Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What the Soul Values

What we value is inherently subjective. Yet I feel that what the soul wants is universal. The desires of the soul manifests itself in a unique way dependent upon the conditions of someones life situation. Yet desire is still present. What is this desire? Is the desire an "existential" one? Does the soul simply want to understand itself? And what is a better way for the soul to do this other than to create in harmony within the movement of love... Too call forth those aspects of love from deep within to make them made manifest in the present moment. We can do this in our everyday actions with ourselves and with others, with plants, with animals, and with water for that matter. Love is not a thing, it is an experience. Can you not feel the reflection of yourself in the admiration of your hearts desire? Love is an eternal movement, for it is always taking shape and transforming into higher, more divine, forms of itself. This is the mirror of the soul, the mirror of the cosmos...and it is through this reflective process that the soul comes to know itself and know what it is that it is desiring.

Essentially the impulse of the soul is driven by love. How so? Well look at all of our actions...they are all based out of love...even our "hateful" actions...the ones that are done out of fear, division, and malice are in some way done out of passion. And it is passion that is the impulse that pushes the experience of love into existence. Yet, often times, we act passionately out of fear and we seek to hoard what we fear to lose. We may fear to loose love with a person so we act in a way that manipulates them, or control them. We may fear that we are going to loose our "wealth," so we seek to hoard it in this game we call "survival of the fittest." Wars are started this way too...it is because we fear to loose what we love that hatred may come to be. Yet look here...have we not than contorted love into fear...are they not two sides of the same coin?

Everything is done because people believe that it is right (no matter what it is). Fear is justified in the minds of those who honor it for they feel that they will become "less than" they are without what it is that they identify with. This is where the ego has the power to turn love into fear...harmony into dissonance. The ego can take the mask as "passion" (that is if passion is to be controlled by the fearful mind) yet this passion is subjective to the person.

Regardless, it is passion that is the impulse for the person to express what it is they think they feel. There is no "right" and no "wrong." All things just are, but remember...choosing how to express ones life should be done in a way to whereas the person listens to the calling in there soul without the filter of the mind...it is then that they are in touch with what is divine...it is then that the individual (who essentially is an essence of the divine soul) comes to know oneself...it is than that no acts of malice, greed, hatred, and fear can exist. For the language of the soul is the desire of God (God being you, I , and the All). And would the seat of creation...that being the all, have a passion to see its own creation live out the disharmony of division, inequality, and dissociation of itself through identification with the illusory mind?

It is important to realize that to think and too feel are two different things. The mind is what creates all the division in the world, the mind is what breeds hate...and it is the mind that confuses the message of the soul. So listen not to the mind and listen instead to that silent voice inside...it may be difficult to hear it...so quiet your mind, breathe, and relax...take yourself away from the things that weigh you down by simply stepping aside from them. Allow your mind to run rampant, but pay it no mind attention (realize that these thoughts are just temporary conditions). Simply focus on the breathe entering and leaving your body...maybe than you will feel something you never have felt before...maybe than you will feel what your soul really values...what you really value...

If we than are in touch with that silent place within...is there any room for the mind to create division between you and I (for all division and the social institutions created around those divisions: the ways of conventional economy, religious institutions, and the like)? And without division...have we not found peace? Again, it seems to me that Peace, Love, and Truth are interchangeable...


  1. What a wonderfully true post! "the language of the soul is the desire of God(God being you, I, and the All)" I couldn't agree more.

  2. Greetings!