Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Balanced Evolution of Being and Knowledge; Letting what you Know be Forgotten

"Opening" one self up only takes one instant, one moment - for the only moment is this moment - so why dwell in the passages and long labyrinth corridors of our minds. We can simply step aside from all that drama...Think if you must, but do not let the thinking become your default mode of being...

...these words are being reveled to me as a message from a clear channel I am currently open too...for this "knowledge" that I am disseminating too you - comes to me - for it is the "medicine" I seek from the divine...

For upon us lays the vast experience of being. And what is being? It is the balance of perception and analysis. Being is allowing perception to reign over analysis and to use analysis only when necessary. Analysis does give greater depth to our perception, but that is only when we are not letting our analysis cloud our perception in the moment of now. Analysis should be sough, but then it should be allowed to seep into the subconscious reservoir of our being.

We may take a "time out" from the moment of now to think, but it is literally a moment away from the only moment in we are simply being from a state of analysis we are constantly labeling and constructing a experience that is ultimately illusionary. From this state we slip into a thinking default mode of being. Analyze, analyze, analyze, and yet realize that analysis is nothing but a mere time out from the real state of being. The "real" state of being is the realm of aligning oneself with what is and feeling that from the inside out. Analysis can be a guidepost, but do not become stuck in your journey and obsess about the signpost you see or obsess about the next signpost you may see. Ultimate being lies in the journey.

Time out may bring a broadened perspective of being - yet do not get lost here. Let analysis have its place, but do not 1) identify with thinking and your analysis, for this identification process perpetuates the thinking default way of living and gives illusory strength to the ego and 2) do not let the analysis stay static - for if you come to a "knowing," honor it in that moment, but realize that in another moment (sometime in the "future") that "knowing" may be transformed. Accept that, forgive yourself by not identifying with "what you know" and move on... This is the evolution of "knowing" and it can of course augment your state of being. Yet knowledge can also stagnate being by not letting you experience the thoughtless state of being. Just let the "knowledge" sit with you - let it become part of your being, but do not keep it in your mind.

The best way to truly know something is to let go of it, forget it, and have faith that when it is useful or applicable to a state of being it will resurface.

This is a balance between the left process oriented brain and the right emotion oriented brain.

This balance keeps you open - this allows for growth because all this allows for forgiveness, love, knowledge, and divinity to exist within your state, for this is the inherent state of being - and that is not a thought...This is seeing the world as it is. But just in case that we become inundated with the world's negative...remember that all the "negative" we see in the world derives from fear. And see that fear is the reverse of love. In this sense Love and Fear is all there is. Which do you choose to perceive? The one of love, or the isolation of fear...

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  1. FANTASTIC CHRIS! This came at a perfect moment in my life and it has validated much of what I am feeling presently. THANK YOU!