Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "answer" lies in Nature

The “answers” lie in nature. They have since the beginning. Nature is the purest example of how being works, yet we have disconnected completely from nature. A society that is connected to nature and listens to her is always in a state of perpetual love, for the essence of simply being is love, and vice a versa. The “process” of connecting with nature is no process at all, but it is a state of knowing. One does not need to know any language to “know.” For the process of knowing is a physic one. Words have, in many cases, hindered our connection to nature. When we see a “tree” we see it as the word itself. When we see “it,” we see it. Words only create a cognitive separation and hence destroy the physic telepathic possibility between human and nature.

Silence is our greatest gift. Only a quiet mind can “talk” with the world. The “process” of being resides within this natural resting state. The answers come in this state. The answers do not follow any conventional sort of knowledge, but the answers tell you were to be and how to be. It is a knowing that is as ancient as the universe itself, for it is the life energy that emanates out of creation. When we know we are being. When we question we are disconnected. Telepathic intuition is the process of converting universal energy into human impulse. From intuition comes the wisdom of the ages. From intuition comes peace, from intuition comes a knowing that divides you from “nothing” (the life force of which we emanated) and connects you with “everything” (the life force of which we are a part of).

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  1. This is so true. One of my favorite things to do is to go out in the middle of the woods and just "be". It's so easy and refreshing. That's the downside to living not very close to the woods haha. I think once you allow yourself to reconnect with nature in that way, it's hard to not need that connection in order to keep balance in one's life. And being out in nature, you can't help but to quiet yourself and lose yourself in the activity that is happening all around you. :sigh: I need to go camping, I'm long overdue lol. Keep the writings coming my friend.