Monday, March 14, 2011

Peering Beyond the Shadow

The shadow of fear casts its influence upon us in ways that have shaped how we create our lives and subsequently our society. The light of love creaks in, but only to the degree to which we allow ourselves to bask in the glory of our interconnection with each other, with the Earth, and with Source. Fear is the shadow which keeps us within thought paradigms that led us to conform our intentions to patterns of existence that are already prescribed for us.

When we stay in the shadows we keep walking in circles. Lost without light to guide us...

Fear keeps us hiding behind the authority that decides for us how we shall live. Love is the feeling, as opposed to thought, that pushes us out of the darkness and into the conscious awareness to where we make our own decisions out of untainted feeling. When we live from thought we live in a repetitive unconscious way, when we live from sensing and feeling we live from love. The feeling of love, as subtle as it may be at times, brings us into awareness of the energy all around us.

Feeling brings us higher truth, conformist thought brings us already known truth. Yet can feeling bring us a new organic thought paradigm?

While we are sensing and feeling at the purest level, thought paradigms do not filter our experience, and we access the feelings we feel from the heart center. From this place the heart casts its energy outward grappling the energy all around. The feelings of another and the feelings of the world and beyond can be perceived. To me, this is what brings us higher truth for it enables us to sense the community, the Earth, and the ALL. Everything else is simply an abstraction of the "what is."

I state that fear is a shadow because it is the shadow which represents the darkness, the vision-less, and the ignorance, that becomes a part of our experience. There is nothing inherently evil about the darkness, nor is there anything "wrong" with ignorance, yet these are aspects of our existence that need to be observed and transformed into something we become conscious of (that is if we want to grow and evolve). For if we are to grow we need to become conscious of what we are not conscious of. Yet, bless the darkness (the duality) for it has granted us the opportunity to know what it is to experientially grow. And this brings me to the question: What is it really to evolve and grow?

To evolve is to be raise your awareness...and nothing more...for awareness can always evolve...

When we shed the light of the awakened spirit amongst the shadows of our existence we move closer into the light of love, for we come to know experientially what we are: we feel in our hearts that we are the light of creation itself (try to feel this as opposed to think it). Because when we are "awake" we feel without thought filtering the experience and in this experience we can come to the awesome realization that you "are." When we hold light and love in our hearts we are creating by simply being around darkness and illuminating it through our being. Even as we walk down the street in pure awareness, light, and love, those who walk near you will feel your energy and their energy may be altered just by walking past you.

We accelerate our evolution process when we realize to greater degrees that this experiential feeling of being awake is the basis of evolved creation. This realization has the power to influence how we are to live for it influences our choices in profound ways. I mention "to greater degrees" because we are always evolving and growing, the process never stops.

God too is always evolving... and God is always evolving towards the light of awoken consciousness for God seeks to create love and harmony...are we than not aspects of God? We evolve consciously as we realize that we are God creating God within the realm of conscious manifestation. This is the evolution of consciousness...But what is it that keeps us from creating a world of harmony?

I am going to make a bold statement here...that the overwhelming majority of people, if not everyone, down to their cores wants world peace (and world peace is not just the end of wars, but it is the end of the socio-economic hierarchy and the end of ethnic and cultural segregation). We may not think about this daily, nor may we live lives that actively pursue this goal, yet deep down I believe we all want this. But because we have no idea how to even envision this we claim it is impossible for this to be...and of course, world peace could never be if the majority of people could not envision it. Remember from the last article (the meta-physics of consciousness), that thought is pre-manifested reality. Thought is creative in nature and if the majority of us hold the notion that world peace is impossible to attain and will never happen we, as a world society, will never see world peace. The universe is a "copy" machine that broadcasts to our reality exactly what it is that we believe, think, know, and feel. The universe is our canvas of creation, and how we experience so shall the portrait be displayed.

We believe that there will never be peace in the "middle-east," or peace between the "Israel" and "Palestine," or peace between "blacks" and "whites" (I put quotations to exemplify how these cultural categories are simply devised by thought). We believe that our nations separate us, we believe that skin color separates us, and we believe that differences in our belief structures divide us. Now, the division in all these cases occurs because of our thoughts about them. Is a nation not a piece of Earth that is divisible only by some imaginary border line? All the while a culture develops within these boarder lines that makes us believe we are different, and yes culturally, in many ways we are, but are we not all connected at the heart level? Do we not all feel the loves and pains of the human experience? Are racial differences nothing more than differences in physical traits (of which occurred through peoples adaptation to certain ecosystems)? How are we to attribute real, soulful differences between these people if we are not to adhere to some conforming thought paradigm that states that these people are a certain thing, and act in a certain way? Do we not ourselves take on the socially prescribed notions of how we are to racially and ethnically be as if this is our imminent inheritance? I ask, are our actions prescribed to us? Are we not unconscious to a varying degree in this sense? Are we not hiding behind the shadow of fear, too timid to show our true colors of unity and love with all those who appear to be different?

Do beliefs that are dogmatic and rigid separate people? I would say so, for so often we execute our lives through thought as opposed to pure feeling. Remember, we are soul's inhabiting bodies...we are more than what we physically are, we are what we feel we are... It goes without much questioning, but we feel, for example, that because you are a Hindu and I am a christian we will never understand each other, we are different and all that superficiality (did anyone react to the fact that Hindu is capitalized and not christian...if so realize the automatic unconscious reaction that occurs.

Seek how we may do this in other parts of ours lives: remember that the shadow of fear is often out of our conscious awareness - yet seek to be aware and things which were once unconscious make there ways through into the perceiving mind.

Do we not see how we are locked into these thought paradigms. For the religious minded people, we FEAR that the only way to God is through this Dogma, for the social conformists, we FEAR that we will not feel as if we belong if we do not conform to a social paradigm that prescribes division, dependence upon a leader, and prescribes a way of being that is inherently out of touch with the movements of the Earth and the Cosmos.

If we are living from the mind we are out of touch with pure source feeling. It may be difficult to decipher whether or not the feelings we feel come from the mind or if they come from source. But if there is a hint of confusion, a hint of ego, or a hint of segregation, than you know it comes from the mind. The mind can be used to understand feelings, yet do not try too hard to fit these feelings into already existing thought paradigms. Let your feelings create a new perspective. The thoughts will follow. Words are limited, but perspective is ever expanding. Be patient with this new understanding. But be brave enough to step into the unknown of your own experience and seek to understand the world, relationships, and yourself beyond words...You just may find that feeling...You just might tune into source...

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