Friday, January 13, 2012

Fate or Free Will?

Fate or Free will?  Determinism or Infinitely expressing experience?

Is life as we experience it the unfolding of destiny in the now?

The debate between fate vs free will has been going on since the dawn of civilization.  Do we lead autonomous lives, reconstructing the future through our present day actions?  Or is it possible we lead a life determined by fate and how the heavens decide our future...a divine force that guides us?  The thing about all this is that the person who believes in fate may ask you, "well what guided your actions...was there some feeling guiding them...a feeling that drew you into particular events, experiences, and ways in which to learn?"

"So your saying I am not in control in the way my life turns out?"

Well what would you feel if I told you that both realities, the reality determined by fate and the reality created though free will, could simultaneously occur at the same time?

This question requires us to use more than just our thoughts.  It begs upon us to feel deeply, perceive deeply, understand through feeling deeply.

Here is the beautiful part...only each person can answer this moral question for themselves.  No one can experience another persons experience, fully.  Our inherent autonomy is our greatest gift.
When we cherish that in each other conflict seizes.

Think about it:  What if it is both our destiny and our free will, the will that we were destined to choose with, that got us to even be reflecting upon the answer to this question to begin with....?

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