Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do You Ever Feel Like you Know Everyone?

Do you ever get the feeling that you know everyone you meet (even when you meet them for the first time)? A sense of familiarity? A sense that "time" is frozen and all there is is that experience? Now of course when we meet people personally we have a connection with them more so than the average "stranger," but do you ever even feel that you know everyone..not everyone you meet, but everyone you witness moving around you?

Do you ever sense that we are all one family here...moving through life together despite our differences. We experience different things, we love and fear in different ways, we express in different ways, we enjoy different things, yet at the end of the day there is something that connects each and everyone one of us...there is something that connects even the most self-absorbed, the most insane, the most eccentric, the coldest, is the heart that connects us all. And even if we are so "closed off," we have the potential to live from heart center. For when we sit back in the calmness and peacefulness of our own heart center we can see another and know, whether or not they realize their connection to the all, that they too are as magnificent as life itself...for they are judgments here despite what they may be doing or not be doing on the exterior for they are family (whether they are awake to that or not)...The real human experience starts at the heart. It is the mind and its sometimes arbitrary creations that divide us.

It is all a matter of perceptive. Because we have the choice to see the connection or we have the choice to perpetuate the divide between us, between nature, between the inherent interconnected universe. Yet what is beautiful about human relationships is that they bring us the opportunity to share that heart felt experience with another. Another who will know exactly what you mean and how you feel. Being connected is being human...And realize that even in your isolation you are connected for there is never isolation, yet but only in the creations of the mind. As you sit alone in your room you may sometime want to try and be quiet and just sense how alive the air is around you, or how the past carries on with you, or how that stranger that smiled at you today created a feeling that still lingers on in your may just want to hold to door open for the next "stranger" that crosses your path...they may be awake, they may not...but are you? You may just have made their day...

There is an inherent love in that...and I know that this feeling that we feel when we are connected to another, even if we are meeting them for the first time, or even if we have never met them, illuminates the fact that love is the baseline feeling/emotion/experience of life. Love is what permeates this interconnected matrix we call life and it is love that begets this sense of familiarity we feel between total strangers (I am not talking about people we we feel we have had "past lives" with, but I am talking about the feeling we feel towards everyone, towards the ALL). For ALL OF US walk this path together...we are all ending up, eventually,in the same place...back into the oneness of source...back into the arms of god...back into the experiential feeling of love (whether that happens while we resonate in physical form or in spirit is simply a matter of when we choose to see with our hearts instead of seeing with our minds)...

Just imagine, from a macro perspective...we are the self-reflective conscious cells of the Earth, of the Universe and beyond...We inhabit the same body (earth) and we share experiences on this planet why no work together here? For we are the same body? To use the human body as an example...why not work together and create a harmonic environment so that the body that we inhabit can function in a healthy manor? Why do we have to compete, why do we have to divide, why do have to be disconnected you and I? What is moving us, forcing us, to live in this contemporary fashion? The answer to the last question is not for this essay, but you may want to ponder it, for in really witnessing the answer to that we begin to break down the defenses that keep us in this "isolated" state...however arbitrarily they may be created and subsequently perpetuated...For even communities and religions (which are thought not to be isolated social experiences) that gather around the same ideals essentially divide themselves, at the mind level, from everyone who does not honor the same ideals and principles...Are we not one body, one heart, one love?

I always liked the quote..."A stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet." I really like that one...and it rings true for those who choose to feel the love in their hearts for everyone, for everything, and for the ALL...Call me a dreamer...But I know this to be true...


  1. You write beautifully. It's nice to see life with another perspective. I often feel close to everyone, because we are family.

  2. The sense of connectedness you describe is a beautiful thing, and more than ever possible in this world of meeting globally via the net. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  3. I completely agree, there is no separation between ourselves and the enviornment. So nice to find your blog...

  4. Gorgeous writing! Very intriguing and fun to read.

  5. i love your writing. its good to read and come back to and read write in a way that makes sense and i can always confirm stuff that goes on in my head (and more) and i always feel really positive after :)

  6. All the positive feedback really fills my soul and pushes me to keep going! I hope to have a book done by the end of summer...

    The feedback fuels me!

  7. I get this now that I have had brain surgery near the right frontal lobe.

  8. Mainstream society tends to individualize and compartmentalize people by how they look or present themselves externally. Unfortunately people make up their minds so quickly.

    Your view on keen Awareness is so true yet many people form negative view on someone who tends to be overly empathetic or has a strong sense to feel very intimately for another person. I agree that we all have this unique ability to be intensely aware of other peoples feelings at a very deep level. What we do with this ability and how we help improve lives of those we love and feel for is endless. We all have hearts and from our hearts we can give pure love without an end!

    I love the way u write. Write some more.

    Rajen Pulai, Wellington , New Zealand

  9. I'm sitting in a busy restaurant cafe and since I got here feel like I have met everyone here. It always freaks me out a little bit, and is a bit annoying because I end up trying to place everyone that passes me by. This has been happening to me from time to time over the last couple years and thought it was just having met enough people that everyone kind of reminds me of someone else I've known. Today I realized that might have nothing to do with it - I realized the aspects I recognized didn't really equate with looks or body language, though I still can't explain exactly what it is. so I googled it and found your post. Thanks for the insight!