Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Disappearance" of Materiality...

Peering through the ethers of this existence there appears more to me than what meets the eye. The physical reality is loosening and I am beginning to sense the fabric that twines this weave of cosmic extensions, galactic intentions, and soulful intent. Behind the vial of material reality lies the sensation reality, which is coming through as pure feeling, which is transcribed into pure perception, and than which is acted through in the state of "being." Being, by only being, and not expecting anything to occur. This is the cycle. Sense, perceive, be... This cycle is accelerating itself through the cosmic breath of our solar deity...the sun. As light from the sun penetrates our external existence so to do we move into "light" being from the inside out at an accelerated rate. The rate is accelerating as the sun moves across to the galactic point zero. All celestial bodies than within our galaxy withstand an even greater degree of gravity and magnetism. This in turn, creates a more powerful sun (at both the physical and the meta-physical level). And what this does is allow consciousness to know itself at an even greater level...And the level we are moving too transcends the physical. We are moving into a realm where materiality as we know it is going to transcend the physical and become multidimensional. Meaning we will be able to conceptualize things in a non-dual nature, our state of being will be more enhanced for telepathic communication, psychic recall, and overall sensitivity. The cosmic intentions that are revealing themselves to us manifest in our simple perception and raise our vibrations accordingly. And it is simple in its message and and subsequent transformation...***that the new dawn of 4th dimensional reality is upon us, where "time" is no longer and duality seizes through understanding the experiential experience of oneness.***

The material reality, the aspect of existence that we relate a lot of our egonic identifications with, is loosening its grip...You may not sense this right now, but it is occurring...question this, do you feel less tied to the past than you did years ago? Do you feel as if you are not paying attention to the date and time as much? Do you see that our material desires are beginning to loose there appeal and sense of fulfillment? This is not to undermine the material existence...for in this dense 3D reality we have come to know material, the physical, and our earthly bodies...And in this physical separation we learned about the ego and its attachments... yet it has given us the experiential gift by experiencing dual individualness and then experiencing the transformation to communal oneness. This is a cosmic right of passage...from emphasis on materiality and individualness too cosmic essence and non-duality.

This transformation occurs through an astrological cleansing process that is actually occurring now. This is the astrological cleansing process of moving to a higher vibrational where we literally feel as if are melting into the physical...letting the ego to rest, and realizing our true nature of oneness with each other and our earth...But it is important to realize that this has only been possible by first experiencing the physical, time bound, dual reality. Collectively as we approach the winter solstice of 2012, we move into the depths of the cleansing process where physical reality looses its hold, time stops, and we awaken with the experiential understating of oneness. This is the collective consciousness evolution that is occurring now and will happen for decades to come. Astrologically we are moving into a "speed zone" - where transition happens faster. If we consciously relinquish the power that the egonic mind has over our being the less confusing, less stressful, and more harmonious this transition will be.

Believe what you want - but do not find your knowledge anymore in thought paradigms, for these only stagnate the mind with modes of knowledge that are inherently antiquated (for when we realize that thoughts are mere abstractions we begin to witness that the only thing "real" is the perception of NOW {beyond conceptions and words})....*but instead sense for yourself whatever it is that you sense at the core of your essence...for the "answer" always lies within...yet always be aware of how your ego identifies with the rest of your "life." Is your life really the "drama" that the ego has created for it or is it the free forming, boundless and timeless creation that you simply sense...The disappearance of materiality is occurring now(in the sense that we begin to sense that there is more to existence than the physical realm)...and will only be accelerating in the years to come...Yet before I ramble on too heavy into meta-physics, what is it that holds us back from thinking for ourselves???

Is it fear? Fear that we will no longer understand who we are, what we should do, and how to relate to our mundane existence... The existence that perpetuates the emphasis on material reality (for our "livelihoods" are harnessed in the material world, through the consumer society)...Do you not see...there is this fear of sensing life through a window where no words, ideals, concepts, or thought patterns shape and mold what you sense. We would be living "out of our minds." Yet we are afraid to step beyond these bounds...and of course... why would we not be afraid to be different and ostracize oneself by "being out of one's mind"...We have been taught that love is conditional, that criticism is inherently human, and that we are less than perfect. So are we to disobey the status quo??? and leave the existential security blanket of the so called modern world?

Fear is the inhibiting force that suppresses our true elemental nature...the nature that we are not only the physical, but we are the timeless and the boundless...And we begin to see this really when we step "out of our minds" (beyond the conditional existence). For even in our passing (in the death of our bodies) do we still exist within the physical realm (as our intent that we acted upon in the waking body reverberates throughout all of eternity through the emotional imprints left behind). The thought paradigms and identifications forms of the ego not only repress this sensing nature, our psychic nature, but it keeps us controlled by the dogmatic and power hording institutions that are currently in power (namely religious institutions, corporate institutions etc., that keep us tied to the fear paradigm, by denying our ability to experience the reality of timelessness, boundlessness, and eternalness.) We are taught to fear a god that will condemn us if we do not obey, we are taught to fear the corporate structure in the sense that we cannot survive without it, and we are taught that we are only our physical bodies...

-- But regardless as we pass the winter solstice 2012 corridor we --

Open, Open, a 4D reality where duality no longer exists conceptually. The spirit world is all around us and also lives within us...This is the fabric that ties all together. Just sense and you will see...Deny and you will see denial...It is simply a matter of conscious intent...Do we want to be sensitive to what is and what is happening, or do we want to be closed off and living in a constant fear that dis-empowers our essence to see, to love, and to be open...

"Openness" is the essence of the dissolving material reality...because this is a process that is happening may as well be a smooth transition

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