Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Tonight we ring out the old and ring in the new. And
more--much more--can change than simply the dates
on the calendar. You can resolve this night to change
your entire life...or any aspect of your self and your
experience that you choose - Neale Donald Walsh

Neale is spot on here.  Realize the choice within.  Realize this is your greatest gift.  Realize that it is the you from within that has the power to implement choice in and of itself.  Isn't it profound that we have the ability of conscious choice to begin with?  The amazing thing about being human is that we have the ability to witness ourselves in action and thus make changes from that awareness.  So why not this upcoming year make choices that lead to a heightened sense of self?  Why not this year choose to be a more joyous person, to become a more loving person, and to become a person that has a greater ability to make manifest the life they really desire?  The thing is when we declare that we have joy to share, love to give, and the power to create the life we want, we declare to creation itself, and inevitability to ourselves, that we are the change we want to see.

Making choices in the now changes the past and the future.  It changes the past by changing influential patterns that have dictated the course of our lives.  Making choices in the now changes the future because it opens your path up to "greater" possibilities.  So go on and choose what "greater" means to you.  This is YOUR life!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Much Love

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