Friday, April 8, 2011

To Live Through Being...An Introduction to the Evolution of Conciousness

The thought that created the "significance" of what you see on the surface fades as you we move into unconditioned consciousness. When we witness life without the conditioned responses and feelings, without reactivity...we do not necessarily see and subsequently think about life with our eyes anymore...we feel it with our eyes. Our visions become felt at the deeper level of being as opposed to the surface level of thought. For example, the person walking down the street is not perceived as the thought(s), or conditions which we prescribe onto them. Essentially, in the depth of their being, they are undefinable (unconditional). On the surface they may be this or that, may look like this or that, may have this or that, but beyond all that superficiality (of which is born of conditioned thought) lies something greater, something deeper, something inherently divine...of which is condition-less for it is the "energy," the "movement," the commonality that connects us all. This which I speak of has no words and cannot be conceptualized in the mind. It is only something you can feel. And you can only know this, you can only know "being," when you feel it, not think it.

Thought cannot necessarily "dig deep," it can only know what things are through the conditions that the mind attributes to them (i.e., that something is "sad," that something is "good," something is "sexy," something is in "style," all of which point to the judgment that something is "different"). So the mind can only know thought; the concepts and judgments that take place in the realm of mind. Thought can not necessarily "dig deep," because it cannot go deeper than thought. This may seem obvious, but for most of the waking hours we spend the majority of our time in mind...and so we diminish our focus on the ability to perceive life through "being." And to be, to live through being, we dismiss the opportunity to attribute conditions to anything we perceive. For the feelings we feel for our experience through being triumphs that of our experience through mind for it enables us to be understanding, more clear, more in harmony with body, and overall more joyous. Feelings, in pure form (meaning they are untainted by the filtering mind), are evoked from within us in a "meditative" state...and usually these unconditioned feelings have the tendency to guide us from the dark into the light for this is the will of all of creation. Because moving into the light...moving into love...moving being into harmony with the what is...moves us into harmony with source. For source is something to feel not something we think. And we can only be guided by something we are connected to. And we can only connect to source through feeling.

When we live from a state of being we are enabled to sense in our immediate environment what is of the dark and what is of the light (or in another way, what are activities, or things we witness and perceive, that are born of unconsciousness or that of consciousness). Source is inherently conscious, for source is the realized and manifested potential of the ALL. Source is that which is consciousness...that which is realized. Yes the ALL also harbors the unconscious (for the ALL is the ALL, the EVERYTHING), but it is the unconscious which is not realized just yet by the ALL and subsequently not made manifest by source. The ALL (meaning everything; all aspects of creation; you, me, the stone, the feeling of love, the galaxy etc.) is always moving up the "upward spiral of illuminated light"...The all is always moving into consciousness...yet the source energy...that which guides us into higher dimensions of conscious perception is already realized, is already conscious. [As a side note...for something to be "realized" does not mean that it has to be manifest in physical form, it just means that it is something that can be felt at the level of being...and anything that we feel can potentially guide us]. And so being, the state of unconditional existence, the state of blissful attention to source, the sense of self that is guided not by thought, but by feeling, is constantly evolving and constantly becoming more aware of itself...Essentially this is the basis of consciousness evolution and this is how we become conscious by living in line with source. Yes the unconscious eventually makes its way to become source energy, but source (you and I and everything potentially conscious) must become aware of itself...again this is consciousness evolution through being. Because to live in source, to live in the consciousness that is already made manifest enables the unconsciousness to seep into realization and become conscious (through "awareness osmosis"). But when we live in mind, when we live in conditions, we are unconscious to the evolution of the ability to expand consciousness...for we stay in a state that stagnates with past: because all conditions are of the past. Source is inherently in the NOW. And source can only evolve (meaning that the unconscious becomes conscious, that the unknown becomes known) when aspects of existence (humans in this case) are conscious...when aspects of existence are open and receptive.

It seems that true "consciousness" has nothing to do with thinking. It has everything to do with awareness. For awareness is unconditional...and has nothing to do with judgment. And it is this feeling of guidance from source that allows one to see the superficiality of mind all around us as it is manifested in the consumer society, in the image society, in the ego society, of the divided society, and allow it to fade away. This is when we are truly united with our awareness and the other entities of existence that cross our path. This is when we can also truly see another, and truly empathize with another. This is what enables us not only to be "psychic" to our own lives, but also "psychic" to the feelings of another. THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL TRULY SEE ANOTHER. For we wont necessarily see life with our eyes anymore...we will feel it with our eyes.

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  1. Simply an amazing post, my favorite one yet! Through reading your blog, I get the feeling you are almost "anti-mind". However, I believe the mind exists for a reason. It does serve a purpose, otherwise it would not be. Of the divine trinity - mind, body, spirit - you speak mostly of the body and spirit. Do you think you could post something on the "mind" and the purposes it serves and how best we can utilize it?? As always, thank you sincerely for your blogs, they inspire me to be a better me.