Thursday, September 27, 2012

What is it like to work with me?

In Summary:  

People seek a coaching relationship for different reasons.  Some prefer goal-oriented work, others desire a forum to be heard, and some seek insight.  Yet others want to do more in depth work so they can understand and dismantle old behavioral patterns that are no longer working for them.

I intuitively understand my clients and I understand their psychology quickly.  My education helps me put a framework around the work I do so I do not waste their time.  My experience helps me know what questions to ask you [and when] so that you can get to the root of our unique psychology.  I do all this with a sincere interest to get to know you and a passion to help you grow.  Inevitably you are in the driver seat, but it is the work we do together that brings you greater control over your life in an effective and long lasting way.  I view personal well-being as something that can always be enhanced.

Types of Coaching:

Consultant Coaching: I can be an outlet for you that is separate from both your professional and personal circles.  I can be someone you can form an intimate working relationship with that helps you navigate your life.  Sometimes we just need someone to talk to.

Goal Oriented Coaching: Sometimes we need someone to hold us accountable to our goals and visions.  Whether the goal is personal or professional I will encourage and motivate you as well as help you see alternative perspectives.  It is easier to stay determined and on course when you work with a coach.

Dynamic Coaching: "With insight you will know what to surrender to"

The work I do with people helps them understand how their sub-conscious mind, the reservoir of their emotional body, influences how they feel, how they behave, and why they have particular impulses.  I do not talk in these terms with people [unless they want to], but I ask the right questions helping them hone in on the aspects of the emotional body that is holding them in a state of discontent.
What is the "emotional body?"  The emotional body is who we feel we are.  Yet it is often these emotional identifications that diminish our ability to harmonize with the flow of life.  
From an early age we were taught how to relate to the world.  Before we could consciously interpret the world around us we developed a way we relate to it.  Our parents and or our legal guardians taught us how to see the world.  As we got older it is not that we necessarily became the same people they did or that we developed the same beliefs, but we developed ways of relating to the world in an emotionally similar way.  Now add in traumatic life experiences and the influence of our very unconscious society and we all have been impacted to some degree to not have control over our emotional self. 
To a degree our minds and our feelings have taken control of us.  And to a degree we have become unconscious.  This is something that effects everybody and it is endemic of our time.
Conscious control is our natural state.  Conscious awareness is inherently joyful for it frees us from the control of our emotions and our restless minds.
Gaining insight into the way we operate allows us to understand what it is within us that we need to let go of and accept.  We cannot analyze ourselves into greater emotional health, but analysis can help us understand our defenses and illusory forms of self that limit our ability to be fully awoken.  Inevitably though it is full acceptance of who we have become that allows us to move into who we actually are.  This is how we liberate ourselves from personal patterns that really never served us to begin with.
We can develop a plan that has us working with this emotional body so that it no longer influences you to the severity that it had in the past.  This usually involves employing techniques that help us catch and understand these impulsive feelings as they occur.  I employ a self-created technique that integrates the modalities of mindfulness, DBT, analysis, with the knowledge of particular spirituality based philosophies.
Couples Coaching: This type of coaching, typically done in person, creates a safe place for each person to be heard so that we can understand why there may be trouble within the relationship.  Healing comes in witnessing how the past is still alive and how it is getting in the way of the two people being with each other in harmony.  This is one of my favorite ways to work with people.

In Sum:  All of those who choose to work with me benefit.  Everyone is different.  Not one formula can be applied to all people.  It is a work in progress.  It is a process that evolves as you evolve.  But one thing I can will benefit you.

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