Friday, April 1, 2011

Stillness Within; A Perception that Sees the "Beauty" Even in the Not so "Beautiful"

When you are still, from the inside, witnessing the world around you becomes a profound experience. You hold no judgment on the world nor does it on you. For the stillness from within creates a platform for you too see things as they really they really are beyond the surface of things...beyond someones anger, beyond someones sadness, beyond the chaos we see, and beyond the hatred. Because beyond everything is an everlasting desire to live (for all of us, however subjective this may be). The world is in the shape it is in today, because of the fear that drives peoples behaviors and thoughts. Yet beyond the fears is the thought of not having enough, not being able to secure what we desire...yet there is an everlasting drive within us though to simply live, to exist.

Often times, in this crazy world, we try to secure this desire to live out of fear, out of hoarding things, both physically and emotionally, on an individual and a collective level. Yet beyond all of this is the desire to live...the desire to exist...and when one is still one can see this...They can see that the pain, the sadness, the chaos, the stress, and the like, occurs because we all want something...and the thing we want is all the same. We want "goodness."

Goodness is subjective, of course, and what one deems good may be outright disturbing to you. Yet you can come to know where it comes from. For we all lead unique lives and have different backgrounds, yet we all are moved by the same principles. And in stillness we can see this without any negative judgment. We accept the way things are. And it is only through acceptance that the pains, the travails, and the like start to fade away. Can you imagine a world where we all simply accepted each other for what we were? If this happened would there be any reason for others to protect the things which we fear too lose (on physical, psychological, and emotional levels)? I think we can "sense" the answer to this...We do not need to think it, because would we not doubt world peace? Feeling honors it, thought may doubt it...

Stillness breeds Acceptance and Acceptance breeds stillness...for the two are of the same. What exactly is stillness then and how does one create it? Stillness is a subjective experience, yet there is something common among all those who share in that experience. There is a sense of profound unity. A unity within oneself, with everyone, and the all. This feeling may be subtle at first...and you actually may be confused...what does this even mean? This is bullshit, etc...But stop thinking and you may come to know what I mean. Just be aware...Simply witness (that is really all you have to do). Simply witness the world around you and the reactions within you. If the inner world seems to be reactionary, simply accept the inner process and let it be, let it slip away. Do not try to change it. For in declaration of trying to change something you claim to yourself that you are already incomplete. For your beauty is already within you. You are already what you desire you want to become. And in this acceptance stillness is born and thoughts simply slip away into a place where they do not affect you.

In the stillness we begin to feel what is...and what "is" is that everything is tied together, woven together in the matrix of this grand existence. And when one stops thinking for a moment, and steps out side the isolation of the ego they may begin to sense what it is that they are...

For we are awareness...we are an awareness that is accepting...and we are an awareness that is silent...for in our stillness we are awake and no longer alone. We feel this grand ecstasy of being alive and sharing this unique experience of life together with all those around you. In stillness there are no more strangers...there is only family...And is there not a sense of profound love in that!? It is a knowing that you are not alone, never were alone, and will never be alone! The sloth is as magnificent as the dolphin, the drug addict is as wonderful as the care taker...for down to the core of each and every one of us is the feeling of wanting to belong, wanting to be together, and not wanting to be alone. The drug addict may hide from their "thought driven" isolation through the use of drugs...and WE ALL defend in some way to ward off from the isolation that is created from the ego and the mind...Yet are we not also connected in our pain...connected in our desire to run, to be free, and to "escape" this existential burden that is created in the mind!?

We are free, we always were...maybe one day we will all realize this. And even if we do not we still have the opportunity to bask in this feeling, in this connection, and in this unity...for it is a choice...We may still be confined to the 9-5, still confined to certain social rules...yet the heart knows no boundaries...YOU ARE FREE! Just witness the constraints of the mind...Be Still, Be Alive...for you deserve it!

Much love and peace today...It is a glorious day.

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