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We Are All Psychic to "Our Path"; How to Clear Psychic Room For Intuition

Essentially we are all psychic. Psychic ability lies in the sensitivity to our own inner calling. When we are in touch with the inner self we can, to a greater degree, bring clarity in our own life and make "better" decisions. It is all about how we witness ourselves. Inner awareness (which is psychic awareness) brings us outer awareness. It is this sensitivity to our inner awareness that helps us too empathize with other people, places, and events. I like to use the word "calling" instead of feeling, because often times our psychic awareness comes to us in an almost emotionless feeling. The calling is a glimpse, not something necessarily something that is associated with the gauntlet of human emotions (that is unless we pick up an others expression of human emotion - for example, when we sense another person's sadness). There are many types of psychic phenomena, but in this post I will focus on sensing the calling within us that helps us figure out our way in life.

We all have the ability to sense "our path" (our path is the route we take in life via our decisions). Our "path" is never set in stone. Our "path" changes based on the choices we make in the now, yet, our "path" always brings us into the same place (into the Oneness). And when we are sensitive to this inner calling we move in-line, to a greater degree, a more aware degree, with our soul mission. We then accelerate our spiritual evolution process (working through karma, finding our way to unity and love, and creating life based principles of acceptance and love). For we are always living out our souls journey, but it is in making sound choices, of which we discern through our inner callings, that dictates how "fast" we find our way back to source.

If we question and doubt what we sense (and we often do this unconsciously), our intuitive ability to be sensitive to the moment diminishes for we get caught up in the mind. Yes of course the mind is used to transcribe feelings into words so that they can be illuminated into a language that we can use to make choices...but if we experience from the-place-of-mind we often miss what we are experiencing in that inner place of "visceral witnessing." The inner calling can get tuned out due to our over emphasis on executing the cerebral aspect of our being (our inner calling can get tuned out to the thinking process).

I like to use the term "visceral witnessing" here because it tries to describe the fact that we can witness our experiences through our feelings first (as opposed to witnessing our experience through our minds first). Essentially it is our choice as to how we filter our experience. We can filter our experience through the veil of illusory thought, of which is always tied to what we learned, always tied to the past, and always already known, or we can filter our experience through sensing it. When we sense first, images and a conceptual understanding of it subsequently make its way to the mind (this is the natural process of things). The mind can transcribe, yet it does not need to analyze. There is so much of life that slips our perception because we are constantly analyzing. Yet the deeper we go into witnessing what we sense, not analyzing what we sense, the deeper we go into soul...and the more we bring out our "higher self." Trust how the mind transcribes this. You do not need to analyze further.

When we stand in awe of something...we are viscerally witnessing it...simply present with the experience. We are not witnessing the known, we are witnessing the NOW. The experience of being in awe does not need to be set aside just for our profound experiences, but every moment can be made profound...that is if we stop expecting to see what we see. The mind, with its accumulations of past experiences, does not always have to decide for us what it is we are going to witness. We can witness everything anew.

The mind is the ego, and if we are coming from a place of ego to witness our surroundings the sensitivity we could have to "outer phenomena" becomes diminished for we are living cerebrally more so than viscerally and our energy is focused inward in the mind. We need to be "out of our minds" to be feel ourselves and another with clarity...and we need to be out of our minds to psychically sense our own existence so that we can make the best decisions moving forward. Not out of our minds like "crazy," but literally not having our energy focused in the mind.

The mind should be used to transcribe the creations that beget from the soul. When we use the mind to create, our creations often come forth from the past instead of the now. For the mind only knows the yesterdays...but it is the heart, it is the soul that knows the NOW...and it is the heart that can direct you into the moment of now and into the feeling of the "future" moments of now. The future is only an extension of the now. For we can sense the path ahead of us...We know were we are going...There is no reason to question what we sense.

If we live from a sensitivity within us we are listening to the soul within us and we subsequently are made more awake to the path we are living. For we walk "the path" to evolve...and it is the soul that is evolving, not the mind. For the mind evolves as the soul evolves and not visa-versa. For we are soul, we are heart...and the mind, aside from rudimentary functioning, is just a means to understand soul.

Furthermore, if we question and doubt we give power to the fact that we don't "know" what we sense. When we doubt and question we declare to our inner world that what we are sensing is either "not real," "unknowable," or "imaginary." The collective western society, which is very mind based, has conditioned many of us, if not all of us, to believe that "answers" are sought in the mind and that we come to know something through analytic and logical deduction. Yet the thing about our intuition is that it is a calling from within that does not need logical or rational confirmation. It is simply something we know. Nothing more...

Our emphasis on logic and rationality of mind illuminates the fact that we live our lives through the mind more so than through feeling. In our patriarchal, ego driven society, there is a not a balance between the feminine and masculine energies that are inherent to all of life. For our masculine energy is mind centered and our feminine energy is feeling based. And because we are so accustomed to putting a greater emphasis on the masculine aspect of our existence (for this is how societal institutions, both economical and religious, have conditioned our way of being) we lose sight of the clarity and vision we gain from living through "visceral witnessing." The balance between the feminine and masculine energies become manifest when we honor our inner callings first. For our soul knows that harmony with ourselves, with others, and with nature is what creation is moving towards. A transformation from within is what creates exterior change and subsequent unity. All and all we would still think, but we would live from feeling, not from thought.

Even those who are not "religious" or those who are not into adhering to social conventions still find themselves functioning in a society that is mind based. Therefore, we put a greater emphasis on developing the skills of mind. This is apparent in our school system from the elementary level through higher academia. I question: When were we taught as children in public schools what it is to "feel?" Where we ever taught how to learn about how intuition works and what it is too simply "know?" Where we taught what it is to be in-tune with the energies of another? And as we grow older into adulthood are we not taught to suppress our imagination and be "more practical?"

Our conditioned filter disables us from really honoring our psychic abilities. For when the mind dictates our perception: when our mind tells us what to see or what another is, or expects what to feel, we are taken away from the moment of now. And only when we are here now, sensing the now, not thinking the now, does the conditioned filter seem to diminish. Because I am not saying that the mind is something we shouldn't use, but the mind should not be what we use to discern things...for the heart, our sensitivity, has a greater capacity to discern...for the mind is essentially trying to discern our perception, why not let our perception discern our perception? Why not let the energy we feel be what we know instead of trying to think about what we know?

How many times have you let the mind discern for you? Was the mind trying to analyze a way to figure out how the decision to be made was to ward you from lack, loss, or take you away from what you perceive to be negative? Does the mind, as it is conditioned, tend to function to ward off what we do not want? Do we then not project out into the universe that we are living from a place of fear? Because even if we declare that there are things we do not want, we get the experience of being around an energy that we do not want (that is the energy that the mind creates when we live in fear). Our experience is a direct relationship to how we think life, sense life, or be life...this is the nature of creation.

Being psychic means we know simply because we know. We do not think it into knowing...we just know "it." I know all of us can recall time when we knew how another was going to feel about a certain situation, or you got the hunch that so and so was going to call you and they did. Or the feeling that you had to partake in a particular activity. Or I bet you have had the feeling that someone from across the room was looking at you and so you "automatically" look at them. This simply is being sensitive to the what is. And although these are basic psychic feelings, for psychic ability can get very "intense," they nonetheless exemplify the fact that we just "know" things. And the more we trust this inner knowing the more it grows (because being psychic to oneself, to another, or to the future is like building a muscle, it grows through repeated use). For the more we trust our perception of things the more sensitive we become to what we are witnessing. And the more sensitive we become to the "what is," the greater the clarity we have too discerning our life path.

We are always "on path," it is just to what extent are we conscious of our visceral witnessing and to what extent are we accelerating the spiritual evolution process...

"Psychicness" does not necessarily mean that we can predict someone's future. Being psychic means we "know" what is now. It means we can sense the subtle energies that permeate all of existence. A person with a very strong psychic sense can tell you about your past, for the past as an energy formation still resides within us today. People can also tell us about the future, but only the future that is being created is right now. No prediction is absolute truth, for you have the ability to change your "destiny" with each choice you make. So the future is yours...but can you sense where you want to go? I would suggest listening to your heart instead of directing your life with the mind and the ego...Life may be more mysterious, but it certainly will be more awe-inspiring, alive, and wondrous...

As a side note: It is also very important that if we are to become sensitive to the sensations within our body and mind that we are to have a clean vessel. It is important to minimize consumption of toxins, whether they be from our food, water, drugs, or mental toxins such as psychic energy that numbs the senses (most television programming, most internet programming, etc.,: because we are bombarded on a daily basis with stimulus that dulls the senses). Seek out activities and experiences that make you feel alive!

Do not yearn or search for results, for the yearning and searching will only give the result of - the feeling of more yearning and searching. Just be confident...just know...but I suggest you find some silence and just be. If you are not accustomed to the feelings that silence and stillness bring you, FORGIVE yourself...for we all have, for decades been bombarded with stimulus that dull our senses and distract us from going within. Be silent...and turn the focus inward on the body. You may be surprised to how much you are feeling...and how much feeling has been stored up in you. Use breathe work to let go of the excess psychic storage, tension and the like. Just be with your breathe. If your frustrated, simply acknowledge it. Move on if you life or continue...There is no pressure, there is no where to go, and there is nothing to attain...because you are already there. When you realize you already knew this...then you will know what I am talking about...

Simple breathing exercise: Sit still in a chair or on the floor in any way that you feel comfortable. Put your hands on your lap. Leave your eyes closed or open (there are no rules). Have your feet on the ground if your sitting in a chair. And simply breathe. On your in-breath simply sense the air moving in the noise and into the lungs. On the out-breath feel the air move out of the body. This will give you a greater body awareness. Sense more deeply what it is that the body feels and let it breathing in and out (slowly and more deeply). The breathe eases the tension like the hands knead the doe and soften it.

If you cannot stay still in your mind simply count to one on the in breathe and one on the out-breath, then two on the subsequent in breath and out-breath until you reach ten...then go in reverse.


Another useful tool could be to: on the in breath and out breath repeat:



Present Moment...Only Moment
Present Moment...Only Moment

Break the cycle, change the cycle, create your own...go into silent breath...There are no rules. Chant and sing aloud if you want. Again, no rules.

Meditation does not need to be an exercise...Do what ever it is that puts you at ease. For this is your subjective experience...

REMEMBER there is no goal! So then why do this...why come in touch with the calling in the soul? Well, I will leave that for you to decide. It just might be that the answer does not come in thought ;)

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