Monday, April 25, 2011

A Movement Towards The Enlightened Society

"Seeking enlightenment for oneself is egotistical. True enlightenment occurs when all of mankind is enlightened." - Michael St. Clair

I want to clarify and expand on some points that Michael St. Clair brought up here. Firstly, his emphasis that enlightenment is only a group experience, exemplifies the "oneness" nature of all of existence. The "oneness" experience may be felt individually, but it will not be sustained (on a very deep level) until it is felt by the general mass. Mankind in itself is one entity.

At this point in time our cumulative actions are, for the most part, directed by a dominant paradigm. Yes, different parts of the world function in different ways, but at the end of the day our similarities are more prominent than our cultural differences.  More than that, we are all living a life that is controlled, to some degree, by the world bank and the elite that impose economic, judicial, and social "sanctions" on the general population.

For the most part we all function under western economic principles. Except for a few indigenous tribes, that still live in harmony with our planet, we have on a collective level devised a society that honors particular principles that dispose "seperationism." We still live by "survival of the fittest" principles.  We are governed by rules that prioritize monopolized profits of general wellness.  Although I feel that we can possibly change the system from in the inside out through direct democracy [events like the occupy movement].  But living in the midst of an economic system that thrives off of never ending profit and never ending growth leaves me to believe that the only way through this mess is through unity.  Yeah, that simple old principle.  The industrial military complex attempts to strangle us in fear, pining each other against each other.  But only when we realize how important our unity is comes the day when we will see past the illusory strong hold that the elite have over this world.  Why not peer into the mind....and see where this illusion started to begin with....

We separate ourselves with are a Christian, I am a are rich, I am poor. And so on. These cultural dogmas upkeep the status-quo, which perpetuates separation.  Now if we are psychologically separated through adhering to our social institutions, do we not play out the same separated relationship with the Earth. Typically, what we produce from the inside becomes our reality on the outside and if we are thinking and acting from a place of adhered too "separatism" we must believe we are separated from the Earth. Therefore the feeling of experiential oneness, in a collective state, is not occurring under the current paradigm. Now, are their consequences to this?

Our Science, has for quite some time now, has discovered the effects of our interactions with the Earth (given our current way of being). Our inner reality has created an outer reality to whereas we are out of balance with the ways of the Earth. We demand more from the Earth than the Earth can supply us with. And the insatiable ways of the ego...its ability to separate us from one another and the endless desires that it perpetuates (due to an existential void that it creates) has created an outer world to whereas we are running a society that is "unsustainable" (not in sync with the movements of the Earth). Again, the inner reality has caused this outer reality.

This is not to say their is not enough resource that we are to be provided with to ensure our survival...yet there is not enough for an ego inflated populous which is taught to derive its satisfactions from the hoarding of material, of which happens to be unsustainably acquired. Mankind than, as one entity, is dissociated from the Earth because we have lost communication with our own inner sixth sense. The ego keeps us within our minds and cut off from our ability to function beyond mind...into realms deeper than we can currently experience. The ego quiets our ability to communicate from soul level, and it takes soul communication to empathize with the ALL, with the human race, with the Earth.

What is enlightenment than really? Of course enlightenment is not something that can be understood in the mind. There is no IQ test for enlightenment and even in my experiences some of the most enlightened entities that I have come across have not been that "academically intelligent" (for in their hearts they had a knowing to move away from conventional teachings for they knew, without even thinking, that these conventional teachings were detached from spirit). I know we have all come across "enlightened beings." Those are the people who are awoken to their inner feeling reality. The thing is, if one does not go within they can not understand the outer reality in its entirety. The reason for this is that the outer reality is understood through the inner experience. The outer reality becomes manifest through our inner relation to it (and it is our degree of "going within" that produces a conscious society or an unconscious society - too not go within, you go without). And if our current inner relation to the outer reality goes unsensed (to a large varying degree) becuase we submit to a cultural authority that is prescribed to us than how are we going to manifest an outer reality that is consciously our own, that is enlightened, and that is not just a creation of those "in power."

---------------Back to Observing "Enlightenment"---------------

Individual entities (individual people) can be "enlightened," it is just they do not think about it. They do not see themselves as enlightened for they know that they are not their thoughts, not their ego identifications and the like. They are the "oneness." Yes they can understand the illusion of their individuality, yet they know that on an absolute level that they are the grandeur, the oneness, the all. So essentially, if someone declares to you that they are enlightened they are rather confused to what enlightenment means. To be enlightened is a humbling experience for it takes you away from your ego. In this sense there is no confirmation to "know" if you are enlightened. It is just a state that simply is...nothing more. So if we keep striving to become "enlightened" we will never become the energy which the word tries to describe.

Rather instead on focusing to become "enlightened" it is important we focus on making the practical implications of the oneness realization. This will bring the society into an "enlightened" state, and from there we may experience experientially the collective enlightenment through our own individual experiences (I think this is what St. Clair was trying to talk about). The thing is, if the majority of people are still asleep to the notion that all is one...if the majority of people still identify and function through ego identification our society will remain "unenlightened"...and the movement of spiritual awakening will slow.

Can "enlightenment" for an individual truly exist if the society is not itself enlightened. The thing a way it can, yet for it to be fully realized it needs to be a collective experience. A person can be of dual nature...that is they can understand experientially both living through the ego and living through the oneness. This is an important undertaking pre-2012 and beyond era. For when we know both how the ego functions and how the oneness feels we can "bridge the gap" between being an unconscious society (an "unenlightened" society) to a conscious society (enlightened society). We will also be undergoing a cosmic influence that pushes our boundaries as to what we thought we are, what we thought we are doing on this planet, and what our purpose was in this existence. To me this is what 2012 is all about it. It is not the end of time (the end of days)...but it is the end of "time" (the end of clock time and the illusory reality that it creates). No doubt there are Earth Changes ahead...but in the words of St.Clair..."If we know our future...can we change it?" Can we realize our purpose by seeing how the future is shaping out to be? Or will we continue to submit to a reality that is prescribed to us.  A reality that perpetuates the illusion, the divide, and all of the effects that come with separation?

The words I write before you, to me, are in no way depressing. For it is an existential realization that brings greater harmony in our own lives. And we first must witness the inner reality to really witness the outer reality.

Yet there is something I am witnessing. There is a movement going on here, especially with the younger generations. People are beginning to realize the unconsciousness and the separation that the current system prescribes. Their is an inner build up of awareness that people are beginning to witness from within. They may not know how to put words on this...but there is tension building...for the soul knows what needs to unfold.  So because the inner aspect of our being is realizing that it is not nourished it will push you, and the world, to become unified and at peace...even if that means completely flipping your life upside down.

It is the spark that starts the fire (the transformation), but it is the sustaining fuel source that allows the fire to happen.  The momentum generated from the planetary awakening is that sustaining fuel...yet, it is the moment in ones life where he or she must choose to see "truth" or stay unconscious that defines how the monumental changes ahead of us will affect their life.  2012 and beyond is that the spark...

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