Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The What "is" and the Abstraction in the Realm of Relationship

What I see is real. What I think is an abstraction. What I feel can be real or it also can be the abstraction, but the feeling of “oneness” – the connectivity – is absolutely real. For it has nothing to do with abstraction, nothing to do with the Ego. For the Ego separates us all, for it is an idea. This idea is about oneself or it is an idea about another and than instead of seeing that person or thing – simply seeing as it is – we base our experience of that person based on our idea about them… We see the thought we have about them… And because the thought stems from our ego when we see another (because it is based on our thoughts) what we see is more of our own ego. So then how are we too truly witness another? How are we to be with another? The thing is, there is no answer to this question for the answer is subjective and egonic in nature.

When we feel the need to answer this question we are worried, fearful rather, of how we are to “be” and to relate with that person. We are concerned with projecting a self-image onto that person. This projection process, that typically is a two way street, inherently puts up a divide between two people. We are essentially communicating with ourselves and to our own egos in this case… and this inherently creates a scenario where we cannot really connect and be one with another. Maybe many of us do not want to connect to another in such a way because it seems very foreign to us. We want to up keep with who we are, but in all seriousness who are we? We may say this and that and generalize our behavior, but can words really touch the human experience? Because whether we are aware of it or not we are simply being. Even behind all the clutter of self-image we are simply BEING.

So we can feel or we can feel through the filter of our egonic abstractions… We can feel what is and be with what is – because what “is” is nothing and everything – or we can direct our experience – either positively of negatively based on how we see ourselves (and how we see he world – but essentially the two are the same thing). Because what is positive will someday be negative and what is negative will someday be positive… for one cannot exist without the other. All of life cycles and continues to do so. We can stay identified with the drama associated with the cycles of positive and negative or we can see that both are born of the same egonic abstractions and move into a place were things are – they flow as they do… Yes things will subjectively appear as positive and negative, but for how long do we want to continue to identify with our lives in such a way – especially when it separated everything and created the conflict between you and I – The conflicts within the world – the possessive wars, both mental and physical, and more importantly…The conflict between the thought and the thinker?

Observe that: the thought and the Thinker…Do you observe the separation in that? Do you feel this?


  1. while words cannot directly portray to another our thoughts, fibers and experiences, words are all we have--without them, we are animals. Words are descriptive of our experiences and the way in which we can connect and express the likeness we may share with another in our attempts to make connections. without negative we cannot feel positive because we will have no guage how to register it. The thoughts stem from the thinker and the thinker is influenced by the ways we percieve ourselves and the ways in which we fit into our world. This does not seperate us, in fact it is at times our uncertainies of these feelings, the discordance between thougt and thinker that bring us closer together and makes us human.

  2. Diving for pearls... I like that, thank you. And from the level of ego, I agree with what your saying, and it is very romantic and beautiful. To me, it seems, that if we really want to experience the inherent oneness of all existence we must break free from thought, for in the realm of abstraction (thought) we get lost in the matrix of our own minds and we see through the veil of these thoughts. How are we to experience the unknown through the known? And yes of course we can connect otherwise, but we do so in a way that, I feel, is limited in the way that words are limited. No judgments here, just I believe that is how it is. And the only thing that separates us from "animals" is our thought about that, and our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. But as far as harmony is concerned, I would seem rational to say that "animals" are much more connected to the divine for they are the divine... Now apart from our thoughts are we really disconnected from the "animal" world? To me it seems that Gaia, earth, the foundation of all of life as we know it radiates its life force through all of life and existence as it is foundatoinalized through the universe and so on and so on... But words can only describe, and I see what you mean by using words to relate because for example the words I am writing here allows me to express this all to you and above all myself... but What I am talking about is relating to another beyond the realm of words, for in that realization there is a different type of relationship... A type of relationship that is inherently whole, divine, and empowering.

  3. the relationship you seem to be describing though is primitive--one that has not evolved past the world that we cannot help but to exist in. Is it really realistic to think that we are going to revert back to nature and rejoin the animal world, where the evolution has not brought upon and influx of emotions...Our emotions are what are in question here...they are what individualizes us, drives us to feel divine and empowered--granted they are also what knocks us down and shifts the positve or negative effects of our consciousness.

    It seems for someone who "wants to break free from thoguht" your thoughts are driving you on a chase to something that may not be obtainable in this world. While a noble goal, and one that may end in inner peace, it is the person who can build relatinships amongst the madness that is truley in touch with the world, themselves and the people that are around them.

  4. I could make the argument that if we do not "revert" back to the "animal" world we could go extinct as a human race, for as we are now we are a cancer upon the earth growing at a rate so exponentially fast the earth cannot sustain us. At the current world average of consumption we would need two earth to sustain us. And if the average of world consumption was equal to that of the average American we would need 4 earths so sustain our activities. There is massive starvation going on right now, senseless wars (born of the ego and the identities we cling too)... and we call this evolution? Rather I call this de-evolution...

    I am not trying to be critical here, but this simply is. If you look at the research from the ecological footprint study my claims are backed up.

    But what is important is not what I stated above, but what is important is that we see how we identify with the words we use to facilitate our existence. It is not the usage of word, but it is the identification with words, ideas, and concepts that has created a egoic world that is in turmoil. It is clinging to these words and ideas that keeps us in a dissociated state, numb to the reality of our own mindlessness. Now this is not bad, but rather it is part of our evolution. Because how would we know something if we were not to experience it? How are we to know the ALL if we were first not separated and individuated through our thoughts and identification with these thoughts. What I speak of is knowledge for the new dawn...

    And yes, I feel that if we can build relationships amongst the madness, we are stronger for that... but is this madness something we can really identify with at this point in our evolutionary journey...

    I am not perfect and far form it. I teach what I myself must learn...But I do sense and feel things that bring me into both the "positive" and the "negative" but it is when I stop identifying with these experiences is when I allow them to pass and gain a greater sense of ease in the present moment... And not to start here, but does the mind, that is constantly thinking, constantly analyzing, help us simply be in the moment...

  5. no. there are instances where the mind limits our capabilities of being in the moment. Some minds force us (or others) to constantly put value on, take inventory in and stamp our actions with an red "pass" or "fail" grade. When we are sitting around thinking about living or reading books that teach us how to live it undermines our openness to experience itself. What do i need to read books for when i have my own mind? and my own life to experience? Our mind can act on a simple level that we can determine pleasure with--or it can bore into the facts, and even false facts that we sense as our reality and skew our experiences. Have you experienced a time where we may not have complete control over our mind? I know there have been plenty of cases where my mind actually took away from my ability to be in the moment--by projecting how this "now" can either equate or seperate from the goals of a future--either in a tangible future (relationships, family, career goals etc) or even something more abstract--the goals of self growth and improvement. The key then is to simply find a balance. We are different everyday. We need to accept this in ourselves. What I love today i may hate tomorrow--what i throw myself into this minute, i may feel bored and restless with tomorrow. This is not our brain taking away from our living in the moment, but it is certainly shaping the way we trek onwards in our journeys. If we were to strip away all of these layers then what are we? and how are we seperated from those around us? We wouldn't be... I do not consider this constant conflict de-evolution. I cannot preoccupy my thoughts with ideas that I am a part of the earths destruction-- that is a large cross to bear, and one that is not only unnecessary, but impossible to gauge on any type of scale.