Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another short on Awareness

Can thought really touch and grapple with the immensity of experience? If you answer yes...than ask yourself this question: Can your being, the feeling of your own experience, be contained by words, memories, and the conceptual understanding of yourself? Or is there something about you that escapes words, escapes memory, and escapes the conceptual personality? Yes, words and concepts can be guideposts, but why let the guidepost become your destination? Is it possible that the feelings evoked from the journey of our lives are actually what we are? Is this the aspect of self that is beyond words, beyond concepts, and beyond the mind? Can we be brought into a heightened state of “realization” if we break free from the chains of our own limiting notions of what we believe we are…the notions that we identify with…

Essentially we are what we sense…our thoughts only try to make sense of what we experience. But we are experience…we are not thought…the observation of our own "inner life sensation" is what being is. Than is awareness and being simply synonymous? Are we now coming closer to understanding the duality between awareness and thought?

When we step into this state of being, this state of awareness and sensation, we may begin to observe the ALL that is, the ALL that is beyond words...because we are beginning to understand the difference between the processes of the mind and the processes of being [which is awareness beyond the limitations of thought and concepts]. I ask you, can the ALL, which is all of experience, all of everything, and the manifestation of which is our universe, contain any sense of separation within it?

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