Monday, November 28, 2011

The Metaphysics of Consciousness: Intro to the Upcoming Book

A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive. (Albert Einstein, 1954)

Everything is conscious. Consciousness differs though to the degree to which it expresses itself; meaning to what degree is it consciously employed and subsequently made manifest.  Consciousness is employed and thus executed through the conscious force manifesting its will. Consider the movement within the conscious mind of a human to make decisions to bolster his or her life.  Furthermore, seemingly “non conscious” entities of existence exhibit qualities of consciousness because, as we will see, within everything is a creative life driving force that perpetuates its own existence.  Consider the plant that exhibits movement in attempt to sequester as much nutrient and sun from the environment as it can.  Everything is inherently connected when we consider the phenomena that this creative life driving force is the force that sustains all of existence through the perpetuation of the “life platform.”  Consider the movements of celestial bodies, such as the sun, the earth, and the greater cosmos as a whole.  Without the existence and subsequent movement of these celestial bodies life as we know it would not exist.  With all this in mind isn’t it probable then that the celestial bodies that constitute the heavens, in some incomprehensible way [to the degree to which we are currently conscious], become manifest so too allow for the platform too which consciousness came to know itself and thus evolve?  As we will discover life is magical for it is, in totality, beyond our conscious perception.  Yet, that does not mean that we are not striving to consciously evolve to step into and thus become that magic.  We are.  That is the point here…Too expand, and to greater degrees come to know and witness life.

This book is about understanding the relationship of consciousness to life and the varying degrees in which consciousness becomes manifest.  This book is about realizing that the more conscious the conscious individual becomes of consciousness itself a progression takes place.  The more conscious the person become of the “life force” within the more able the person becomes at manifesting a reality to which they desire.  I like to think of this as the expansion and progression of consciousness.  I am eluding to the fact that humans, as they become "evolved" and progress, they become more able to shape reality in a way too which we thought was not possible.  In a sense human consciousness has enabled us to discover and implement many great advances to which seem “unnatural.”  In this it seems as if we have progressed and evolved further than the nature we find around us.  Yet as we go on in this book, we will see that this egoic conception of human consciousness is what has caused us too separate ourselves from nature and thus create a dual state.  The renaissance of human consciousness expansion is about connecting back with the natural wisdom of the Earth.  Pairing archaic wisdom with conventional wisdom is what moving out of duality and into the new era of humanity is all about.  This is what the Ascension that is upon us is all about.

Consciousness, as it is defined today, is defined as 1) the state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding and 2) the awareness or perception of something by a person.  Both definitions focus on the self-reflective type of consciousness that is found in a human.  Humans have the profound, yet often taken for granted ability, to be aware of their own awareness.  As well as being self-reflective beings we are also are very much “left brain” beings.  Linear reasoning such as logic, rationality, mathematic executions and language functions such as grammar and vocabulary are often times functions of the left hemisphere of the brain.  In contrast, artistic ability, creativity, and sensitivity are often functions of the right hemisphere of the brain.  As far as humans go, consciousness becomes fully integrated when both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain function equally.  This alludes to pairing both archaic and conventional wisdom that I just spoke about.  Yet as it stands currently our society has developed in such a way that conditions us to develop an over reliance on left-brain functioning.  This development has stunted our perceptual awareness in many ways.

Due to social conditioning and reliance on a left-hemisphere type of conscious expression we are, to a degree, cut off from our ability to register another sentient being’s consciousness, sensitivity, and or perception.  We have also, on a collective level, become desensitized to aspects of creation on a grander scale.  The consciousness of a celestial body [i.e. the Earth], or that of the universe as a whole goes un-noticed.  Unlike our ancestors that worshiped and subsequently communicated with other seemingly non-living entities of existence we have become desensitized to this sort of activity.  As we function now, at least on a collective level, we tend not too “register” other aspects of universal, earthly, or sentient consciousness as being self-reflective and or “advanced” in any way.  We either 1) perceive another sentient beings consciousness as inferior [e.g. that dogs are less conscious and aware than humans] or 2) we disregard “non-living” entities as even having the ability to be conscious [i.e. the earth, water, or a forest]. 

What I propose in this book is that consciousness is the all-encompassing energy of creation itself.  Consciousness is this energy that we can not only sense but also realize as our own and thus communicate with it as it extends to realms seemingly beyond us.  Consciousness, the energy that moves evolution, is a phenomenon that exists to infinite degrees.  From the seemingly inert rock, to the seemingly unintentional movement of dark matter, to the deliberate intent of the human being, consciousness is expressing itself.  Therefore when we look at consciousness in this way we expand on the conventional ways in which we define consciousness.

This book will explore consciousness to greater degrees and observe how we can become not only more sensitive to aspects of our own consciousness but also how we can expand our sensitivity of other realms of existence and thus understand the connective force general to life.  In this way we will understand consciousness not only rationally and execute perception from this domain of awareness as we typically do, but we will learn to become more sensitive to consciousness and expand our experiential perception of the “oneness,” and thus execute a life that is more aligned with the greater divine.  When we live our lives more attuned with the movement of consciousness itself we become a human conscious beacon of divine creation itself to infinitely higher degrees.  We become more experientially focused as opposed to just being conceptually focused.  This is how we will partake in consciousness evolution on an individual scale thus facilitating the greater ascension process that is under going at the collective level.  We will witness our connection to the greater divine through our consciousness and thus enable ourselves to live in sync with life.  Instead of living life with all the challenges and turmoil that is often apparent to left-hemisphere dominated living [egoic living], we will discover the ability to step into consciousness itself and thus realize the fact that we are and were always divine, connected, and unified.  Therein lies the key too the human dilemma.  This is how consciousness evolution and the subsequent ascension leads too liberation, freedom, and peace.

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