Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving Past Uncertainty

As of lately, the realization of the responsibilities that lay before me has stirred up some fear within me.  I worry about how my arrival in the bay area will be.  I do not have a job lined up and I know very few people there.  My companion, my girlfriend, is in the same situation. I am grateful for our partnership as we take on this endeavor, both together as a couple and as individuals.  Still, at times, I feel anxious, uncertain, and I wish I knew how it will all unfold.

In times like these I need to remind myself of why I am doing this.  I ask myself, "what does it feel like when I think of not taking this opportunity and just staying in New York?"  Upon observation...I just begin to feel uncomfortable.

My higher self knows that everything is in its right place.  This inner acknowledgment is what I am holding onto to sustain my courage.  I feel passionate that the move will influence my development and help me grow.  I also feel like I have nothing to lose.  And as some of my teachers remind me, the world does not have to be a scary place.

I am also, at times, finally feeling what it is like to let go of all the worry.  Preparing myself for this move has taught me this in a unique way.  There is a part of me that is feeling confident that everything will happen peacefully and naturally.


Challenging ourselves pushes us to redefine ourselves.  In these bold pursuits we are pushed to broaden our emotional understanding of life and of ourselves.  To me this is the most important process of my life.  I feel that this process helps me understand not only myself more, but existence itself.

When we feel uncertain about a particular situation try to remind yourself of what brings you passion.  When feeling lost seek to reinvigorate yourself by following the hero within that challenges you to take the high road.  Allow what brings you passion to dictate the course of your life.  There of course will be challenges along the way, but these are the experiences that push you to expand the understanding you have about yourself.

Maybe you cannot understand what it is that you are passionate about?  This itself is part of the journey.  If you always knew everything about the direction of your life path you would not have to go through the inner work that helps you navigate this path.  You may have an inclination about what may interest you, but without getting involved and acting upon this inclination you will never truly know.

To know what you want out your life you have to be brave by doing things that are completely new to you and to get involved with new people.  You may never know exactly what you want in the abstraction of the future, but I do bet there is a feeling within that knows exactly how you feel about the current situation.  Assessing your feelings in this moment will bring you into your awareness.  And only in awareness can the next big revelation begin to unravel.

Whether we decide to control of the process or not, we all project what we feel into our intentions in a way that influences the manifestation of our reality. 

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