Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Universal Intellegence is Within You, Not Your iPhone

Within you lies the intelligence of the entire universe.  This is true for any life form.  It is this intelligence that brings life into physical form.  It is this intelligence that opens a flowers petals in the morning to receive the rays of the sun and closes them at nighttime.  It is this intelligence that created the movement of rhythm of all celestial beings.   It is the same intelligence that manifests as Gaia, the complex living being that is planet Earth.

To be human denotes that we have a human disposition.  The human disposition is a self reflective consciousness.  We can witness our actions, thoughts, and feelings, to a degree that gives us tremendous creative [or destructive] power.  Hindsight enables us to transcend our ways of life to create something new.  Yet, although we have this innate disposition, it seems that on the collective level we have not employed this awareness.  It seems, that in our modern day, we have become increasingly distracted from our innate intelligence.

The modern world we have created, a world mostly consequence of reaction, has created a dehumanized experience for most people.  When I speak of the modern world I speak of our collective experience.  It has everything to do from parenting [or lack thereof] or to how industry and new technological advances affect or change our way of life.

Many consequences have come about due to our modern technological advancements.  We have become alienated from our intuition, the ability to be keenly sensitive to ourselves and others,through a perverse dependence on new gadgetry [computers, ipads, iphones etc.].  Our addiction to technology has left us, to a large degree, unaware of our inner experience.  Thus we have lost sight, to a large degree, of the universal intelligence within us and within all things.
As I wait for the subway in San Francisco, as well as in New York, most people are face down in their devices.  Most office environments these days have people staring at computer screens for the entire work day.  In these moments we are less aware of the environment around us - not to mention the environment within us - and this in turn, we re-wire our brains and we become conditioned accordingly.  Consequently, our inward and outward sensitivity diminishes.
I am not saying that technology has not benefited us, but any society that is not spiritually advanced enough to use it's technological advancements with proper consciousness intent causes itself great internal and external pain.  The problem is not technology, it is our dependence on it to create a better world.  Our proclaimed banishment from nature is what has caused most, if not all, of the worlds problems we are now trying to fix.  But isn't it ironic that it is technology that is trying to save us?  And maybe it can.  Maybe it will help bring us into the next phase of harmony and peace, but we must be wise and use it in tandem with our innate natural intelligence.  We must not forget were we come from.
To find balance we need to re-calibrate ourselves back with there rhythm and pace of nature.  We need to get back in touch with Gaia's intelligence.
Alone time in nature, especially for prolonged periods of time, can help you calibrate your vibrational frequency back into harmony with the vibrational energy of the Earth.  This is important for both our mental and physical health.  Our egoic technologically dependent society moves so quickly that it makes it extremely difficult to process and psychologically digest our daily lives.
I suggest we take life more slowly.  It would bode well to become more aware of our breath.  To go for slow walks around the block where we focus on the world outside of you, not your thoughts.  We should mediate daily and give thanks to this intelligent energy in all things. 
In a calm state, one that witnesses the intelligence and energy of the life all around, you become grounded.  Thus you employe greater cognitive and emotional control.  In this vibrational state that is aligned with the universal intelligence of life we open ourselves up to the meta-physical energy in our environment, of which enhances our intuitive abilities.  Intuition is what creates new ideas, new insights, and new awakenings.  It is important to develop and stay in line with our intuitive notions becuase it allows us to navigate life, our world, and our relationships, with greater ease and grace.

Listen to the body, a product of this Earth, and you will know wherein lies your greatest intelligence.  So I ask what is going to allow you to listen to your body more?  What can enhance this ability to listen within?  No, not the sleep cycle app for you iPhone, but rather I suggest we practice and experience more intimate and thought-less time with nature.  I suggest being more intimate with people by listening to them without a thought.  And I suggest practicing mindful technology use.

I think Eckhart Tolle put it wisely when he stated that "everything natural, every flower or tree, and every animal have important lessons to teach us if we would only stop, look and listen."

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