconsciousness and then learn to accept and forgive. For in this forgiveness we forgive the aspect of our self that we felt was left damaged.

(***to whatever degree***because all of this, everything in this dialogue...especially when i speak of unconscious behavior and conscious behavior, is all a matter of degree. Essentially there is no "absolute consciousness...for the absolute is always expanding into the infinite expanses of the ever expanding conscious reality).

Shedding the "dark" corners of our unconsciousness necessarily means that we are bringing awareness into our reactivity. And not only does it take diligence to become aware of what we are unaware more importantly takes forgiveness for the act or person that pushed us to form reactive defenses.

In the event that trauma or pain occurs we eventually are brought to an opportunity to forgive. This is always a matter of choice, but through the experience of trauma (small and large) and subsequent acceptance of these events we become more empathic, more sensitive, and more compassionate. It takes a highly evolved person to be conscious of another, to feel empathy for another. The empathic personality was born from this person working through their own karmic path (allowing the unconscious to become conscious). This process awoke them to their own reactivity. This raised their own level of consciousness and hence brought them to a place of a "higher vibration."

We are all empathic people at the core level, for in us lies the infinite pool of conscious awakening. Yet, sometimes we may get so engulfed by the pain of another, especially if a loved one, that that pain becomes our own. We do everything we can to free the other person for in doing so we seek to free ourselves. Yet, although this comes from a place of sincere compassion, there is a hint of reactivity here. For in this place we fail to see that the person whom we love, whom we care for is on their own journey. We want to act a as "savior" because we love this person, but when we get so engulfed by their pain that it becomes our own there is a pain that is brewed within our own being.

We can assist someone in helping them grow, but we cannot do the growing or force them to grow.

Essentially what is happening is that we are unconscious of our reactivity to save them, but the key here, and what goes unregistered to us, is that in trying to save them we are trying to save ourselves. We may defend and say that we feel the pain they do, and this may be true, but when the pain that we feel, that is born within us, becomes the motivator to save someone, we have become unconscious to our own reactivity. The reactivity in this sense is created because we fail to see why we are so glued to become a savor. This is beautiful, do not get me wrong, but there is a vital lesson to learn here. Sometimes we need to accept that we are only the creators of our own life. A good therapist would have learned this.

The life of pain, confusion, or fear, that another perpetuates through unconsciousness is not yours. In our willingness to be a savior we reinforce to our loved one that they need to "change." This typically causes a defensive reactive pattern within the other and could actually push them deeper in to the darkness of their own reactivity. They will only see the light of day if they choose to. This is the basis of their freewill. When we let go and let the other walk their own path we give them the opportunity to find their own salvation (even if this person is our lover). This allows the other the freedom to do as they need and empowers them to feel as if they are their own creator. This frees the "savior" from feeling compelled to save another. The burden is lifted and the one seeking to help the other can now focus their conscious awareness back on their own presence. On the opposing end the other is given a supreme opportunity to step into their own awakening.

Fundamentally we already are absolute consciousness. It just takes the realization that we are much more than we actually believe ourselves to be so that we can move into the knowing that we are absolute consciousness. The reactive state is perpetuated by the ego and its identity forms. "Belief" is a thought form that the ego employees to keep us in a stagnant state of identity. "Knowing" is a state without judging what one is, for they "know" that they simply are.

The "Is-ness" is all we "are." And this is to be discovered in feeling, not thought.

Through accepting and forgiving oneself to the fact that we are not what we think we are, we illuminate to an even greater degree the true nature of our being. Remember that we are already whole and united as we move higher and higher up the spiritual spiral of enlightenment. We are already "whole," we just become an even deeper realization of this "wholeness" through the awakening of our consciousness. Forgiveness and acceptance of oneself is the first step towards illuminating the light of love into the reactive unconscious. This is spiritual evolution. This is growth, This is EVERYONE'S destiny...For we all make our way from the darkness into the light...into the isolation of duality and into the love of oneness...Is this your moment?

Monday, March 7, 2011

On Love and Sex

As a society we have become obsessed with the sensate pleasures of sex. We have physical bodies that incarnate in a physical world and of course we are to enjoy the physical pleasures, we would not be human if we did not, but it often seems that we have lost sight of the pleasures of the human union as they relate to the heart felt experiences that we really do yearn for. When we become aware of our higher nature, when we remember that we are souls that incarnate in body, do we experience the sexual union on a deeper level. With a refinement of our energies, meaning when we awaken the aspects of self that are not contained by the ego and conditions, does the sexual exchange become more of a heart experience. Because no longer do we want to poses our lovers, no longer do we use our lovers for an orgasm. The mind believes it must contain the other in order to "have" the other.

Sex, in our conventional world, has often become a means of emotional barter. When we have sex with our partners there is a momentary emotional ease. Through this act we believe that the person we are with really "wants to be with us." For we have brought each other to orgasm and we temporarily reinforced that there is "chemistry." If we are acting from a place where we need mental confirmation, we are driven by the mind. And the mind, the rational part of us, cannot feel, so therefore it has no basis for fulfillment and hence it always wants more. This is the ego...

Sex and relationship from this point of view is of a lower vibrational existence. Meaning relationships that operate at this level do so at a level of the lower chakras. And because we are inherently spiritual beings incarnating in a physical world, there are aspects of our existence that are left "unactivated." We may not even be aware of this, but become aware of your feelings before, during, and after sexual union (even days after) and see how you are relating to your partner. Is there emotional security in this act? And as common as it may be, this feeling of emotional security through sex, does the feeling of temporal security only exist because there is an existential gap within our own being? Is there a part of us, that is independent of the relationship, that is not whole? When we live within the relationship realm are we bartering fleeting emotions that arise during the sexual act? Do we believe that this is how one posses another? Do we believe that this is how we are to be in relationship, to live our unions through the fleeting emotions created from the mind? Have we forgotten about the subtle love of the soul? Forget what you know, what you believe, and you will be re-awoken to the endless love which finds itself apparent in gratitude for your own life, for your relationships (both platonic and romantic), and for the earth that sustains your existence. You forget when you quiet the mind and allow the "language" of the soul to surface.

We may even rebel against the statements above. We may rebel and say that there is nothing more pleasurable in this physical world than sex and so therefore I seek to find the partner that will bring me the best sex. We may state that it is only human to have unrelenting desires, that it is only human to live from the ego. And of course these statements are true, because they may be true to you. Your life becomes manifest through the choices you make and the thoughts you identify with. But I ask, is there something more to living through your thoughts? Is there something beyond the ego? Something beyond the conditional relationship? Is there a type of relationship that asks for nothing because the partners are already fulfilled in there own personal awakening?

For the awoken person already knows that he or she is inherently in relationship with everyone and everything - so why not love that which he or she senses...For this sensing is who you are...The thoughts are mere abstractions...The feelings beyond the thoughts is what is real...Cannot you not feel the relationship all around you? Do not ask the mind for confirmation...just feel this...

When we are no longer reactive to the ego and the conditioned thought paradigms that "the ego" learned through our emotionally repressive society does something within us become alive...This is the way of being that is not bound to the mind and to the emotions that the mind creates. It is very important to awaken to the fact that the mind creates the majority of the feelings we feel.

There may be a moment during sexual union where you look into your partners eyes and realize the ecstasy of their existence. Essentially this is you witnessing your own beauty through theirs (This is the realization of beauty in the now). This is union of a higher vibration. You tingle with excitement for this person makes you feel more alive, makes you feel more like who you are! Because through this union you feel the inherent interconnectedness of the ALL of reality.

Take note that I use the word through instead of in ("Because through this union"). Because it is through our intimate relationships that you come to know about relationship in general. I use through to describe the relationship as a rite of passage, a passage into a deeper sensing of experience. Instead of using the word "in," which could mean that the relationship brings you in, contains you. A healthy relationship will set you free. A healthy relationship will enable you to experience a deeper reality...A reality that moves through you into a realm beyond you. To the contrary, an unhealthy relationship will contain you and bring you in. The latter usually happens due to an insecurity that either both or one of the partners have because they feel that they will be "less than" without their partner (can you see the conditional relationship here? - and this is not to say we would not be sad without our partner - that is something completely different - dependence and grief are two different things). So therefore they act to emotionally barter with their partner. This leads to disharmony between the partners as it manifests in ways both subtle and obvious. There is a transference that occurs to where both partners feel the existential void.

RE-MEMBER: you are a part of the whole, and therefore you are the whole, inextricably tied to all of existence...You are already the everything...and already you are satisfied as you are a movement of love within the fabric of creation...That is, if you let go of the confining aspects of the mind that occur when we identify with our thoughts and allow yourself to be free and be here NOW.

The "honeymoon" phases of our relationships unfortunately often fade quickly. But they fade quickly because we become trapped within the memory of these experiences. These moments are fleeting because we often try to identify these experiences through the mind. We seek more of these ecstasy experiences with our partners because it felt good on a very heart felt level. But when we "search" for these experiences we are employing the mind to create something that it cannot for what we are looking for is already in front of us (that is if we are sensitive to realizing what we see without the mind grappling with what we witness and changing it to the expected).

So to keep our relationships fresh, exciting, and "new," we have to be fresh, exciting, and new in our own being. And we do this by being in the NOW, for the NOW is inherently fresh, new, and exciting. This is because it is not tied to any stagnant thought, and it is simply the witnessing of the awe-some existence. So stay aware and stay present and do not live your life or experience your partner with how you "believe" they are. Instead see them in this moment, for this is who they are. No word or thought can explain who they are. They simply are. And in these moments, when the mind is silent, the union between the two becomes profound. The sexual union becomes more than physical pleasure. Physical pleasure is just the base of this experience. Light and love will permeate this union. Freedom will come through the love and passion will tie the two in solidarity and companionship, for the act of sex will become a celebration of this grand experience. This is the experience of the experiential knowingness that all is one. There is supreme gratefulness in act of conscious, now-centered, ego-less, sexual union! So look at your partner as if you have no idea who they are...because they are not contained by words and thoughts...and you may then begin to see who they really are...

For they are nothing but beautiful...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cosmic Family

The closing in on "time" will bring us closer to our true nature. As we become more aware of the stillness which is the NOW, we become connected through feeling. If all is connected, if all is interwoven, how can anything be bound to time? Of course, there is a separation between the past, present, and future, but this is only understood through thought. Of course the past is still alive, for we can witness it now through the remains of yesterdays creations, but in the grand perception of things these three realms (past, present, and future) mend together to become witnessed as the eternal moment of now. For what was in the past lives it self through the creations that surround us today, and what will be the future will only be an extension of what is right now. So the past, present, and future are united. This is where time stops as we understand it (as a means of division)...Now we can understand this conceptually, but this is really a feeling experience. And it comes when the mind is quieted and has stopped categorizing everything that it witnesses. Yet all of this is a choice...

Yet, the duality, as much as it is a hindrance to our awakening (that is if we are unconscious to its purpose) it inherently is a blessing. For duality is the cornerstone of our mind dominated way of living. Living with a conceptual understanding of things is what separates us from the "animals." But it is only through experiencing the separation of our individualness can we evolve and grow so that we can experience the communion between all on a very deep level. For example, how are we to know pleasure without pain, how are we to know good without bad. The duality will always exist, but the whether or not we let it tether us to an existence were we see ourselves as not connected, where we see that we are not part of the weave which is nature, is a choice. We can choose to live in the blessed illusion that was set before us at the dawn of Adam and Eve and be "unconscious", or we can evolve to a place where we witness, through feeling, that you and I are the same. Is there not supreme joy in knowing that everything you see, everyone you meet is part of your cosmic family? Would we not build a more harmonious society if the foundation of our choices as a society honored this experiential feeling? I will say... that I LOVE YOU ALL for what you are, all that you will be, and all that you could be!

The love you have for another inevitably becomes the love you create for yourself. Even when we live our lives primarily through the rustling and bustling of our minds does our essence, the soul level of our being, know this inherent reciprocity and make its way through the filter of thoughts. Because if you do for another you feel a sense of joy in your heart. You did not have to think to create this feeling of joy, for it was born in the act of giving. Giving to another, and even giving to yourself, is naturally human because it evokes a feeling of joy within us. When you feel this you know you have tapped into the feeling of your soul. This is beyond any thought and is not bound to any measure of time (for it is not dependent on any condition of the past or future - we may give and do good acts because we think it is the right thing to do and we then hope to get something out of it, but this is tied to time and conditions, for we feel that if we keep doing good things that good things will happen to us in the future...and whether or not this is true is of no relevance, because during these times we are bound to time, we are bound to the mind and we loose sight of the beauty and joy that we can feel in the right now!).

Sometimes we often feel as if we need to do the right thing because if we don't we are a "bad" person. Sometimes we feel we need to do the right thing in order to be right in the eyes of God, as if God is judging us and placing our entrance to "heaven" based on the contingency that we follow "his" plan. Are these actions not based in fear?

Witness this...what God, whom essentially is the movement of creation, could ever judge a thing that was created by itself? How could creation banish and judge the thing it has created itself without judging itself?

Do you not see...that you and I, the trees and rivers, and the stars in the sky are GOD! For we are all the movement that is life...This understanding of seeing yourself as "god-self" only comes to be when you realize that your choice is creation it self (which is born from the realm of duality, so bless the duality...)! Your choice, or lack thereof, is creative. Hence, we create as we live. The society we see is the accumulation of choices we have made in the past, but it is our choice right now to create whatever it is that we want that brings us into the now. Your life, our society, and the cosmos as a whole, are tied to this universal fact. That you are God, creating through the choices you choose. Yet, the "final" product of these choices, which is always is the WHO WE ARE! So do not fear who you are, be excited that you are here now...choosing who you want to be!

Maybe through the creative process can we realize how tied we all are, how much of family that we really are! When I find myself awake to my perceptions, I bless the illusory separateness that I see between you and I...because I know, through this duality that we are able to experience one another...but it is the joy in my heart, that I feel through attending to you or attending to myself that makes me realize that on a very real experiential/feeling level...THAT WE ARE FAMILY. This is Love, is it not?

If someone acts in a way that we find offensive or hurtful, simply realize that this is their pain that is being projected onto you. There is pain in living in complete immersion in the duality (this is unconsciousness). There is an inherent pain, an inherent longing, in not being conscious of the feeling that we are all one. So, if someone acts in a way that you find disturbing, hurtful, or the like...realize that this comes from a place of pain within them...they do not remember who they are (RE-MEMBER)...they have not yet found there way into the light. Bless them for this is their journey too...Maybe you too can bring them into the light of love! This is our birthright through the universal re-membrance that we ARE ALL FAMILY...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unconditional Love

"Unconditional love, where everything about the other is beautiful simply because they exist...this is love from the heart." - Patricia Cori

"[Conditional Love] is the swinging back and forth of feelings as they are dependent upon reciprocal expressions from the other." - Patricia Cori

"As most of the human population is emotion-centered in its expression of love, there is much suffering and misunderstanding in the human union. Shared joy and total acceptance and respect between partners is the basis of unconditional love, yet more often manifested competition, positioning, and the bartering of emotions, sexuality, and power set the conditions for a love that is based on contingency." - Patricia Cori

I have found much inspiration lately in the writings of Patricia Cori. Most of us will have never heard about her, yet she disseminates a tremendous amount of wealth that is very pertinent to examining the human condition.

Conditional love is a love essentially based in fear and is a human expression born of the fear paradigm. If we feel that we are in a constant state of lack we are disconnected from our heart centers and we therefore live through the formulations of our minds and subsequent ego's (the illusory personality that we have become so attached too). *What is of extreme importance is that we do not judge ourselves for observing our fear driven, animalistic behaviors...for in acceptance of what we were we become what we are at the heart level. This is not to undermine what we are now, for what we are now has given us a platform to evolve into a vibration of ourself that resonates at a much more intense frequency of love and compassion, art and expression, truthfulness and honesty...It is part of our karmic journey to experience the fear and look into it. Only until we look at our conditioned self can we break free into the awareness of the all. And in the "Awe of Awareness" all that we see is beautiful, for we see the infinite path, which eventually ends up into communion with the ALL, in everyone and everything. This is the basis for unconditional love. It is not resigned for any one human, but rather it is a love that we share in reverence with all, for the all...This is ONENESS...

So lets witness our reactions, lets witness the pillars of conditions that we place amongst another in fear that we will be left without that which we desire. For when we step out of the reactive fear state and into the state of awareness that is born within our hearts we become the embodiment of all the love that we could ever imagine, all the love that we could ever handle...In this state we no longer feel any sort of lack and our conditional relationships no longer exist for they are no longer bound to conditions or any thought. In this state feelings and emotions are no longer needed to be reciprocated, because we realize that we are all ready reciprocating inherently at the heart felt level (through all the fibers of existence itself).

What we need to do is clear the mind and feel from our hearts. When we let the mind create our emotions and feelings we feel through a conditional existence. So why limit our life? At the core of our existence we are boundless, free, and in constant love...for we are the light that creates...we are creation...

Like the essence of the mind, the essence of love also evolves. Simply, witness the reactivity of the mind, forgive yourself through accepting whatever your are, whatever you are doing, and however you think. Acceptance of this reactivity creates a silent place...From here do whatever your heart feels...feel the sun on your face, the soil beneath your toes...feel the smile of another permeate your being...for this is life...and this is the most beautiful thing we will all experience. Beyond conditions lies our awareness of the ALL. Sense this... The one thing that ties us all together is that we are experiencing this thing we call life together...can we not fall in love with that?