Monday, February 28, 2011

To Get to Where you Want to be "Tomorrow," You Need to be Here NOW

The "soul:" the energy within that influences us through feeling...has a plan all of its own, and for the majority of the time this plan is outside of our conscious awareness. If our soul plan was always in conscious awareness we would not truly be learning from our experience...for we must create our lives, or at least live under this illusion in order to experientially experience our lives. Yet in this "soul energy" lies the foundations as too how the universe wants to "direct" us so that we may evolve into oneness...Into wholeness and integration with the universe, with God...But this soul journey requires our cooperation if we want it to go smoothly. For it is our choice to proceed with the calling in our soul. In this choice lies our ability to live from the mind or to live from the place of soul energy.

To choose to understand oneself essentially means that one needs to separate themselves from the illusions of tomorrow (of which is another socially designed mental concept that deters our awareness from the now) and realize that there is only NOW. Living for the "ideals of tomorrow" keeps our awareness within the mind and away from the splendor of the "what is" that is all around you. How are we to witness the callings from the universe if we are all tied up within the parameters of the mind?

It is perfectly OK to picture what we want to grow towards, but we must drop the expectations involved with the attainment of what we picture for ourselves. If we obsess, hold onto, or work frustratingly hard to get to this place of self-attainment we loose sight of the process and hence stop experiencing experientially. How are we to listen to the "feelings" of the universe that filter through our soul: the experiential being of the self, if we are tied to the processes of the mind? We can get "trapped" and slow the process of self-evolution by living solely within the world of mentalization. For in the realm of mentalization we are constantly judging and criticizing ourselves because we have not reached the illusion of our own unique sense of perfection. When we are living solely from the mind we hoard our psychic energy into the mental realm, when essentially our psychic energy should be balanced equally between the mind-body-and spirit. To "be here now" means we must let experience happen first. It means we need to experience before we think because we do not want mentalization (an accumulation of the past) to paint the picture of our experience now.

To even try to know anything we must first let go of what we think about our observations first. If we think we "know," we are only understanding from our past formulations. The present is forever a new experience. That is why it is called the present...for it is a gift for us to relate to and thus experience who we truly are. And that is nothing more than the feeling within the self that is uninfluenced by thought.

Words cannot adequately explain the phenomena of the now, but experience outside the confines of thought can bring us closer to sensing the "now." Of course we can say that there is a past, present, and future...I was born in 1984, I live here now in 2011, and my physical body will perish at some future date...yet what we understand when we become immersed in the NOW is that all there ever existed and all that will exist, exists NOW in this very moment. "Moments" along the illusion of time cannot be separated (only thoughts create the divisions we sense in life - the mind has more perceptive power than we give it credit). The immersion into the NOW is a state of being which the majority of us will only taste for brief intervals, yet even in tasting it do we begin to see the illusions of our drama and in this become free from the pain of duality. Yet it is my firm belief that as we move closer into 2012 and beyond do we have more of these experiences (read the disappearance of materiality to understand this on a deeper level).

Living within a society that is completely dualistic; meaning the fabric of its very foundations depend and thrive within the context of today and tomorrow, the separations between you and I - there is an emphasis that we must do this or we must do that today so that we may become something tomorrow. In this we are influenced by the past and tied to the expectations of the future. There is a FEAR that permeates this way of being, for there is a notion that we are not good enough right now. Yet we have a choice to whereas we can let the conditioned mental process ground us into the illusions of self-lack or we can decide to live beyond the mind.

Living beyond the mind requires a leap of faith into the world of spirit. Sensing spirit instills the knowing in us that what represents us internally, through sensing our "soul drive," facilitates the manifestation process that is ideal to our evolution. This is one of the cosmic laws of the universe. That the soul provides all that we need to know. Yet this requires supreme trust in a realm which is meta-physical. But if we trust ourselves, if we trust the process of life, without thinking, and holding onto to the knowing that what is happening now is for the best of our souls awakening, do the illusions of tomorrow fade away. Hope and Fear than vanish. And what we are left with is pure and unlimited potential.

Living in the present and away from living through our mind has an inherent quality of forgiveness. Because to let go of the past and step into the present allows the experiencer to let go of the past and all that it has stood for. The unfolding of everything "ill" that we have witnessed in out lives become seen from the perspective that all has occurred based on the only way things could have. All was perfect because it could have been no other way in that prior experience of now...This is pure acceptance...

Being present also means that we inherently accept. Because from the present all is discovered and created as it is without the thought of what it could be, should be, or would be. All simply "is" in all of its glory and perfection.

So to be where you want to need to realize that you are already there.

The title of this piece highlights the movement of living from within the illusion of the mind (tomorrow) to living in the NOW. For what we all want really is to be comfortable in our own life. Pure acceptance and forgiveness of the self means we have stepped into the NOW.

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