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Living now in Los Angeles, originally from New York Metro Area.  Working as a sales director for a textile company.  Writing is a passionate hobby.  Love my wife and son...


  1. Saying all the right things with clarity and humility....... a person to welcome into your life..... So be it, with thanks.......

  2. A brilliant blog commentary .. thankyou. Let's hope that people take note and the change we want to see after 2012 is just this that we accept all beings are equal.. man and beast and that we should care for each other as if we were caring for ourselves and to finally learn to say... NO.. No more we want a different way.

    Thankyou for your wonderful words..


  3. I'm currently having therapy for a childhood and youth of systemic emotional abuse and neglect. It's incredibly hard and there are times when I just want to run away from it and pretend I don't need the therapy. Reading your piece on overcoming emotional abuse is very motivating and has helped me focus on what I need to do and why I'm doing it. Thank you