Friday, February 18, 2011

The Journey of Now

Why not venture into your moment of now as if you are a visitor? The visitor sees everything as novelty and everything as new...even within the "mundane" aspects of our "everyday," is there something new. For when we escape our projections, expectations, and thoughts as to what this now moment will be like we will see the wonder of this very real new moment. All of life is a journey. We are visitors as we walk further and further into the ever expanding moment of now...this is the journey.

When we travel to places to which we have never been before there is a sense of awe. Traveling evokes that journeying spirit within us and it enables us to more easily step outside the confines of our conditioned existence. That is why we are so attracted to it. But why not see this very moment as a moment in the journey of your life, your existence? Because when we see the reactivity of our egos to this moment...due to what we expect the mundane to evoke within us...we become stagnant, the journey dies, and time traps the creative journey into something we expect. So why not step away from our expectations, by first becoming aware of them and then allowing oneself to be set free by the profound realization that you are creating your experience. So why not let the creative experience of your life be a journey where you are the visitor in awe to this moment of now? To me this enables one to bask in the glory and love of your existence.

What profound gratefulness that is embedded within this state...Even in our everyday, even if we have a job that "demands" that we see the same people, sit in front of the same computer, and do the same tasks can we still witness the journey within this moment. Because realize, this is not forever...this is only NOW. Forever tethers us to the notion that we are trapped by the expectations of how this moment will be and how the next moment will be. Instead of letting the conditioned mind take over with its expectations of how this moment should be, open up to the knowing that you are a "visitor" to this very experience...This is your journey...It is Timeless!

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