Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unconditional Love

"Unconditional love, where everything about the other is beautiful simply because they exist...this is love from the heart." - Patricia Cori

"[Conditional Love] is the swinging back and forth of feelings as they are dependent upon reciprocal expressions from the other." - Patricia Cori

"As most of the human population is emotion-centered in its expression of love, there is much suffering and misunderstanding in the human union. Shared joy and total acceptance and respect between partners is the basis of unconditional love, yet more often manifested competition, positioning, and the bartering of emotions, sexuality, and power set the conditions for a love that is based on contingency." - Patricia Cori

I have found much inspiration lately in the writings of Patricia Cori. Most of us will have never heard about her, yet she disseminates a tremendous amount of wealth that is very pertinent to examining the human condition.

Conditional love is a love essentially based in fear and is a human expression born of the fear paradigm. If we feel that we are in a constant state of lack we are disconnected from our heart centers and we therefore live through the formulations of our minds and subsequent ego's (the illusory personality that we have become so attached too). *What is of extreme importance is that we do not judge ourselves for observing our fear driven, animalistic behaviors...for in acceptance of what we were we become what we are at the heart level. This is not to undermine what we are now, for what we are now has given us a platform to evolve into a vibration of ourself that resonates at a much more intense frequency of love and compassion, art and expression, truthfulness and honesty...It is part of our karmic journey to experience the fear and look into it. Only until we look at our conditioned self can we break free into the awareness of the all. And in the "Awe of Awareness" all that we see is beautiful, for we see the infinite path, which eventually ends up into communion with the ALL, in everyone and everything. This is the basis for unconditional love. It is not resigned for any one human, but rather it is a love that we share in reverence with all, for the all...This is ONENESS...

So lets witness our reactions, lets witness the pillars of conditions that we place amongst another in fear that we will be left without that which we desire. For when we step out of the reactive fear state and into the state of awareness that is born within our hearts we become the embodiment of all the love that we could ever imagine, all the love that we could ever handle...In this state we no longer feel any sort of lack and our conditional relationships no longer exist for they are no longer bound to conditions or any thought. In this state feelings and emotions are no longer needed to be reciprocated, because we realize that we are all ready reciprocating inherently at the heart felt level (through all the fibers of existence itself).

What we need to do is clear the mind and feel from our hearts. When we let the mind create our emotions and feelings we feel through a conditional existence. So why limit our life? At the core of our existence we are boundless, free, and in constant love...for we are the light that creates...we are creation...

Like the essence of the mind, the essence of love also evolves. Simply, witness the reactivity of the mind, forgive yourself through accepting whatever your are, whatever you are doing, and however you think. Acceptance of this reactivity creates a silent place...From here do whatever your heart feels...feel the sun on your face, the soil beneath your toes...feel the smile of another permeate your being...for this is life...and this is the most beautiful thing we will all experience. Beyond conditions lies our awareness of the ALL. Sense this... The one thing that ties us all together is that we are experiencing this thing we call life together...can we not fall in love with that?

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