Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Desiring Something New

There comes a time in one's life when the same patterns of your life simply make you feel dull.  A feeling brews within you that seems to drag on and everyday seems to be as repetitive as the last.  The cast and crew of your life revolves, but the feeling within you stays the same.  The same struggles, the same strife, the same internal response.  Do you yearn to be free from the monotony of every day living?

You may want to escape into some new endeavor.  Yet, regardless of what you are doing on the outside of your life you can truly never run away from yourself.  No matter where you are you will always be here, within yourself.  The feeling of you will always sit within you.

Although I believe that a new relationship, a new location, a new job, or a new hobby could reinvigorate life, the same sense of dullness becomes of us when our new endeavors become ritualistic.  So then how do we create our lives without the need to appease compulsory ritual?  For me, even writing this blog at times becomes ritualistic and dull.   So I must look within, I must challenge myself...how do I write new material if I myself do not become "new?"  The artist, the musician, the  homemaker, the builder, etc., only come to reinvent their work, their creations, when they themselves change on the inside.

Do you want to live day after day distracting yourself from that dull feeling within that screams..."I need something different!?"

It seems that there must come a time when you must seek something extraordinarily new.  To reinvigorate your life you must challenge yourself.  The challenge is beneficial to you because it teaches you to expand the boundaries of who you thought you were and what you thought you could handle.  This challenge does not require that you change something about your life, but it asks that you change the way you relate to yourself and to the things you do in relation to this inner feeling of who you are.

Doing something new may indeed force you to grow and reinvent yourself...but watch that these new endeavors do not become your escapes.  Identifying yourself within one particular change will keep you stuck in that change and block you from knowing more about yourself [the act of evolving]. Ground yourself in knowing that life presents you with opportunities to grow and that these growth periods happen within cycles. You will know when a cycle is complete, but it is up to you to intend for something that builds on these cycles as opposed to identifying with the changes that occur within that cycle.

A refreshing internal awakening comes about by pushing ourselves into something new, something that builds upon the foundations of who you are and who you continue to become.  Life is a perpetual practice of becoming...within the cycles we become, we grow, and we come to know and feel this growth.  So to finnish a particular life cycle we challenge ourselves by letting go of what we became and we consciously move into something new.  This is the art of living in the now.  Flowing...

Of course life from time to time can feel boring.  This is only natural.  But take time to reflect on this.  Seek what it is that is making you feel stagnant.  This is your inner self saying that a change is necessary, but do not force this change, allow it to flow into your life naturally.  Patience helps it all develop.  Look for the signs and signals that direct you to the next step along the path...

If you feel your life lacks purpose then question that possibility that the reason is your intentions are not pushing you to evolve.   How do you choose to live?  It is the toughest question anyone could impose upon themselves. Personal evolution is a subjective experience so I cannot tell you how you can change or what you should do.  What I can say though is that if you feel dullness, if you feel stagnant, it is time to do something about it.

Before you go on and make changes on the outside of your life seek what it is within you that desires change.  Sit with it.  Be patient.  Make changes with the awareness of knowing that you desire to experience a new aspect of yourself.  Consciously direct this.  This will enable you to come across something truly new and exciting.  This is how you move into deeper elements of who you are.

I am not going to sit here and profess how exciting and invigorating my life is, it is boring at times just like yours, maybe more so now than ever.  But what I will attempt to do for myself now in this moment of restlessness is attempt to become still and to let new intentions come into me as opposed to forcing it.

If you are feeling restless, bored, and the rest of it...give yourself space to be still and to become aware of what it is that is brewing within you.  Move towards whatever feels light and right.  Discover clarity through sensation.  Bodily awareness is a source of knowledge and insight in and of itself.  Could understanding yourself through your body evolve how you live within your environment?  Could understanding yourself this way direct you into something new?  Would you change your approach to life?

This is your journey and only you will both direct and witness as to how your life proceeds....But why not go forth with the yearning to know what it is that you want at the deepest level of your soul.  Why not move into that...


  1. Where do you cover the topic of 'understanding yourself through your body'? That could be very interesting to read.

  2. I feel that is a topic I cover piece meal in various posts. I will make it a topic for an upcoming post. Thanks!