Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Emotional Matrix: Don't Forget Your Ego

Without ego I seize to perceive myself.  Without empathy I cease to perceive you.
Some spiritual philosophies speak of the importance of abolishing the ego to create unity and peace.  Other philosophies believe that when we transcend the ego we become liberated.  It seems to me that there is a big difference between abolishing the ego and transcending the ego.

The fact that I even care about writing this post so that others will read it is a matter of ego.  To be human is to have ego.  Ego is the part of self that is responsible for the interpretation of reality and a sense of personal identity.  Without ego we are no longer self-reflective.  To abolish the ego is to abolish the "part of self that is responsible for the interpretation of reality." Abolishing the ego and doing away with "self" not only seems futile, it seems impossible.

To transcend means to go beyond the range or limit of.  So what does it mean to transcend the ego? 

Based on my own perceptual experience it seems that when we feel the reality "outside" of us as if it where an extension of self we experience transcendence.  What do I mean by "outside?"  I speak of any realm of life that is beyond the physical self.  This would include other people, places, and things.  When life, the all inclusive noun, becomes felt as if it where within you you are experiencing transcendence.

At this level of perception I believe that the ego is still there and very much alive.  I feel that at this level the sense of self, the ego, becomes amplified.  In this state we draw energy from the world around us.   We become alive to a greater degree. Our emotional experience is no longer isolated within the walls of our egotistical existence.  We become the world.  Consider the social consequences if we were to feel that we are not just in this world but we are this world...

Lets try not to get this mixed up with the inflated ego.  If my ego were inflated I would be putting myself above you.  I would be judging you and the world around me as inferior to me. The inflated ego is the narcissistic sense of identity that has run rampant in our conventional world.  It seems that it is the inflated ego that keeps us from becoming humbled and having empathy for the world around us.  It is much easier, energetically speaking, to be narcissistic than to be empathic.  Empathy is a psychic muscle.  Learning how to fine tune our ability to feel another and or the world around us takes work.  This is psychic development.

If you want healthier relationships with others, with yourself, and a more meaningful projection of your life, developing your sense of empathy is crucial.  Transcendence then, as I speak of it, is about being humble by allowing yourself to give up the narcissistic relationship you have with yourself.  You can do this by giving energy to others and to the world around you through deed.  The narcissistic self stays alive by absorbing other peoples energy into an isolated sense of self.  The transcendent self grows vibrant through feeling and giving love to the world around you.

Transcendence is that feeling of joy you have when you do for others. Transcendence is that feeling you get when you escape the engrained boundaries of your mind. Transcendence is that feeling you have when you ignite the fire within and live the life you feel passionate about.

You do not need to loose who you are to transcendence into a "higher" reality.  Transcending into a higher reality is a collective phenomena.  Let life unfold as it will.  Why not just do what you can?  Why not just send positive energy to the world around you?

You are a part of the world, a weave within the cosmic fabric of life itself.  When you feel this you have transcended.  And what exactly have you transcended?  Think of it as a snake shedding its skin.  As your transcend you move beyond the old you into a experiential realm where you are more alive and vibrant.  You do not need to concern your self with how to do this.  Just follow the feeling of gratitude.  So why not honor the ego within?  It is the ego, the self, that allows you to feel gratefulness, humbleness, and empathy to begin with.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do You Want to Create The Life You Love?

You are a participant in the creation of your life.  To what degree do you want to participate?  To what degree do you want to surrender and feel the trust inherent in your heart [a feeling that connects you to creation, to source, to the universe]?

Do you trust life or are you afraid of it?

Witnessing both your relation to both love and fear is integral to understanding the way in which you relate to life.  Do your actions proceed out of love or out of fear?  Do you make choices in your life out of love or out of fear? Are you creating your life out of love or out of fear... essentially this dictates how you will experience your life....

Do you want to make that change in your life or are you a little afraid of what could happen?  Do you want to move to a new city?  Do you want to take part in a new career?  Do you want a fulfilling relationship?

Do you trust that the universe can make this happen for you?  Do you trust that yourself so that you will allow it to happen?  Or are you going to let the same old patterns and ways of life exist because you are a little timid.

This world is your canvas.  What do you want to create for yourself?

Realize...all of your creations are produced by how you project your inner experience onto the world outside of you.  If you trust life and know that it will unfold in your favor, than the universe will protect you and aid you in your evolution in a way that feels good.  Why?  Because when you trust what you are essentially doing is allowing the universe to live through you in the way it knows how to.

The universe [or the movement of creation and the fabric of life as we know it], only wants to produce experience that is divine.  That is all it knows.  Do you think that the heavens were created void of feelings?  Think of this...if there was a feeling associated with the creation of the universe what do you think that feeling would feel like?  If you were witnessing the unfolding of the most cosmic, divine, and dynamic process of creation would you not feel the most blissful sense of awe you have ever felt?

Experiential choice is the product of duality...

Only in our separation from source does duality come into existence, but through this duality we can come to realize that we are our own universes, our own beacons of creation, our own source of divinity...that is if we connect again to this movement of creation through trust.  When you trust you love.  So if you project to the universe love, what do you think it will return for you?

As Neale Donald Walsch said in the Conversation with God Trilogy, "The Universe is a zerox machine.  It will product for you exactly what you feel, think, and create."

If you project to the universe a feeling of love and lead your life through this feeling you will be brought to just the "right" experiences, to the "right" people, and into the "right" environments...

...That is if you believe you should be...Again, to what degree do you want to participate?

I put quotes around right to emphasize the point that you are always "right."  Your life is your subjective creation, but when will the experience of what is "right" for you lead you to lead a life of great awe and adventure, big love and grand experience, and a knowing in your heart that life is here to serve you [and not the other way around].  This is your choice.

When do you want that new career, that new love, that new life!  This is your choice too!

Creation happens in the experience...

Luckily for all of us, understanding this is more than intellectual.  Put down any pressure of trying to solve how to live out of love or out of fear.  Your mind cannot know life in its entirety, so let it relax...  Life is, in many ways, beyond knowing...

"So if life is beyond knowing then how do I act, how do I then create what I want?"

Why not start to feel what it is that you want.  Start with a feeling, not just a thought.  Feel what a "good" life would feel like...then follow the feeling.  You follow the feeling when you bring this feeling into your daily interactions with people, places and things.  The canvas on which you paint your life then becomes drastically influenced by this feeling.  You will then begin to manifest a reality for yourself that is more aligned with the feeling you have as to what a good life should be for yourself.  Can just feel out how you going to create, create, then later think about what you created in retrospect?

Let your thoughts serve your feelings...not the other way around...

Again, all of this serves you only to the degree to which you believe it does.  So essentially why not go within and ask yourself...

Do you want a life lead by love


Do you want a life dictated by fear

To not go within you go without...

To come back around to the beginning...Does the love inherent to existence protect you.  Do you trust life?  Do you feel protected?  Does life feel safe to you?

Again, this is all in how you perceive it.  You choose it....but why not choose what you want to experience...

Your life is your own self-fulfilling prophecy.  How do you want this prophecy unfold?

If you feel that the universe is here to aid you in the creation of a loving, peaceful, and abundant life...


You are protected...

Even if the world may be crumbling around you, you are protected...  Why?  Because you know you are!

Find your freedom in surrender.
Find your freedom in trust.

Surrender is a knowing...a knowing that you can trust the process of life.

This "knowing" accompanies the feeling of in trusting the process of life to unfold as it will...revealing to you your true it unfolds in each successive moment of the now.

So why not lead this "unfolding of life" through opposed to through the same old timidness and fear that has produced nothing but the same?..?..?

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Emotional Matrix: How Gratefulness Amplifies Your Energy

When we say we have touched someone's life or someone has touched ours it seems to imply that a change occurs in someone's emotional "body. " The change is an acquisition of another's loving and empathic feelings towards you [or you towards them].  The acquisition occurs within your emotional body.  At the most fundamental level of being human there is primal energy exchange that is soulfully nourishing.  We are a part of this exchange whether we are conscious of it or not.  This exchange is relationship.

It is plausible to say, and quantum physics has theoretically proven this,  that everything is in a constant state of energy exchange [everything is in a constant state of relationship].  The more aware we become of this energy exchange and begin to understand how this affects our lives we can use that information to our advantage.  The advantage comes about when we learn how to see how we are all tied to each other, to the earth, and beyond and with that heightened perspective we gain greater mastery over our own lives.


With this gained perspective you become more able to control the degree to which you are conscious of how this emotional energy matrix affects you and how you affect it.  We gain control by beginning to see how we shape the energy matrix that surrounds us.  This is also how we change the energy that surrounds us into a more positive and soulfully nourishing way.

*Simply, become aware, remind yourself to be grateful of those whom have touched your life, and you simply influence the emotional energy matrix that is your life.

Human feelings are a major conduit for this energy exchange.  The positive influence of another upon your life or vica vera, heightens your receptivity to love, to gratefulness, to compassion, and joy.  When your receptibility for these energies are enhanced and opened you change your life.  It is as simple as that.  Becoming grateful for those whom have touched your life gives you the ability to pass that on.  You just will.  There is nothing you need to do.  With gratefulness in your heart you will just do and feel great things.

Touch someone's life.  Do good for another.  Love another.  You will see that the love become your own.  Let that love become theirs and so on.  Let that love be there for all to share.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fate or Free Will?

Fate or Free will?  Determinism or Infinitely expressing experience?

Is life as we experience it the unfolding of destiny in the now?

The debate between fate vs free will has been going on since the dawn of civilization.  Do we lead autonomous lives, reconstructing the future through our present day actions?  Or is it possible we lead a life determined by fate and how the heavens decide our future...a divine force that guides us?  The thing about all this is that the person who believes in fate may ask you, "well what guided your actions...was there some feeling guiding them...a feeling that drew you into particular events, experiences, and ways in which to learn?"

"So your saying I am not in control in the way my life turns out?"

Well what would you feel if I told you that both realities, the reality determined by fate and the reality created though free will, could simultaneously occur at the same time?

This question requires us to use more than just our thoughts.  It begs upon us to feel deeply, perceive deeply, understand through feeling deeply.

Here is the beautiful part...only each person can answer this moral question for themselves.  No one can experience another persons experience, fully.  Our inherent autonomy is our greatest gift.
When we cherish that in each other conflict seizes.

Think about it:  What if it is both our destiny and our free will, the will that we were destined to choose with, that got us to even be reflecting upon the answer to this question to begin with....?