Friday, January 18, 2013

Distant Memories

I woke up this morning and for whatever reason I became flooded with images from my past.  Cherished memories keep crossing my mind.  Times of childhood fun and laughter, the heart felt feelings of intimate connection with old lovers, the smile of my best friend who had past away a decade ago, and special times with family.  As children, when it snowed, my brother and I would always go out and play.  I remember we would stand underneath a particular bush in our yard and shake the limbs.  The snowflakes shimmered in the shinning sun and we laughed as snow feel all over our faces and down our backs.

The experiences of the past shapes who we are as we walk forward into the future.  They point to the corners of our hearts and remind us of what is important; shared love.  At certain points in our lives we may look back at it all to know where we came from and to know how others have touched our lives.
We may not remember what they said to us, we may not remember what we did with them, but we will certainly remember how they made us feel.
Distant memories remind us how fleeting and fragile life is, yet they show us that nothing ever dies.  Our heart contains the treasures of our experience and our soul reminds us that we are never alone.

The thought of what I am about to write makes my emotions churn, but one day, if I am lucky to live to be an old man, I will think about all that has passed me.  But at that juncture, most of those whom I have shared this special life with may no longer be here in this physical world.  And I bring this idea to my awareness now to remind myself of how lucky I am to share this life with those whom I currently share it with. 

Upon the passing of a loved one I know that the wind and the sun will kiss my face and bring me back in touch with their essence.  But there are no words to describe how beautiful life is to share it with those whom you love.  Over 10 years ago I embarked on a journey.  My best friend Matthew passed away in his sleep.  A year later, 3 of my other good friends drowned.  I do not write this for sympathy, but rather to remind myself how important these people where to me and of how fleeting life can be.

It is a humbling realization that we all pass as well as those with whom we share this life.  So I suggest in this time that we all share together to be brave and express love and gratitude to those whom we love.  For we will not always have this chance.  I feel these distant memories all the time.  And I know they are with me...and as I write this from 3,000 miles away, I cherish all those who are still alive with me although you may not be present in my current vicinity.  I have not taken you for granted.  And I thank you for all that you have brought to my heart.


  1. hichristopher,i do know what you are expressing in your well expressed article and i know where you are coming have presence of mind in your life and i wish you all the best from bonnie scotland ,p.s. i do beleive you will see your loved ones again.take care. kind regards kenneth

  2. Hi Christopher, very beautiful and deep words. I can feel what you expressed...thanks for this article and good luck...Warm Regards, Niraj, India