Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seeing the Darkness...Seeing the Light...

I guess the first question would be: what is the darkness? It could be seen as the cause of misery, the perpetuation of unconsciousness, and the ignorance that rains modernity. Or it could be the belief of our separateness and isolation.

In our current state, socially speaking, fear controls for the most part. Fear is the darkness that permeates our existence, for when we decide and act from a state of fear (however unconscious) we perpetuate the duality, the isolation of our existence, and the blindness to our inherent connection to the divine. Yet, still in this "darkness" is the opportunity too allow the light of love to illuminate the "real" existence. For example, even in the middle of war one can look into the eyes of their enemy and see too that they are human; capable of love, trust, and harmony...yet we are conditioned to live from another place... and the madness pursues. But still...the possibility for love exists and where ever there is a possibility there lies the opportunity to make a new choice...Instead of living with the "conventional" notions of how we "must" live to secure the desires of the ego, we could choose love and see the inherent interconnectedness of the ALL. Therein lies the balance between the darkness and the light...The pendulum of our very existence oscillates between the possibility of creating out of love and or of fear...

So what keeps us from choosing from a place of fear instead of love? To me it is our inability to let go of expectation and results. When we expect anything we inherently fear that we will go without. It is this feeling of going without that creates an emotional void that essentially is bottomless. Herein lies the foundation to the incessant ego. As long as we feel that we need, we fear. Existentially speaking this goes down all the way down to our fear of death. We fear that we will no longer "own" our experience. The ego expects that we are to own our experience. Yet when we see that we have nothing more than the "being that permeates our bodies" can we begin to see that this fear, created from the needs of the ego, slaves us to the projections of tomorrow and to the expectations we set on ourselves for how tomorrow is supposed to be.

Love, in many of our conventional relationships, could be another escape from the existential darkness embedded within our ego. For if we cannot get over the fear of our very own immortality (we fear our mortality because we hold the belief that we are only body) we entrust our fear to be dismantled by the overpowering influence of another's love. We seek this love in hopes of crushing our own egotistical fears, yet this creates dissonance in our relationships for the thing we escape, our own fears and lack of inner fulfillment, manifests itself into our relationships. This illuminates the fact that love must be built first from within by seeing the perfection of your own very existence. And how does one build the love from within? It is not somethign that needs to be built at all, but it is experienced by witnessing the inherent beauty of the ability to perceive anything at all. This is the gift of perception and in it lies the ability to be grateful. And in that gratefulness there is love. Darkness exists in the sense that we cannot see the light of our interconnectedness. If we seek relationships to lift our misery, to fill our voids, the relationship becomes toxic. In this sense the relationship was sought to fill in the voids that fear and the limitless desires of the ego has created. To let fear perpetuate is to allow the illusions of dualism and separateness to continue...To let love reign is to choose community and harmony, for when we realize that all we have is what is happening right now, we let go of the expectation and desires that tomorrow may bring. And from this moment of now we have the choice to see things anew. To live from the Ego is to live form fear. To live from love is to live from the place of seeing, sensing, and knowing, the interconnectedness of all existence. This insight, of which is a choice, transmutes the isolation of darkness to the all empowering experience of the light - illuminating the oneness inherent to being.

Yet the darkness is just as perfect as the light, for without separation to begin with we would never be able to experientially understand ourselves as both individuals and both one within the interconnected matrix of existence. Remember, "being" goes beyond logic, for there is more that meets the eye in this three dimensional reality.

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