Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Cosmic Family

The closing in on "time" will bring us closer to our true nature. As we become more aware of the stillness which is the NOW, we become connected through feeling. If all is connected, if all is interwoven, how can anything be bound to time? Of course, there is a separation between the past, present, and future, but this is only understood through thought. Of course the past is still alive, for we can witness it now through the remains of yesterdays creations, but in the grand perception of things these three realms (past, present, and future) mend together to become witnessed as the eternal moment of now. For what was in the past lives it self through the creations that surround us today, and what will be the future will only be an extension of what is right now. So the past, present, and future are united. This is where time stops as we understand it (as a means of division)...Now we can understand this conceptually, but this is really a feeling experience. And it comes when the mind is quieted and has stopped categorizing everything that it witnesses. Yet all of this is a choice...

Yet, the duality, as much as it is a hindrance to our awakening (that is if we are unconscious to its purpose) it inherently is a blessing. For duality is the cornerstone of our mind dominated way of living. Living with a conceptual understanding of things is what separates us from the "animals." But it is only through experiencing the separation of our individualness can we evolve and grow so that we can experience the communion between all on a very deep level. For example, how are we to know pleasure without pain, how are we to know good without bad. The duality will always exist, but the whether or not we let it tether us to an existence were we see ourselves as not connected, where we see that we are not part of the weave which is nature, is a choice. We can choose to live in the blessed illusion that was set before us at the dawn of Adam and Eve and be "unconscious", or we can evolve to a place where we witness, through feeling, that you and I are the same. Is there not supreme joy in knowing that everything you see, everyone you meet is part of your cosmic family? Would we not build a more harmonious society if the foundation of our choices as a society honored this experiential feeling? I will say... that I LOVE YOU ALL for what you are, all that you will be, and all that you could be!

The love you have for another inevitably becomes the love you create for yourself. Even when we live our lives primarily through the rustling and bustling of our minds does our essence, the soul level of our being, know this inherent reciprocity and make its way through the filter of thoughts. Because if you do for another you feel a sense of joy in your heart. You did not have to think to create this feeling of joy, for it was born in the act of giving. Giving to another, and even giving to yourself, is naturally human because it evokes a feeling of joy within us. When you feel this you know you have tapped into the feeling of your soul. This is beyond any thought and is not bound to any measure of time (for it is not dependent on any condition of the past or future - we may give and do good acts because we think it is the right thing to do and we then hope to get something out of it, but this is tied to time and conditions, for we feel that if we keep doing good things that good things will happen to us in the future...and whether or not this is true is of no relevance, because during these times we are bound to time, we are bound to the mind and we loose sight of the beauty and joy that we can feel in the right now!).

Sometimes we often feel as if we need to do the right thing because if we don't we are a "bad" person. Sometimes we feel we need to do the right thing in order to be right in the eyes of God, as if God is judging us and placing our entrance to "heaven" based on the contingency that we follow "his" plan. Are these actions not based in fear?

Witness this...what God, whom essentially is the movement of creation, could ever judge a thing that was created by itself? How could creation banish and judge the thing it has created itself without judging itself?

Do you not see...that you and I, the trees and rivers, and the stars in the sky are GOD! For we are all the movement that is life...This understanding of seeing yourself as "god-self" only comes to be when you realize that your choice is creation it self (which is born from the realm of duality, so bless the duality...)! Your choice, or lack thereof, is creative. Hence, we create as we live. The society we see is the accumulation of choices we have made in the past, but it is our choice right now to create whatever it is that we want that brings us into the now. Your life, our society, and the cosmos as a whole, are tied to this universal fact. That you are God, creating through the choices you choose. Yet, the "final" product of these choices, which is always is the WHO WE ARE! So do not fear who you are, be excited that you are here now...choosing who you want to be!

Maybe through the creative process can we realize how tied we all are, how much of family that we really are! When I find myself awake to my perceptions, I bless the illusory separateness that I see between you and I...because I know, through this duality that we are able to experience one another...but it is the joy in my heart, that I feel through attending to you or attending to myself that makes me realize that on a very real experiential/feeling level...THAT WE ARE FAMILY. This is Love, is it not?

If someone acts in a way that we find offensive or hurtful, simply realize that this is their pain that is being projected onto you. There is pain in living in complete immersion in the duality (this is unconsciousness). There is an inherent pain, an inherent longing, in not being conscious of the feeling that we are all one. So, if someone acts in a way that you find disturbing, hurtful, or the like...realize that this comes from a place of pain within them...they do not remember who they are (RE-MEMBER)...they have not yet found there way into the light. Bless them for this is their journey too...Maybe you too can bring them into the light of love! This is our birthright through the universal re-membrance that we ARE ALL FAMILY...

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