Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Metaphysics of Consciousness; Into the Acension

NOTE: This is in the process as being published as an e-book.

"If you take the leap from your understanding of life as being "biological" in nature, to an expanded awareness of consciousness in non-biological forms [meaning that non-biological entities are conscious], you will understand the infiniteness in non-biological forms, you will understand the infinite splendor of life in the Cosmos of Soul." - Patricia Cori

Everything is conscious. Consciousness differs though to the degree to which it expresses itself; meaning to what degree is it consciously employed and subsequently made manifest.  Consciousness is employed through the conscious force manifesting its will.  Everything in existence, both currently perceptible and not, is conscious because within everything is a creative life driving force.  Furthermore, everything is inherently connected when we consider the fact that this creative life driving force is the force that sustains all of existence.  Consider the movement within the conscious mind of a human to make conscious decisions to bolster his or her life as well as the plant that exhibits movement to sustain its own life.  There is a force at work here too which can be tapped into too varies degree of conscious control.

Using the example of a decomposing tree exemplifies the inherent interconnectivity apparent to all things.  The movement of decomposition, in regards to the once “alive tree,” allows life to meander through the tree, into the soil, and subsequently into the new life it supports as the future comes to be.  The tree, to the best of our knowledge, may not have a self-reflective consciousness that enables it to experientially witness its own life and death to the degree that we humans can, but it nonetheless is conscious due to the fact that it contains within it a life force that enables “it” to progress its own life.  A self-reflective consciousness is not the basis of consciousness.  I believe this is what Patricia Cori was describing in the quote above.  We consider the Earth as a whole to be unconscious, but as we shall see as we proceed, consciousness is as subjective as anything else we try to conceptualize. 

This book is about understanding the relationship of consciousness to life and the varying degrees in which consciousness becomes manifest.  This book is about realizing that the more conscious the conscious individual becomes of consciousness itself a progression takes place.  The more conscious the person become of the “life force” within the more able the person becomes at manifesting a reality to which they desire.  I like to think of this as the expansion and progression of consciousness.  I am eluding to the fact that humans, as they become "evolved" and progress, they become more able to shape reality in a way too which they thought we thought was not possible.  In a sense human consciousness has enabled us to discover and implement many great advances to which seem “unnatural.”  In this it seems as if we have progressed and evolved further than the nature we find around us.  Yet as we go on in this book, we will see that this egoic conception of human consciousness is what has caused us too separate ourselves from nature and thus create a dual state.  The renaissance of human consciousness expansion is about connecting back with the natural wisdom of the Earth.  Pairing archaic wisdom with conventional wisdom is what moving out of duality and into the new era of humanity is all about.  This is what the Ascension that is upon us is all about.

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