Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Emotional Matrix: Don't Forget Your Ego

Without ego I seize to perceive myself.  Without empathy I cease to perceive you.
Some spiritual philosophies speak of the importance of abolishing the ego to create unity and peace.  Other philosophies believe that when we transcend the ego we become liberated.  It seems to me that there is a big difference between abolishing the ego and transcending the ego.

The fact that I even care about writing this post so that others will read it is a matter of ego.  To be human is to have ego.  Ego is the part of self that is responsible for the interpretation of reality and a sense of personal identity.  Without ego we are no longer self-reflective.  To abolish the ego is to abolish the "part of self that is responsible for the interpretation of reality." Abolishing the ego and doing away with "self" not only seems futile, it seems impossible.

To transcend means to go beyond the range or limit of.  So what does it mean to transcend the ego? 

Based on my own perceptual experience it seems that when we feel the reality "outside" of us as if it where an extension of self we experience transcendence.  What do I mean by "outside?"  I speak of any realm of life that is beyond the physical self.  This would include other people, places, and things.  When life, the all inclusive noun, becomes felt as if it where within you you are experiencing transcendence.

At this level of perception I believe that the ego is still there and very much alive.  I feel that at this level the sense of self, the ego, becomes amplified.  In this state we draw energy from the world around us.   We become alive to a greater degree. Our emotional experience is no longer isolated within the walls of our egotistical existence.  We become the world.  Consider the social consequences if we were to feel that we are not just in this world but we are this world...

Lets try not to get this mixed up with the inflated ego.  If my ego were inflated I would be putting myself above you.  I would be judging you and the world around me as inferior to me. The inflated ego is the narcissistic sense of identity that has run rampant in our conventional world.  It seems that it is the inflated ego that keeps us from becoming humbled and having empathy for the world around us.  It is much easier, energetically speaking, to be narcissistic than to be empathic.  Empathy is a psychic muscle.  Learning how to fine tune our ability to feel another and or the world around us takes work.  This is psychic development.

If you want healthier relationships with others, with yourself, and a more meaningful projection of your life, developing your sense of empathy is crucial.  Transcendence then, as I speak of it, is about being humble by allowing yourself to give up the narcissistic relationship you have with yourself.  You can do this by giving energy to others and to the world around you through deed.  The narcissistic self stays alive by absorbing other peoples energy into an isolated sense of self.  The transcendent self grows vibrant through feeling and giving love to the world around you.

Transcendence is that feeling of joy you have when you do for others. Transcendence is that feeling you get when you escape the engrained boundaries of your mind. Transcendence is that feeling you have when you ignite the fire within and live the life you feel passionate about.

You do not need to loose who you are to transcendence into a "higher" reality.  Transcending into a higher reality is a collective phenomena.  Let life unfold as it will.  Why not just do what you can?  Why not just send positive energy to the world around you?

You are a part of the world, a weave within the cosmic fabric of life itself.  When you feel this you have transcended.  And what exactly have you transcended?  Think of it as a snake shedding its skin.  As your transcend you move beyond the old you into a experiential realm where you are more alive and vibrant.  You do not need to concern your self with how to do this.  Just follow the feeling of gratitude.  So why not honor the ego within?  It is the ego, the self, that allows you to feel gratefulness, humbleness, and empathy to begin with.

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  1. since you only truly have the ability to affect your self, one could say that loving your self is the only sure way to affect the whole. when you have complete love and gratitude for your own self and life, you are doing the greatest service to others because all your actions are in synchronisity with the flow of energy and none of your self is seeking to be fulfilled by the energy of others. and i personally like to tell myself that i am IN this world but not OF it, because that mantra reminds me that i am so much more than the self that exists in this place.