Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letting Go and Becoming

I think that when you let go of all the things you thought you had to be you become who you really are. You become the embodiment of your essence, for you are no longer thinking about your are your existence. What comes of this state? Who are you in this state? And what actually is this state? For we build concepts and ideas as to what we are...but are we really anything but awareness? We latch onto ego concepts in hopes that we will become these things or that we will hold onto what we are. The thing about life is that it is always flowing, always changing. Life is like the River and so are you. The only difference between the river and you is that you are aware of the river, you can look at the river, you can be with the river. We are always in relationship to everything and anything. It is our awareness that enables us to experience these inherent relationships. So I question, If we are in relaitonship with everything and essentially we are only awareness...than can there be any separation between you and I, between you and the things we label "things." (i.e, tree, molecule, rock, etc)?

It seems to me that the ego and its thought patterns are the things that drive us into inner conflict. For if we feel we are not something that we should be we drive ourselves into disharmony. Or maybe we honor something about ourselves so much, a thing definable through subjective thought, that it detaches us from our own awareness and leaves us dwelling in the mind. How can we be truly aware of relationship, which is what enables us to understand ourselves to begin with, if we are stuck within the illusions of our own ego identifications (both "positive" or "negative")?

Built within the social fabric of our society there are "ideals" we are sought to attain. We believe we must attain a certain amount of savings, or that we are to live in a particular neighborhood, or that we are to drive a certain type of car, or that we are to only associate with certain types of people, because those are the people they "get it","get me", "that are like me" etc...These are the illusions that divide us, bring our awareness inward into the mind when it could instead be on the beautiful and wondrous relationship that is the "all." These are the things that trouble us for we do not meet our expectations or the expectations of another (for how can we truly become the thoughts that we identify with?).

We are more than this, for in awareness we sense our true nature. In awareness we sense the awe of our experience, we sense the pulsating vibrations of all that is around us. For in awareness we sense that everything around us effects us and in that we know that all is One. For anything else is an illusion of the mind. So we then may are we to be are we to sense the One? Well for one, stop trying, and secondly stop trying, and thirdly stop trying...For you have nothing to attain, no where to go, nothing to do, but be right here now...that is to be who you are. Because you are me and I am you. Because you are the sun and I am the birds...Don't you see, yes we inhabit "physical" bodies that set the illusion of separations, but do you not see how connected we are at the heart felt level...for the heart is something we have become confused about...but be confused no more, for the heart is your answer, this is you, this is your awareness. Human emotion is our greatest gift. For even love, which is the foundation to the all, is gut wrenching, it is blissful, it is painful, and it is awesome! It is all these things and more. Words cannot describe this experience, they may touch upon it, give it direction, but they cannot describe what it is. For the mind thinks and the heart experiences. So honor your awareness, be here now, and then you may see that all these things that you thought about yourself dissolve and become nothing but the uttering of your mind. You may just realize how connected you are, how alive you are, how beautiful you and the everything is...Do we want anymore than this....

Yes the society confines us to a certain type of existence, but I tell you right now...If we want transformation we must first start from within...for our energy that transforms from the inside makes its way to all the others on the outside (read the metaphysics of duality to better understand this concept *which will come out later tonight)...The current society society is the amalgam of our own energy now and our disobedience to the norm.

So beyond the mental illusion are we free? Yes. Are we Love, Yes...For is there anything more once you get past the illusions of the mind?

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