Monday, May 2, 2011

This Morning I was Humbled...

I woke up this morning and sat upon the edge of my bed. As my alarm was still going off and keeping me somewhat in a not so awake state I began to have a rush of images flooding my mind. All the images where practically the same, yet the message was not made clear to me until my subway ride this morning.

The images where of groups of people...there were groupings of 3 or 4 people of whom I had never met, yet each face was precisely detailed. I was amazed how my mind was creating these faces within my inner awareness. Not one face was familiar, and all these people seemed to be very different and come from different backgrounds. Yet one thing remained the same. Every face was smiling. Yet there was nothing surfaced about their smiles. Each smile had a sense of genuineness to it that was profoundly indescribable.

Most of these faces seemed to be of people who on any average day would be found walking the streets of New York City. The message for me was a stark one. No matter who the person is on the exterior there is something inside of them that is worthy of a smile. I found a sense of peace in realizing that we are all humbly connected...connected in our desire for peace and love...connected through our immortality...and connected just becuase we exist together, here in the physical reality.

Sometimes in my day to day I judge what I see for it does not fit in with my values and how I desire too see harmony between the human race and Earth (becuase I know each and everyone of us is responsible for this harmony). Sometimes I see people and pass judgments for I "think" that they do not care about the integrity of the divine, the unity of which is inherent, the health of their bodies, and the health of their mother (Gaia)...yet regardless of outside appearance and action their is something within them that yearns to know their soul.

In my dream vision, the humble smile was the realization of being in touch with their soul essence. It was not something they were thinking, it was just something they felt. And all those faces exuded a confidence and a humble joy that only the untainted soul would know. In my vision, each and every person was admirable, for within them was soul. It is the humble smile of the soul that knows what these things experientially. And like in my vision, this truth is a reality in the waking life...even if it goes unseen. Even in our ignorance, we are still beautiful...for even if the soul goes unheeded their is a humble smile form within waiting to be discovered. And like anyone else I can't always be in touch with soul (it seems I only taste it from time to time). As I fall prey to the mind (like anyone else) my judgments take me away from this realization.

So what do I mean that these smiles were humble and simple? Well, these people in my vision exuded a quality that seemed to contain no ego. It was just, well, simple.

I do know that there is place within everyone, even the most egoistical of us, that is beyond ego.

More than anything else these mental images seemed to share something beyond words. They shared a feeling. And it was this "feeling," this "sensing, albeit outside the conscious realization of those people (and myself at this time upon awakening from sleep), that had a quality that brought everyone together. The fact that each image was a grouping illuminated this feeling for me through vision. Each smile was a humble one, yet it was the most sincere smile anyone could ever have. For it was the smile of peace. It was the smile of the humble realization that we are not what we think we are, we are not what we desire to become, we are not our possessions, and we are not our beliefs...but it was the humble experiential realization that we are united beyond words, beyond comparison. It was nothing more than nothing...In this humbleness the ego dissolves into the distance of nothingness.

On the subway on my way to work this vision came to me again...What was it about this vision that brought me peace? It did not take me much time to realize, but I felt that when I had that vision this morning there was no judgment on my part...there was no desire to see anyone differently than what they already are. Their humble smiles brought me to a non-judgmental place within myself...even if just for a moment I was brought to the realization that within everyone and everything their is a humbleness so profound that it breaks down all thought, all conditions, and turns everything into nothing. It seems that beyond everything is nothing...and in this infinite nothingness the soul resides...for the birth of everything starts from nothing...and the smiles where nothing more than smiles. Maybe that is why they were to peaceful...becuase there were no conditions, no expectations...there was just a humble smile.

This humbleness was my mornings peace...and although it may have not been such a joyous one, for I realized how much I have been judging the exterior world lately...not only in my personal life, but also in my writing, it humbled me...and in my humbleness I was brought back to the all powerful now, to the what is. Yes, the world around me may be falling apart. Yes, our egoistical and cognitive distractions from everyone, from the Earth, and from source is perpetuating this path of civil dissonance...But, it is not for me to judge anyone or anything for this is all apart of our karmic matter where we are along the spiral path of spiritual evolution...the life of another is be honored no matter where they are. For the unconsciousness of the mass is only a condition of non-discernment. To be discerning is a "skill" that takes the intent of conscious experience to develop. Discernment is garnered through patience, hard work, and a spiritual desire to know. To evolve consciously is the karmic journey. Yet, it is up to each of our individual choices as too whether or not we grow through our karmic lessons. The collective consciousness of humankind is, of course, a by-product of these individual endeavors. Yet the beauty still remains that it is our INDIVIDUAL journey (and this inherently cannot be judged by an outside conscious agent - for the judging person cannot really be within the person and feel from the inside-out the experience of someones consciousness).

It is mind blowing to me that both "individuality" and "oneness" can exist at the same time. This divine dichotomy exemplifies the profound depth to this multi-dimensional reality. To me it seems that individual-ness is just one layer of the oneness, yet distinct in its own...And that the all-encompassing oneness can hold the vibrations (the realm of possibility) of "separateness" and "oneness" at the same time...This is beyond rational and logical thinking. I believe it can only be understood...really understood...through feeling.

Earth is a meeting grounds for all souls. It is a converging point in the universe where energy mixes. This place is a spiritual proving grounds...and the Earth inherently accepts everything and everyone. Yes, the Earth will need to balance itself out by cleansing itself of the energies to which is destroying its life force, but even this is done humbly and without judgment. For the Earth must do this, for the Earth knows no fear, knows no "death"...It is just acting in a way to preserve the cosmic and genetic integrity of which the universe has created and thus create the opportunity for more harmonious life to evolve (in a very conscious, self-reflective way).


It is through these humble experiences that I allow my self to be quiet and just witness (just be aware). Even if just for a moment I am brought into the experiential awareness of what these words attempt to portray. I am very grateful for them...even if my sensitivity can weigh me down so heavily at times. Bless the visions (even in their humbleness), bless everyone...and bless you....For I cannot know myself without your existence!

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