Monday, April 4, 2011

No Pressure to Become "Realized"

Essentially there is no pressure to become who you want to be except for the pressures of which originate in the mind. Because we often tend to live through the mind; meaning we experience life through thought, abstraction, and projection, we tend to forget that there is a silent space within us that is inherently separate from this process. For there is a place within us that operates beyond what the mind understands. There is a place within us that already knows the wholeness not only of our own existence, but of existence in general. It goes without much saying that we are always moving into grander and more "realized" aspects of who we are...we are always growing and coming to know this "wholeness' to a greater experiential degree...we are always expanding (just as the universe does), but we are never departing from who we are when we grow. We are never person A becoming person B. Often times the mind will led us to believe that we need to become something different to become who we are destined to become, what we sense we should become. For how are we to be something different if we do not apply a directed change? How are we to be different if we are not transforming in to person "B"?

It is the ego, the creation of the mind, which leads us to believe that we are already not whole, already not person "B." Because the mind cannot see the person you are becoming. It is an experiential process...not something we are going to understand through mind. Yet it is the mind which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on us to become something that we are not just yet.

Essentially the mind does not know who we are because it is the mind that grounds its knowledge of the self in abstractions. This is not to say to disregard the mind, for often it can help us decipher our feelings and the like, but when the mind is used as a means to know oneself, too feel one self (through the thoughts) than we become "lost" because we become the embodiment of the abstractions. Remember, everything we think, do, or sense, is creative. And abstractions are nothing more than conceptual tangents of the reality that is more than a conceptualization. And so to base our understanding of self in our abstractions takes us away from what we actually are...which is the aspect of being that is beyond definition. Because think about it...can you really use words to define the entirety of your being?

The abstractions divide us from our state of being, our sensing self. This is the aspect of self that knows we are moving into what we are destined to become. It is the mind that puts pressure on us now, because in this "division" (when we live through abstractions) their is an existential void that is created...for we feel that we are not good enough because the abstractions, of which we identify with, communicate to us that we are not _______ (fill in the blank). So essentially we do not feel good because we have denied to ourselves the knowing that we are wonderful and perfect just as we are now. Yet we try to remedy this existential void by creating, at the "low" end, distractions that disable us from being aware that we have created this existential void to begin with, or at the "high" end by creating "goals" for ourselves to become something better. However noble the idea is to become "better," it inherently misleads us, for it divides from the knowing within that we are already whole...and that we are just moving into grander realizations of this wholeness...

The mind can bring us to a clearer understanding of who we are becoming in this moment of now through its analysis...but it cannot know who we are, or who we are becoming down the road. Only the heart, the soul, the feeling aspect of us knows who we are. Realize here the difference between understanding and knowing. A knowing is absolute, whereas an understanding is an abstraction of the "knowing." What is a "knowing?" A knowing is a feeling. It is just simply something you know...and it needs no verification. Usually the conditioned mind, and its creation the ego, question these knowings, doubt these knowing and declare that their way of functioning (via thought and ego identification) should have supreme reign over being..."for it understands better." But the mind is just as temporal as being...and only can decode experience through the limited system of words and concepts. Please do not get me wrong, the mind is a beautiful thing, for it is allowing me to use concepts and words to transcribe to you what a state of being is that is beyond words and concepts, yet it can often times be a trap...for often times it is the only way of being that we come to know.

We often abdicate the sensing self, for the thinking self. In this divide we put a greater emphasis on thought...when in their communion (between thought and being) thought is used for being...instead of now in our contemporary way of being (as influenced by the norms of society), where thought is used to understand and sensations are questioned. Primarily, we are caught up in the ego...and what this does is it steers us away from knowing who we are. Because it is the egos means of survival to declare that it knows reality more so than the sensation aspect of who we are...yet in reality the ego can only understand the sensation through abstractions. The ego is fleeting and is not grounded in the present reality, not grounded in the NOW. And only in the NOW can we sense, can we feel who we are. Thinking is a time out...Feeling is a time-in...So therefore if we are to grow, if we are to become something we are not right now...why think about it...why have the ego judge it? Why take a "time-out" to dwell in the thought of not being something we desire to be? Why not just move with it and let the rest...Because when we judge it, when we have an idea that we should become something we are not right now...we put a pressure on ourselves to become that because we are not that thing which is identify with becoming NOW.

It is the mind that wants to see us change into something "better." But it is the soul that knows we are already something grand. And it is the soul that knows where it is going.

We often feel as if we want to be better...We want to become a better person, a better lover, a better father, a better business person, a better poet. And of course we can grow...we can become a "better" father, poet, etc...but we do not need to change aspects of who we are to become "better." We just need to become more of who we are. And to really do this, to become more of who you need to accept yourself to a greater degree. And this has nothing to do with thought, but has everything to do with surrendering thought.

Surrendering thought (as it pertains to self judgment and analysis) would allow yourself to be who you are without all the pressures that the mind places on ourselves. For it is the mind, which has been conditioned through society, that states that we are "not good enough to become what we want to become so therefore we must change." What I am saying is that there is no need to change, nothing to fix...for you already are the grandest version of what you sense yourself to be. It is within you...and any pressure you put on yourself to become what you want to become only frustrates you in the process of becoming. For the process is happening whether we think it is or not. We are always moving into the light and out of the darkness of our own ignorance. So we might as well enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and the movement into the higher aspects of who we are.

We may trouble ourselves to become something we are currently not...for we want to become something "better"...but within that thought is already the sensation of nonacceptance. This is just a thought, and no, its not going to hinder our process of self-realization, the process of growing...but it is going to hinder our enjoyment of the process of becoming. Let me give you an example. Say we sense ourselves not being the best father we can be. Instead of agonizing over the past, troubling ourselves with a belief system that says you MUST change because you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH...we accept where we are, were we have come...and we simply become conscious of what it is we are becoming. For consciousness knows and witnesses the process, it does not judge it. When we are aware, when we are conscious of the self-realization process we realize that mind can only analyze. Yes it can help us see where we want to make changes, it can help us see how we may become a better father...but firstly it is the awareness of the sensations from within that move us to grow. Sensation and knowing precede understanding and thought. And when we realize that we are becoming, no matter what we think, we begin to surrender to the process and we seize to judge ourselves for not being what it is that we know we are to become in the "future."

Essentially, the future is now (for all there is, is NOW) may as well surrender to the fact that you are already becoming what you desire to become...for that is your soul move into the greatest and highest aspect of who you are. There is a great peace in this surrendering there not?


  1. Soo... it's literally IMPOSSIBLE not to evolve. Does this mean that, even though we may not cognitively or consciously be aware of it, our soul is learning from each and every choice we make in each and every second?? Wow.. kind of inspires you to be the best you can be in every moment.

    Thank you, this post inspires me to share love and appreciation more so than I already do.

  2. Very well said buddy! The soul is always moving closer and closer into the oneness in which it came from...through each experience...through each moment.